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Sept/Oct 2019
FUMC EDNA Newsletter
Pass It On
“Train children in the way they should go; when they grow old, they won’t depart from it.” - Proverbs 22:6 CEB
Volunteering with each local Fire Department over the years, gives me the opportunity to join them in the local schools during Fire Prevention week. I look forward to it every year. We covered variety items including: call 911 for emergencies (need police officer, firefighter, or EMS); "if your clothes catch on fire, then stop, drop, and roll"; if you see smoke or fire get out of the house quickly; if you are in a fire and see a firefighter run to a firefighter and give them a hug, not run away; and the importance of a family meeting place outside.
Training helps decrease fear, which otherwise freezes people or prompts dangerous decisions such as hiding under the bed, in a closet, or from firefighters during a fire. Training also promotes confidence, safety, and peace.
What from our faith can we pass on to our kids, grandkids, neighborhood kids, family, or people we come into contact with? As we gather, let us share what we are thankful for, and stories of God's faithfulness, love, mercy, peace, forgiveness, etc. So in the years to come, they can remember God's loving actions in the past and take comfort & courage that God is presently active and will continue to lovingly act in the future.
Grace & Peace,
Pastor Kelli

2nd ~ Labor Day, Office Closed 3rd ~ Little Church School Starts 3rd ~ UMW General Meeting, Parlor, 5 pm 4th ~ Harmony Chimes Resumes, Choir Room, 5 pm 4th ~ WNL Resumes, 3rd - 12th Grade, 6 pm 4th ~ Chancel Choir Resumes, Choir Room, 6:15 pm 5th ~ Soul Food Thursday, Fellowship Hall, 11:30 am 9th ~ Finance Committee, Parlor, 5:30 pm 9th ~ Trustees Committee, Moon Building, 6 pm 10th ~ Mary Circle, Mary Williams & Nancy Simons,
9:30 am 10th ~ Ruth Circle, Carroll Joyce Strane & Nancy
Bergstrom, 10 am 16th ~ Crossroads Strategic Planning Meeting,
Cathedral Oaks 19th ~ Wesley Nurse Team Meeting, Edna FUMC, Moon
Building 19th ~ Lydia/Martha Circle, Dorothy Johnson, 7 pm 20th ~ Emmaus Gathering, FUMC Seadrift, 6:30 pm 21st ~ UMW District Meeting, Fellowship Hall & Wesley
Center, 8 am 23rd ~ Safety Committee, Parlor, 5:30 pm 27th ~ Golden Crescent Food Bank, Old Carver
Elementary School, Volunteers Needed, 9 am 29th ~ Noisy Offering, Both Services, 9 am & 11 am 29th ~ Worship & Potluck Dinner, Fellowship Hall, 5 pm 30th ~ Called Session of Church Council, Moon Building,
6 pm

1st ~ UMW General Meeting, Parlor, 5 pm 1st ~ Little Church School Board, Parlor, 5:30 pm 2nd ~ Education Committee to Serve WNL, 6 pm 3rd ~ Soul Food Thursday, Fellowship Hall, 11:30 am 5th ~ Jackson County Fair Parade 8th ~ Mary Circle, Shelley Menefee, Pam Fiew & Ann
O’Connor, 9:30 am 8th ~ Ruth Circle, Sue Clark & Diane Powell, 10 am 9th ~ FAIR DAY, Office Closed & NO WNL 9th - 12th ~ Jackson County Fair, Brackenridge Arena 11th ~ Emmaus Gathering, John Wesley UMC, Victoria,
6:30 pm 13th ~ Charge Conference, Fellowship Hall, Noon 14th ~ Finance Committee, Parlor, 5:30 pm 14th Trustees Committee, Moon Building, 6 pm 16th ~ Nov/Dec Newsletter Submission Deadline 17th - 20th ~ Men’s Emmaus Walk, SRC 19th ~ Jackson County Relay for Life 25th ~ Rio Tx Conference Finance Committee, San
Antonio 25th ~ Golden Crescent Food Bank, Old Carver
Elementary School, Volunteers Needed, 9 am 26th ~ FUMC Edna Fall Festival, Church Grounds, 4 pm 26th ~ BRC Spooktacular Trail & Carnival, Brackenridge

Harmony Chimes Rehearsals Every Wednesday Choir Room, 5 pm
Chancel Choir Rehearsal Every Wednesday
Choir Room, 6:15 pm
Wednesday Nite Live Every Wednesday, 3rd - 12th Grade Fellowship Hall & Moon Bldg., 6 pm
Lighthouse #2911 4 pm Every Tues & Thurs,
Moon Building
Jackson Co. Homeschool Co-op September - April Moon Building

Girl Scouts September - May 2nd & 4th Monday, 5:30 pm (Sept. Only) 1st & 3rd Monday, 5:30 pm (Oct - May)
Jackson Co. Wellness Center Exercise Class Tues. & Thurs. ~ 5 am Wesley Center
Fall Study (Books $17/each) Flood Gates: Holy Momentum for a Fearless Church
by Sue Nilson Kibbey Every Tues & Wed. (Sept - Oct)
Tues., Sanctuary, 11 am Wed., Chapel, 6:30 pm


Exciting News!
There is now a Drop Off Box on the door! No one around? You can now securely place your item in the secure lockbox!! Thank you Jimmy Braunholz and Ronnie Kubecka for installing this in the door! We appreciate you!!


All are welcome to come to our monthly Soul Food Thursdays! We meet the 1st Thursday each month at 11:30 am for a bible study followed by a nutritious meal and time of fellowship! Call the church office to RSVP!

What is Noisy Offering? The Noisy Offering is an outreach idea that supports our Outward church goal:
“Create Authentic Outreach events out of existing outreach programs.”
The Worship Committee asks Worshippers to bring their coins the last Sunday of each month and drop them in our cans. We chose organizations around the area that could use the financial support as they help those in need.
Here are the groups who will receive donations - one each month.
September (Imagine No Malaria), October (Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service)
July Noisy Offering was collected and donated to FUMC Edna Blessing Box.
$95.70 was collected and donated!
August Noisy Offering was collected and donated to for Lighthouse #2911. $97 was collected and donated!
July: Blessing Box - 24/7 micro food pantry box of non-perishable food outside on the Allen St. side of FUMC Edna. “take what you need, leave the rest for others”. Brief video on our missions page of our website
August: Lighthouse 2911 – is a non-profit organization seeking to serve the needs of at-risk youth and their families in the Texas Golden Crescent (Victoria, TX and the surrounding communities). Sharing hope and brightening the future. Led by Rev. Paul Beard and meeting at FUMC-Edna campus year around. September: Imagine No Malaria - Imagine No Malaria is part of a global partnership and together with our partners; our generation can beat malaria once and for all. By improving the ways people fight the disease using bed nets, providing access to diagnostic tests and medicine, draining standing water, and improving sanitation we have already helped reduce malaria deaths by more than half. Imagine No Malaria combines integrated health infrastructure, education and advocacy to address death and the debilitating effects of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.
October: Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service – NOMADS provide volunteer labor for United Methodist organizations. NOMADS demonstrate God’s love through our work and by listening to the people with whom we work. We do new construction, remodeling, and repairs for churches, children’s homes, camps, colleges, outreach missions and disaster rebuilding. Team members do maintenance, cleaning, painting, electrical, drywall, sewing, flooring.

Capital Improvement request
I have been asked by the Trustees to make the congregation aware of some very large and needed capital expenses that will be coming up in the very near future.
1. The roof on the parsonage is in really bad shape with sagging areas all over the roof. It will only be a matter of time before there will be damage inside the parsonage. If this happens, we will have a lot more damage and repair to do. We have asked for several bids and the best one was for $10,200.00. That is the price barring any underlying damage that we can't see yet.
2. The roof on the Education Building is also in great need of replacement. The last replacement was in 2000. Rock roofs only last 15-17 yrs. We are over 19 yrs with the current roof. We first started looking into replacement of just the rotten fascia around the edge, only to find out that the root cause of the rotten wood was from the poor condition of the roof. No one in the area will do rock roofs anymore because of damage caused by blowing rock. The city of Houston has even banned rock roofs. With that in mind, we will have to go with a new material. Kirtley Roofing out of Houston can do this for us. They came highly recommended and do most of the Whataburger roofs. Since the Chapel roof is tied into the Education Building roof and is also over 18 yrs, we will replace the Chapel roof at the same time. The cost for doing both the Chapel and Education roofs comes to $96,120.00. Again, this bid does not cover any problems that might arise once they get into the project.
These two capital expenses come to $106,320.00. It could be more if more damage is discovered.
These expenses aren't something we have lightly considered. They are a matter of necessity at this point. We are asking the congregation to help support our efforts to maintain our buildings by digging deep in your pockets to help finance these two needed projects. You may not be able to give a lot at once, but with giving a little bit more each month, we can do this and preserve our beautiful church for years to come. When you give, please mark on memo line - Capital Improvements. That way, if we get more than what is needed, the funds can be used for any future repairs throughout the church.
On Behalf of the Trustees, THANK YOU!

Thank you to all who volunteered and donated to help make VBS 2019 a success!!

September 2019 “Words of Wellness” Receiving Feedback
Words of Wellness from Living Compass
There is nothing I enjoy more this time of year than being on my road bike.
It takes me about thirty minutes by bike to get out of town on my way to the countryside. Along the way I experience a repeated challenge in the form of radar speed feedback signs, where I get to do something that I would certainly never do while driving my car. I speed up and race against the radar to see how high a speed I can register. To date, I am excited to say I have hit 29 mph on a few occasions. There may or may not have been a downhill involved.
The research on radar speed feedback signs shows that they are quite effective in slowing drivers down. (I do not know of any research yet that shows they are also effective in speeding cyclists up). What I love most about these signs is that they simply provide immediate feedback to drivers. If your speed is at a potentially dangerous level, the device will let you know, often with flashing lights. No tickets are given. There is no one there to pull you over if you are going too fast. It’s on the honor system for each driver to choose their response to the feedback they receive.
As a writer of a weekly wellness column, this started me thinking about other signs in my life that gives me feedback that I am moving too fast. What kind of flashing lights do I see that show me that the current choices I am making are putting me at risk? Several things come to mind. Those who know me best and whom I trust will give me feedback when I seem “off” or out of sorts. A sure tell-tale sign for me that I am out of balance emotionally, physically, relationally, and/or spiritually is that I become irritable and inflexible. When my mind is racing with worry, it is a sure sign I need to get back to my mindfulness and centering prayer practice. Other warnings include blaming others for stresses in my life and finding it difficult to sleep.
No tickets are given, and no one pulls me over when I get these warning signs regarding my current state of balance and wellness. It’s on the honor system for me to decide how I will respond to the feedback I receive. What signs do you get when your life is either moving too fast or is out of balance? How do you seek and receive honest feedback about your physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual wellness?
The research is conclusive that speed feedback signs do result in people slowing down and adjusting their driving behaviors. My own experience shows me that the same is true when I seek and respond to feedback regarding my well-being, feedback that is always there if I am willing to listen.

So next time we drive or bike past a radar feedback sign, perhaps we can use it as not only a reminder of our speed of travel but also as a reminder to pay attention to the speed of our pace of life. Maybe it will help make us aware of the other possible indicators in our lives that are letting us know how fast we are living, and whether our current behaviors might be putting ourselves, or others, at risk.
Your Wesley Nurse, Lindsey Floyd, RN
Samaritan Family Wellness Foundation. 500 W. Silver Spring Dr. K270 Glendale, WI 53217
H2O and Fan Drive
Distribution day was on Wednesday, July 17th at 4:00pm in the Moon Building
Thank you to all who donated to this wonderful cause and helped work to pass the fans and water out!

Thank you for all who volunteered and donated to help make the Young Adult Gathering at Brackenridge Park on July 28th a success! Lives were touched and changed!
Church Workday was a success!! Thank you!! (Aug. 3rd)

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Sept/Oct 2019 FUM EDNA Newsletter