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(Modified from: http://www.yale.edu/glc/tangledroots/form.pdf)
Title of Lesson: Camera Angles, and Stage location
Standards:1 The student will create media artwork that demonstrates an understanding and command of the principles of artistic design.
MAHS2-1.1 Identify the specific skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary for creating media artwork. MAHS2-1.2 Use a variety of media technologies, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas. MAHS2-1.3 Demonstrate an understanding of and respect for the accepted procedures regarding the responsible care of media arts equipment and materials. MAHS2-1.4 Utilize information literacy skills to make informed decisions using digital tools and resources in the creation of media artwork.
Standards:2 The student will create media artwork that demonstrates an understanding and command of the principles of artistic design.
MAHS2-2.1 Communicate effectively using media arts vocabulary. MAHS2-2.2 Create media artwork that communicates his or her experiences and reflects an analysis of social or community issues. MAHS2-2.3 Describe processes used in the creation of media artwork and identify the products that are the result of those processes. MAHS2-2.4 Apply elements of artistic design specific to individual media
Objectives: students know how to successfully use the camera functions
Materials Needed: Computers
Text: Alice 2.4 textbook
Duration: 1 week

Setting the Stage (Raise the Level of Concern, Generate Interest, Review/Background, Goals and Objectives): Prior knowledge:
 basic character movements  Character speech  Camera movement  Adding Objects to world  Possible creation of methods, Variables, and parpameters  Proper commenting on coding  Clean and concise coding.  Billboards
Acquisition of Skills (Explanation {say}, Modeling{see}, Structured Practice{do}): Students will watch video, I will explain and answer questions, and allow students to create own world Consolidation (Guided Practice, Generalization and Discrimination, Independent Practice): Students will work on creating a short movie in class, I will help them with any struggle they might encounter. Closure (Review Objectives, Homework, Set stage for next day):
Students will have time in class to complete creating a short movie, that uses proper camera angles, and stage location. Project will be due with 1 week worth of work.
Assessment/Labs: Students will be graded using rubric.

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