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SEO Certification Program
Learn basic strategies and techniques for generating organic web traffic, as well as advanced techniques and strategies that will help you surpass your competitors in search engine rankings.
Group classes in NYC and onsite training is available for this course. For more information, email [email protected] or visit:

Course Outline

[email protected] • (212) 684-5151

Search Engine Basics: Getting Results
Day 1 Welcome and Introduction of Participants Two Day basic essentials overview What exactly is SEO and why do we need it? Discover our 6-step system for gaining top rankings in major search engines using the system Steve Scott personally uses. Stress Free System Overview – Stop stressing and begin to get results right away. Why this system will work for you and how it will work for you. Demonstration of Steps 1 through 6 cover a variety of topics in a specific order for maximum impact. Learn how to determine exactly what your ideal buying audience is searching for. Learn how to tap into huge windows of opportunities nearly instantly without stress. Examples of what type of content works best How to gain maximum advantage from your Web copy The impact of Panda and Hummingbird on your content How to quickly optimize your pages without fooling with code for hours Learn unique ways to make dramatic improvements to your click through ratios Basics of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools Answer questions, and student progress evaluation.

Linking and Content Development
Day 2 Review of Evaluation Forms and Answer Questions Developing a range of pages to attract your best customer Proper Link Building Strategies in the Post-Penguin world

Course Syllabus | SEO Certification Program


Discovering the Power of Internal Link Building The difference and uses for HTML and XML Sitemaps. Learn the most effective ways to get your pages submitted and accepted How to stay out of trouble with the search engines. Getting the most out of the powerful Blog The Missing Element in SEO Group Problem Solving Assignment! Reviews of Participants’ Web Sites Answer questions, and student progress evaluation. Final Exam Certification Awards
Advanced SEO Strategies
Day 3 The Future of Search Engine Marketing Advanced Keyword Research and Behavioral Trend Analysis: You may “think” you know how to research keywords, but you’ll learn how much you really don’t know in this intense session that deals with choosing targeted keywords for your Web pages. Build your Lateral Thinking Skills – You’ll learn how to think of alternate routes if the logical path isn’t effective, and you’ll learn how to think “outside of the box,” and watch lateral thinking convert to traffic and sales for your site. Working with high-performance “root words.” How to find your own industry related “windows of opportunity.” “Wordtracker forensics” how to quickly discover hidden evidence of search behaviors
Semantic Search in the post-Panda era. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and it’s impact from Hummingbird Best practices for implementing proper Information Architecture for Large and Small sites. Understand how Personalization of Search changes your rankings all the time. Advanced Local SEO techniques. Getting in and staying in the Local Search engines and directories Ways to optimize your Videos on YouTube or your own site. Mobile Search best practices since the April 21st, 2015 “Mobilegeddon” Web Site Reviews: Each student is given a review for one of their sites on the big screen Multiple suggestions and guidance for improving your visibility are presented Many new ideas and enhancements often originate from these sessions of high value brainstorming Improving your click through ratios and improving business Answer questions, and student progress evaluation.
Google Day
Day 4 Review of Evaluation Forms and Answer Questions How to setup, optimize and maintain an effective Pay-Per-Click Program using Google AdWords A quick tour of Google+ and why you need to be using it.

Course Syllabus | SEO Certification Program


A whirlwind tour of Google Analytics including deciphering User Metrics, using Segments, setting up Goals, adding Filters, and a look at the Administrative area for proper settings. Discover exactly what Google knows about your website (good and bad) with this step-by-step walk through of Google Webmaster Tools. Web Site Reviews Each and every attendee gets their Web site reviewed by our experts along with a group brainstorming which will give you many new ideas for visibility and exposure. Answer questions, and student progress evaluation.
Advanced Strategies & Strategies “Beyond SEO”
Day 5 Review of Evaluation Forms and Answer Questions Recovering from Penguin How to do effective Link Pruning Site Technical Issues Dealing with Duplicate Content Fixing pages Google can’t find with 301 redirects What is a robots.txt file and why you should care Using Competitive Intelligence for SEO to slay the competition above you Persuasive copy-writing for the web Why Press Releases are still worth the time and money. Social Media and SEO Tips for Professional SEO’s Answer questions, and student progress evaluation. Final Exam Certification Awards

Course Syllabus | SEO Certification Program


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SEO Certification Program