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Terms & Conditions
UBL Ameen Account Opening Form
For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the word "Bank" shall refer to United Bank Limited, Its successors-in-interest and assigns.
1. Any person(s) opening or operating an account with the Bank will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the Terms of Account and the applicable Schedule of Bank Charges issued and amended from time to time by the Bank.
2. Interpretation of Terms and Conditions mentioned in the account opening form by the Bank will be considered final and binding. However, in case of any dispute, the matter should be referred to SBP and the decision of SBP will be final and binding in that case.
3. Not more than one account of each category, i.e. local currency and foreign currency account may be opened in any one name, in one and the same branch except joint accounts with any other individual(s) and the account in the name of minor children in the capacity of Guardian.
4. Proper identification in the form of Computerized National Identity Card/SNIC/Passport/Alien Registration Card/NICOP/POC will be required before the Bank opens any account in its sole discretion, which will be independently verified by the Bank. Any non-verification or if something is found wrong/mismatched, Bank has the right to stop the transaction till clearance of ambiguity or close the account. Each account shall possess a distinctive number, which shall be quoted in all correspondence with the Bank in relation to the account.
5. Opening of accounts / relationships on the basis of expired CNICs will not be allowed except in cases where NADRA allows exemption from renewal of expired CNICs or as per SBP directives.
6. Any change in the address, or contact / mobile number or constitution of the account holder/depositor should be immediately communicated in writing to the Bank. The post office and other agents for delivery shall be considered agents of the account holder(s)/depositor(s) for delivery of letters, remittances etc., and no responsibility shall be accepted by the Bank for delay, non-delivery, etc., including any shortage of cheque leaves of cheque book send by post at the request of the account holder.
7. The account holder(s)/customer(s) understands that the Bank may outsource certain of its functions/tasks including but not limited to dispatch of statement of accounts and other tasks as mentioned at clause 6 above, to any agent(s}, contractor(s) or third party service provider(s) as the Bank may deem appropriate. The account holder(s)/customer(s) hereby authorizes the Bank to share data/information relating to his/her/its account(s) with such agent(s}, contractor(s) or third party service provider(s) as may be required to give effect to the aforesaid outsourcing arrangement. While the Bank will put in place all necessary safeguards to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the customer(s)/account holder(s) data/ information, the account holder(s)/customer(s) agrees to indemnify the Bank against any losses or damages that may be incurred beyond reasonable care of the Bank to ensure integrity and confidentiality of the account holder(s)/customer(s) data/ information.
8. To safeguard Bank's interest, the Bank may at its discretion and for any other purpose as per the law of the land in force, debit collection or share any information, details or the data relating to the customer's transactions with any competent authority or agency.
9. The Bank in pursuit to comply with laws & regulations may intercept & investigate any payment messages and other information or communications sent to or by the account holder or on the account holder's behalf via other Bank. This process may involve making future enquiries.
10. The Bank shall attempt to collect cheques and other instruments promptly. However, in pursuant of the above, liability for any loss, whether direct or consequential, shall not be borne by the Bank (includes without limitation, loss of profit or damage suffered by any party, due to delay / circumstances beyond control of the branch/Bank).
11. Profit on accounts closed will be paid based on latest declared rates available at respective month. 12. No overdraft facility is allowed. 13. Any sum to be deposited in an account should be accompanied by deposit slip showing the name and number of the account
to be credited and depositor's signature. Such deposits must be entered at cash counters only. 14. The Bank may accept for collection of cheques and other instruments payable to the account holder/depositor himself at his
sole risk. All cheques and other instruments should be crossed before they are deposited for crediting in the account. 15. Un-cleared instruments and conditional credits in the account shall not be drawn against even if such instruments are
credited. The Bank shall have at all times the right to debit the account holder/depositor account, if these are not realized, without prior notice to account holder /depositor. 16. In the event of any instrument deposited, being returned for any reason whatsoever or being returned at any time, although previously advised as paid, the account holder will refund the proceeds of the said instrument and indemnify the Bank against all losses and cost arising there from and authorize the Bank to debit such amount and expenses to any account which the account holder may have with the Bank. 17. The Bank will take due care to see that the credit and debit entries are correctly recorded in the account of the account holder/depositor but in case of any error, the Bank shall be within its right at all time to make the correct adjusting entries,

UBL Ameen Account Opening Form | Individual/Joint & Sole Proprietors Accounts Terms & Conditions

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recover any amount due from the account holder/depositor without prior notice and inform the customer subsequently. The Bank shall not be liable for any damages / losses etc., and consequent upon such error/adjustments. 18. In case a deposit matures on a public or Bank holiday, then the Bank shall pay the deposit and/or the return/profit on the next working day when the Bank is open for Banking business. 19. In case of loss or theft of Cheque Book, customer must inform the concerned branch before payment is released. The Bank will not be liable for any loss or damage, if reported after the payment of Cheque Book or any other instrument. 20. Cheques may only be drawn on printed cheques supplied by the Bank. The Bank reserves at all times the right to refuse payment of cheques drawn otherwise. 21. Cheques should be signed by the account holder/depositor as per specimen signature supplied to the Bank and any alteration(s) thereon must be authenticated by drawer's full signature. 22. While complying any instructions of the account holder/depositor, the Bank shall only rely on the signature as provided / inscribed by the account holder/depositor on the Specimen Signature Card at the time of opening of the Bank account. 23. Post-dated, stale and defective cheques shall not be paid by the Bank. 24. In case of the Bank receiving official notice or as and when become aware of it from any other reliable source, regarding demise of, or bankruptcy of the account holder/depositor, the Bank will stop operations immediately in the account and will not be obliged to allow any operation or withdrawal except on production of a Succession Certificate or other Court orders, from a Court of competent jurisdiction. 25. In case of operating instruction either or survivor, in the event of the death of either of account holder(s)/depositor(s), the credit balance in the account will be payable to the surviving account holder(s)/depositor(s). 26. Current/Saving accounts that remain inoperative for one year will be classified as dormant/inactive. Credit Transactions will be allowed in such accounts. The bank will disallow debit transaction in the customer account while the account remains dormant / inactive. However, Debits under the recovery of financing and return/profit etc. any permissible Bank charges, Government duties or levies and instructions issued under any Law or from the Court will not be subject to Debit or withdrawal restriction. 27. Any change of address / contact / mobile numbers / signatures can be requested during the period of dormancy of account but will not change the status of dormant/inactive/blocked account, the account holder must be present in the branch at the time of giving request in writing to their concerned branch for change of status and shall hold original CNIC/SNIC or Passport of Pakistani Origin or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP) and submit a photocopy of the same to their concerned branch for the record keeping. After verification the account will be activated and customer has to do a debit transaction.
28. If a deposit/ instrument remains inoperative for a period of ten years then it will become unclaimed deposit and will be surrendered to SBP as per the provisions of Banking Companies Ordinance.
29. Periodic statement of account shall be issued by the Bank to the concerned account holder/depositor as per frequency stipulated by customer/SBP. Any discrepancy in the statement of account should be promptly brought to the notice of the Bank in writing within forty five (45) days from the date of issue, failing which the statement of account shall be deemed to be final and conclusive, for all purposes whatsoever. In the case of any error, the Bank reserves its rights, at all time to make adjusting entries to rectify the error without notice, and recover any amount wrongly paid or credited to any person together with any accrued return/profit/loss. However, the Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to such error(s) or any consequential loss arising there from to any party.
30. No account holder/ depositor may annotate or delete any entries in the statement of account. Any discrepancy found should at once be brought into the notice of the Bank as per clause no. 29.
31. Apart from free mandatory provision of statement of account (SOA), SOA may be provided by the Bank, subject to charge as is applicable under its Schedule of Bank Charges, upon receipt of written request by the customer / account holder only.
32. Account may be transferred from one branch to another branch, free of charge without affecting the profit accruing positions of the amount as the concerning accumulated products of credit balances in such accounts for unaccounted period would also be transferred to the receiving branch along with the credit balance on the date of transfer. The Bank may at any time, change the location of any of its branch and inform the account holders accordingly.
33. The Bank in its sole discretion may close those accounts which show nil balance at the time of half yearly closings. Besides this, the Bank reserves the rights to close without prior notice, any account which in its opinion is not satisfactorily operated, or for any other reason whatsoever, it shall not be incumbent on the Bank to disclose to the account holder/depositor the reason for doing so.
34. The account holder/depositor wishing to close the account must surrender unused cheques, if any. 35. The Bank shall have discharged its liability with respect to an account so closed by mailing to the account holder/depositor at
his/her last known address as per the Banks record, a Bank draft in the currency of such account, payable to the order of the account holder/depositor in the amount of then credit balance of such account less deduction(s) in respect of the amount of any claim that the Bank may have on such funds constituting the credit balance. 36. Zakat, wherever applicable, shall be deducted on valuation date from applicable accounts having balance in excess of the exempted limit as declared for that particular Zakat year.

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37. Declaration on prescribed Performa for exemption of deduction of Zakat will be registered with the Bank at least one month prior to the valuation date or as per the Zakat Rules applicable from time to time, if not provided at the time of account opening. Zakat will be deducted as per Zakat and Usher Ordinance 1980.
38. It is the responsibility of the account holder to inform their branch prior to going abroad for any purpose viz., employment, study, business tour, or pleasure trip etc. The account holder should also inform their branch upon return. On receipt of such information the Account shall be classified as a non-resident account and all deposits and withdrawals will be subject to applicable laws, rules and regulations as amended from time to time with regard to non-resident accounts. "Non-resident" accounts shall be treated as "Resident" on account holder's permanent return or his temporary visit to Pakistan.
39. All applicable Government taxes and levies shall be recovered as per laws and related directives / circulars etc. in force. 40. The account holder/depositor shall not have any recourse against the Head Office or any branch of the Bank outside Pakistan
in respect of the payment of any deposits, account balances or return/profit thereon maintained or/and accruing with the Bank in Pakistan. Any such rights of recourse are expressly waived. 41. It is the Bank's responsibility to make investment of credit balance deposits in only Shariah Compliant manner, on its sole discretion and to make use of funds to the best of its judgement in the banking business under the Shariah compliant procedures. 42. All deposits shall be invested by the Bank strictly in accordance with principles of Islamic Shariah as approved by its Shariah Board. 43. The Depositors will not participate in management or in decision-making concerning investment of funds. 44. The account holders/depositors undertake to reimburse the Bank with any claim in respect of losses/charges on the basis of half yearly/yearly closing of the Bank's books of account. The Bank would be within its rights to debit their accounts for the amount(s) of such claims/charges in settlement of business accounts of the Bank. 45. The Bank may from time to time and at any time revise, amend, delete or supplement any of these terms and conditions, whether in whole or part including without limitations of charges leviable in respect to its services. Such charges shall be effective from the date specified by the Bank for such modification. These amendments/ alterations shall be notified to the account holder/depositor and/or displayed at the Bank's premises from time to time and shall be binding on the account holder/depositor. The Bank reserves the right at any time and without notice to impose charges for the use of its services at any point in time. 46. The Bank reserves the right without prior notice to the account holder/depositor, to debit the account for any expenses, fees, commission, return/profit, Zakat, withholding tax, stamp duty, tax, duty or any other cost, charges or expenses arising out of any transaction or operation of the account or term deposit with the Bank as may be payable to the Bank and/or Local or Provincial or Federal Government as levied from time to time. 47. In case of a default pertaining to any banking facility provided to the account holder(s)/customer(s), the account holder(s)/customer(s) agrees and acknowledges that the Bank shall have a right to block all debit transactions on such account of the account holder(s)/customer(s), irrespective of the nature of the account (either single or joint or to be operated by either or survivor). 48. Moreover, the Bank shall also have a right to debit any account of the account holder(s)/customer(s) maintained with the Bank to adjust any and all of the outstanding liabilities of the account holder(s)/customer(s). 49. The Bank is subject to all applicable circulars, orders, directives, rules, regulations, laws, decrees and restrictions issued by competent Government and other regulatory authorities in Pakistan and the liability of the Bank for payment is governed by applicable laws and regulation in force in Pakistan at the relevant time. Repayment of any deposit account, balances, or return/profit thereon is subject to any acts of the Government of Pakistan or the State Bank of Pakistan or any competent Governmental and other regulatory authority in Pakistan. 50. All account holders/depositors will be charged Fee/commission etc. as per prevalent Schedule of Bank Charges which is amendable as per Bank's procedure. 51. The Bank for the benefit of its Debit Cardholders, will provide free of charge POS transaction alerts; however it is the account holders responsibility to provide / register their valid mobile number at the time of account opening. In case of any change in the mobile number, it will be the account holders responsibility to update the mobile number with the Bank. In case of any fraudulent or unauthorized activity on the account holders Debit card, where the free POS transaction alerts were not received by the customer due to a change in mobile number which was not updated / communicated to the Bank, the Bank will not be held responsible or liable to provide any claim against such transactions. 52. Photo Account customer will not be liable for cuttings and alteration on cheques, unless duly authenticated by the customer. 53. Customer information form is an integral part of the Account Opening Form. 54. Opening of Photo accounts is subject to provision of proper identification duly supported by two attested passport size photographs besides taking customer's thumb impression on the SS card. Photo account cannot be operated unless the customer comes to the Bank and puts his/her thumb impression on the cheque in the presence of the Bank officer. 55. Account holders may withdraw part or all of their balances at any time they so desire. 56. All Government taxes and levies for services offered, whether free or charged as per Schedule of Charges will be recovered from the depositor.

UBL Ameen Account Opening Form | Individual/Joint & Sole Proprietors Accounts Terms & Conditions

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57. I/We acknowledge and declare that the information provided above is correct and true and complete to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. I/We agree to provide supporting evidence and provide updates within 30 days in case any of the aforementioned information changes.
58. I/We the undersigned expressly and unconditionally allow United Bank Limited("Bank") to give the necessary information as deemed fit to any regulatory authority allowed access to such information under Pakistan statutes, rules, regulations or any other applicable law and/or (if applicable due to my/our nationality/citizenship, residential status/contact details or any other information that is related to US), to the US Treasury Internal Revenue Services of the United States of America (or its representatives or agents), and do hereby consent, agree and confirm that the Bank shall have the right to disclose my/our personal information with respect to any of my/our accounts with the Bank directly or indirectly to the U.S Treasury Internal Revenue Services of the United States of America (or its representatives or agents) when requested and as deemed necessary by the Bank, of whatsoever nature.
59. Further, I/We authorize the Bank to disclose and share information / data about my account / facilities to /with any other credit bureau, agent, bank, financial institution or company as the Bank considers appropriate from time to time. I declare and confirm that all information stated herein and in other documents provided to the Bank by me is true and accurate in all respects.
60. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Bank reserves the right to close or suspend operation of, without prior notice, any account for which required document/information is not submitted within stipulated time or in circumstances where the Bank is not able to verify and/or confirm the documentation and/or information submitted by the Customer.
61. Any existing customer, who desires to convert his /her account from existing type of account to another type, can do so by giving a written request to the branch. Conversion will only be done for the same category of account i.e. from Savings to Savings and from Current to Current.
62. Conversion from Saving to Current and vice versa is not allowed. For this, customers will have to open a new account.

Important Information for Self Certification applicable to tax requirement:

63. The account holder acknowledges that the information given to the Bank in connection with this application and any related reportable account(s) may be provided, directly or indirectly, to any relevant tax authority, including the tax authority of the country in which this account(s) is / are maintained and/or country where the Account Holder may be a tax resident pursuant to regulatory directives.
64. I/We certify that I am/We are the Account Holder (or am authorized to sign for the Account Holder) of all the account(s) to which this form relates.
65. The account holder will notify the Bank and submit a suitably updated form, additional document(s) '1f required" within 30 days of any change in circumstances which affects the account holder tax residence status or where any information contained herein becomes incorrect.
66. In the event of any inconsistency conflict or ambiguity between the original English Terms and Conditions and its Urdu Translation, the provisions of English version shall prevail. Apart from the above, the following product specific terms & conditions will apply:

Product Specific Terms & Condition (Key Facts) Current Accounts:
Ameen Mukammal Current Account (AMCA) – Local Currency 67. Pak Rupee current deposits are received on the basis of Qard whereby the Bank guarantees return of the principal. 68. The depositor agrees hereby to the unfettered use of the deposited funds by the Bank at the Bank's discretion, and the
depositor will not claim any return in any form whatsoever. 69. No profit is paid on current accounts. Ameen Current Account (ACA) – Foreign Currency 70. Foreign currency current deposits are received on the basis of Qard whereby the Bank guarantees return of the principal. 71. Foreign currency current accounts may be established in US Dollars, Great Britain Pound Sterling, Euro, UAE Dirham, Saudi
Riyal and such other currencies as the Bank shall determine / allow and in accordance with the local regulations in force from time to time. 72. Foreign currency accounts/deposits are opened and maintained subject to Foreign Exchange Regulations and directives of the Government of Pakistan, or any of its organization / agencies and State Bank of Pakistan from time to time. 73. No profit is paid on current accounts.
Saving Accounts: General Mudarabah Terms & Conditions
74. All Saving Accounts are accepted on Mudarabah basis where bank acts as Mudarib & Customers as Rabbul Maal. 75. The Saving deposit will be invested in a Mudarabah pool with other depositors' funds. The Bank may invest its own funds in
the pool at its sole discretion. As a result of joint funds used to create a pool; the relationship, between the depositors shall be that of Shareek, as Shirkat-ul-Aqd.

UBL Ameen Account Opening Form | Individual/Joint & Sole Proprietors Accounts Terms & Conditions

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76. The participation of the invested amounts in the investment pool shall start from the Business Day the deposit is realized. 77. The method of calculating the profits under the PLS scheme shall be governed by the Bank's rules in compliance with the
precepts of Shariah and in the event of any change in government regulation such method is subject to change without prior notice. Notice of the Change will be posted at UBL Ameen Branches, Windows and UBL Ameen Website. 78. Profit shall be paid to the respective customers in line with issued instructions/directives/circulars of SBP. 79. The bank will declare the weightages and Mudarib share before the beginning of the month in accordance with SBP guidelines. 80. Mudarib share will not exceed the maximum percentage (%) of the Distributable profit allowed by SBP. 81. Weightages and Mudarib Share shall be available at UBL Ameen Branches, authorized Islamic Banking Windows in selected UBL Branches by whatever name identified, UBL Ameen Website and Notice board in line with SBP guidelines. 82. After month-end accounts are finalized, the profit will be shared after deduction of all direct costs to the pool between the Bank and the Investment Account Holder according to Weightages and Profit Sharing Ratio declared before beginning of the calendar month of the respective pool. 83. In the event of losses, the Investment Account Holder (IAH) will bear the loss according to the investment provided that there is no negligence on the part of the Bank. The profit or loss shall be declared by the Bank as stipulated herein and the Bank's decision is final and binding on the account holders. 84. The Bank may at its sole and unfettered discretion give additional profit as Hiba (gift) to all Ameen Account Holders of respective Pool/Mudarabah based Depositors from the Mudarib Share in line with the SBP guidelines. 85. These term & conditions and the PLS mechanism may change from time to time, notice of the change will be posted at UBL Ameen branches, authorized Islamic Banking Window in selected UBL branches by whatever name identified and UBL Ameen website. The changes will be deemed as acceptable by the Ameen Account Holder/Depositor unless the latter discontinues the account/deposit; however, the change will apply on the relationship until discontinued. 86. Mudarib may maintain Profit Equalization Reserve (PER) from Net Income of Pool as per SBP guidelines issued from time to time. 87. Mudarib may maintain Investment Risk Reserve (IRR) as per SBP guidelines issued from time to time. 88. Mudarib share shall not exceed the maximum percentage (%) prescribed by SBP for managing PER & IRR.
Ameen Business Account (ABA) – Local Currency
89. Ameen Business Accounts are accepted on the basis of Mudarabah and deemed to be purchase of investment share, and withdrawal of part or all of the balance at any time will deem to be sale of investment share of the Mudarabah pool.
90. The profit payable will be calculated on daily average balance and payment of profit will be twice in year in January and July at the discretion of the bank, subject to adjustment and declaration of actual profit rates after the respective closing.
91. The share of profit in this account type will be minimal keeping in view that its main purpose is to provide low cost banking to the depositor under exemption allowed by SBP.
92. Only individuals and sole proprietors will be eligible for free SMS alerts.
Ameen Saving Account (ASA) – Local Currency
93. The profit payable will be calculated on daily average balance and payment of profit will be as per the bank's policy that is currently twice in a year in January and July and may change at the discretion of the bank, subject to adjustment and declaration of actual profit rates after the respective closing. The same shall be intimated to the customer if any change takes place.
94. Profit on accounts closed will be paid based on latest declared rates available at respective month.
Ameen Monthly Saving Account (AMSA) – Local Currency
95. The profit payable will be calculated on daily average balance and payment of profit will be on monthly basis.
Ameen Daily Munafa Account (ADMA) – Local Currency
96. The deposit will be invested in a separate investment pool for daily product namely ADMA under Mudarabah rule, similar with other depositors' funds. The Bank may invest its own funds in the pool at its sole discretion. As a result of joint funds used to create a pool; the relationship, between the depositors shall be that of Shareek, as Shirkatul-Aqd.
97. The profit payable will be calculated on daily average balance and payment of profit will be on monthly basis.
Ameen Premium Account (APA) – Local Currency
98. The profit payable will be calculated on daily average balance and payment of profit will be on monthly basis.
Ameen Minor Saving Account (AMISA) – Local Currency
99. Ameen Minor Saving Account is a single (individual account) which can be opened on behalf of a minor by the Father/Mother or a Court appointed Guardian.
100.In case a Mother opens an account on behalf of a minor, the Letter of Indemnity as per format of the Bank will be duly signed by her.
101.The Title of Account will be "Father's / Mother's or a Court appointed Guardian's Name / Minor's Name". 102.The account holder acknowledges that Ameen Minor Saving Account is a minor's account and the Father/Mother or a Court
appointed Guardian will be responsible to operate the account. 103.The account holder will be required to provide proper identification in the form of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
and B-Form/ CRC/ Birth Certificate (Govt. Authority) of the minor.

UBL Ameen Account Opening Form | Individual/Joint & Sole Proprietors Accounts Terms & Conditions

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104.Father's/Mother's or a Court appointed Guardian may apply for regular Ameen Visa/Master Debit Card. All rules and regulations pertaining to Ameen Visa/Master Debit Card will apply on this.
105.After attaining the age of majority i.e. 18 years, the former minor will have to open a new account after completing the necessary documentation and the bank shall have the right to place a debit block in the account till the new account is opened to get the funds transferred in the new account.
106.In case of death of the Father/ Mother or Court appointed Guardian (either or survivor), any further operation in the account will be permitted only in terms of valid certificate/letter/order issued by a competent Court of Law.
107.Other offers/promotions launched on Ameen Minor Saving Account are subject to change from time to time.
Ameen Zindagi Account (AZA) – Local Currency
108.Ameen Zindagi Account is accepted on Mudarabah basis where bank acts as Mudarib & Customers as Rabbul Maal. 109.The account caters all individuals aged 60 years & above. 110.Profit will be calculated on daily average balance and credited in the account on a monthly basis. 111.In case of joint account at least one of the account holders should be 60 years of age or above, whereas the other joint
account holder must not be a minor and should be at least 18 years of age.
Ameen Good Citizen Account (AGCA) – Local Currency
112.UBL Ameen Good Citizen Account is a Mudarabah based product that offers Shariah Compliant profit to its depositors. It is a single tiered account with no transaction limits and convenience of fund accessibility.
113.The profit will be calculated on daily average balance and payment of profit will be on monthly basis. 114.Non-Filer account holders are categorized as Citizen and Filer account holders are categorized as Good Citizen. 115.The discounts on tax facilitation (registration & filing) and banking services to Good Citizen Account Holder (Filer) will be
subject to maintaining of monthly average balance of Rs. 500,000 and above as per defined benefit grid. 116.The Bank’s role will be limited to tax facilitation only. In case, any notice is received from Federal Board of Revenue by the
customer, the customer will be responsible. 117.The Bank shall not be liable for any action or lack thereof on the part of a third party. The customer hereby irrevocably and
unconditionally agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Bank against any loss, liability or damages arising from utilization of services of a third party whether if the same were referred to the customer by the Bank or not. The customer shall at all times exercise his good judgement and conduct their own due diligence prior to utilizing any services recommended by the Bank or offered by a third party on behalf of the Bank.
UBL Ameen Visa/Master Debit Card:
118.These cards will be issued on checking accounts and will be governed by the terms & conditions which will be sent along with the welcome pack. In case of disagreement, kindly do not activate or sign the card. Please return it to UBL, cut-in-half.
119.I/We hereby undertake that I/We shall not use UBL Ameen Visa/Master ATM/Debit Card to pay for or any consideration to anything prohibited in Islam, including but not limited to alcoholic beverages, pork, gambling, narcotics and similar products and services.
UBL E-Statement:
120.In case the account holder, at his/her request, is registered for a-statement, the bank shall discontinue sending the mandatory statement of account via post/courier and provide the Free UBL a-statement facility as per the frequency indicated.
121.The Bank does not guarantee that the integrity of the e-mail has been maintained or that communication will be free of viruses, interceptions or interference. Although, the Bank will take reasonable precautions to ensure that no viruses will be present in the e-mail, the Bank cannot accept the responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of the e-mail or attachments.
Using ATM services via biometric verification:
122.Customer shall place their right thumb on the biometric verification device of ATMs to verify their identity using NADRA's Biometric Verification service.
123.During the biometric verification process the customer shall not leave the ATM, till such time as their identity is verified by the ATM and thereafter may carry out their desired transaction or cancel the session.
124.It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the session has ended or has been de-activated prior to leaving the ATM premises.
125.The Bank shall not be responsible for any misuse, fraud, theft or unauthorized transactions resulting from the customer abandoning the session prior to his identity being verified by the ATM or failure on the part of the customer to end or deactivate the session prior to leaving the ATM premises.
Digital channels/App section:
126.The Customer irrevocably unconditionally undertakes to ensure that the password is kept confidential; and to not let any unauthorized person have access to the Internet while the Customer is accessing the Digital Channels/App.
127.The Customer shall not disclose their Digital Channels/App or any other password/passkey/PIN to any person whether inadvertently, voluntarily, accidentally or by mistake. If the Customer forgets the Digital Channels/App password, he/she may request for the issuance of a new password through UBL's website/mobile app.
128.The Customer agrees and acknowledges that UBL shall in no way be held responsible or liable if the Customer incurs any loss and/or damages as a result of information being disclosed by the Customer regarding his Account(s) or in carrying out the

UBL Ameen Account Opening Form | Individual/Joint & Sole Proprietors Accounts Terms & Conditions

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instruction of the Customer pursuant to the access of the Digital Channels/App and the Customer shall fully indemnify and hold UBL harmless in respect of the same. 129.The Customer shall take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized and illegal use of Digital Channels/ App and unauthorized access to the Accounts provided by Digital Channels/App.
UBL Contact Center:
130.Please note that the phone number mentioned in the CIF section "Contact Details" is considered your register number and in absence of landline/ cell number you may not be benefiting from the various contact center services. The customer acknowledges that the Phone Banking services provided by the bank as its discretion, involves inherent risks, including but not limited to risk associated with frauds and unintended/ erroneous instructions which the bank cannot eliminate. The customer understands and accepts any and all such risks associated with Phone banking. The customer agrees that the bank may record the conversations its employees have with him I her. The Bank may perform this activity to ensure accuracy of instructions and quality of services and to ensure that customer’s instructions are followed as requested. If customer needs any assistance or wants to communicate with the bank he/ she can do so by following means: I. Call us at UBL Contact Center 111-825-888 (UAN) II. Send written request at Customer Services, UBL Ware House Building, 1st Floor, Mai Kolachi Road Karachi – Pakistan. III. Fax us at Customer Services: (021)99217448 IV. Email at [email protected]
Telephonic PIN (T-PIN):
131.T-PIN is a customer selected 4-digit code (any random numbers) that authorizes customers to avail Contact Center services. Customer can generate or re-set his / her T-pin through Contact Center. I. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss, damage of expense incurred by the Customer howsoever caused if the T- PIN is shared by the customer with any other person whether voluntarily or accidently. II. The Customer shall be under an absolute duty to maintain the secrecy of the T- PIN and to notify the Bank immediately if the T-PIN is lost or may become known to any other person. III. Upon receipt by the Bank of such notification, the Bank shall be entitled to suspend and/or terminate Phone Banking Services and/or to cancel the PIN. The Customer may be required to set up a fresh PIN at the Bank's discretion. IV. The customer shall be liable for all Transactions effected until the T-PIN has actually been cancelled by the Bank. V. In case T-Pin is selected, our representative will contact you.
__________________ Authorized Signatory
Date: _______________________________________________________
Account Number: _____________________________________________
Account Holder’s Name: ________________________________________
CNIC No.: ____________________________________________________

UBL Ameen Account Opening Form | Individual/Joint & Sole Proprietors Accounts Terms & Conditions

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UBL Ameen Account Opening Form