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Annual Report ISSUE 2021-22

APRIL 2022

In This Issue
Introduction Mission and Vision Team Members
List of activities
Brand Charades Kaleidoscope Elevate Mark-O-Shots Mark-Up Lectures From the Horse's Mouth Social Media Presence Binge 7.0 CRP Kit Mark-O-Shop Hour Glass Mark-O-Summit Marketshastra Suit Up Series

Mark-O-Polo is the Marketing Society of SIBM Pune. It is our constant endeavor to keep the students abreast of the latest happenings in the world of marketing. We do so by carefully curating content, transforming them into easily digestible forms, and adding aspects to help students retain better and connect with their real-life examples easily. For offline events, we stay in touch with eminent personalities from both, academia and the corporate world and regularly conduct knowledge transfer sessions to bridge the gap between the world-class knowledge that the students gain here at SIBM Pune and where they envision themselves in a few years (at decision making positions in corporate)

To enable the students of SIBM Pune be competent to lead the companies by setting an example in the industry they work in by providing a platform to learn from academia and industry stalwarts and implement the gained knowledge.

To make SIBM Pune a brand of global eminence by providing highly competent business leaders delivering high value to the company and society at large.

Team Members :
Interim Term
Archit Gupta Mohit Sinha Srinath Reddy Ria Bagaria Rajat Kumawat

Junior Term
Archit Gupta Mohit Sinha Srinath Reddy Rishabh Bhat Rajat Kumawat


Senior Term Ayaustika Ray
Vikas Pal Mandar Dixit Poojitha Nayak

Brand Charades
In July, 2021, Mark-O-Polo hosted "Brand Charades" to greet SIBM Pune's first-year students. It was a fun-filled event that put the students' marketing knowledge to the test in a unique way. The event was a huge success, with students from many disciplines participating in large numbers. Students were divided into groups of three. The competition consisted of two rounds that were played consecutively. Round 1: Fun Quiz • The quiz was held on D2C due to the pandemic scenario. • A total of 20 brand-related questions were asked, with a time limit of 10 minutes. Round 2: The Grand Finale • From Round 1, nine teams were picked. • Each team was given one product and was required to create a commercial to market it. • Teams were supposed to enact in the online platform and they were judged based on their uniqueness and creativity.



Kaleidoscope, is an exclusive series where MBA-2 Marketing students from diverse backgrounds tell us why they chose Marketing and pass some beneficial tips to help juniors choose their specialization. MBA-2 Marketing seniors created short videos to give a glance of their journey that made them choose Marketing.



Weekly Newsletter
It is critical for an individual, especially an MBA graduate, to be updated about the changing world. Mark-O-Polo helps the students through a continuous knowledgesharing process by providing a weekly newsletter that contains marketing and branding-related articles in short content for ease of reading. Elevate provides external links and images to help the students understand more about any particular topic or news-related content. It also helps them relate the industry happenings with what is learned in their curriculum.



Summer Internship Preparatory Guide
For first-year students, the summer internship recruiting process is the first obstacle and milestone. Mark-O-Polo created Mark-O-Shots that covered most of the marketing principles to supplement the first-year students' preparations. Important marketing knowledge was well-explained with the aid of real-life industry examples in the kit. This not only prepares the student with domain knowledge, but it also helps them become more industry-ready by teaching them how to use that information in the workplace. The kit was quite interactive, with integrated links that directed the reader to the appropriate videos or web pages for a more in-depth understanding. The 78-page guide was meticulously crafted to include all relevant themes that students would find useful in their SIRP preparation

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Mark-Up series
SIRP Preparatory Lecture Series
As part of its SIRP Preparatory lecture series, Mark-O-Polo conducted a series of lectures for knowledge transfer from 2nd year students to 1st year students to aid the students with their Summer Internship Recruitment preparation.
The 2nd year students covered a variety of topics across the lengths and depths of the subject in these lectures to help with the SIRP.
4Ps and 7Ps of Marketing, Porter's Five Forces, STP, GTM Rural markets and distribution channels Pricing Strategies SWOT analysis, BCG, Ansoff Matrix And other relevant topics that came in handy to students in their interviews.
A Kahoot quiz was held at the end of each session which scored the participants on their speed and accuracy in answering the questions. The winners were given a shoutout on our social media handles.





From the Horse’s Mouth (FTHM)
B-School contests are another key source of information for B-School students, and according to the D2C rankings, SIBM Pune is one of the most competitive universities. From the Horse's Mouth (FTHM) is a session aimed at equipping students with the requisite skills and steering them in the proper direction in order to compete effectively. Mark-O-Polo goes to great lengths to locate and bring in champions of various contests at various levels, as well as organize a knowledge transfer session between them and SIBM Pune students. Getting insights and advice from the winners themselves propels students forward and gives them a leg up. This year, we invited in folks who had participated and won in competitions like HUL LIME, VOIS Vantage, and others. All other SIGs also worked together to put together this session.





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