830204 Sahastrara Chakra, Hanuman Road, New Delhi, India

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830204 Sahastrara Chakra, Hanuman Road, New Delhi, India

4th Feb 1983

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Today is the last day, ah, in this pendal and today I'll be telling you about the last center of


They are all coming. If I come late it is better I think (Laughing). Still I was quite late I was thinking. Do you think this is needed on the eyes so much or are you not getting My picture just? This one if you could little bit push it the other way. This one is too much. That's thank you. Ah.

So, this last center, the Sahastrara, is contained in the limbic area of the brain. Our head is like a coconut. The coconut has the hair, and then a hard nut and then a black covering and inside is white shell of coconut and inside is the space, the water. In the same way, our brain is made. That's why coconut is called as Shreephala. Is the fruit of the power that is Shree. Shree power is the right side power and the left side power is the Lalita power. So, we have two Chakras - left side, here, is the Lalita and right side, here, is the Shree Chakra. These two Chakras are working out the right side Mahasaraswati's power and left side Mahakali's powers.

Now, the central power is the Kundalini. That has to rise and penetrate through different Chakras, enter into the limbic area and enlighten the seven Pithas - seats of these seven Chakras. So, it penetrates through six Chakras, enters into the limbic area, enlightens all the seven Pithas in the brain, which are placed along the mid-line of the limbic area. So, we start it from the back, is placed here, at the back, is the Mooladhara Chakra. Around it is the Swadishthana, then is the Nabhi, then the Heart, then the Vishuddhi and then the Agnya. So, all these six centers are combining to make the seventh center. This is a very important point, which we should know. Now, the Shree Chakra is the right side working and the Lalita Chakra is the left side working. So, when the Kundalini doesn't rise then we do with our right side our physical and mental activities. So our brain is doing right side activity and that's why our brain is like Shreephala.

Sahastrara is actually is the assemblage of these six Chakras and is a hollow space, on the sides of it there are one thousand Nadis. And when the light penetrates into the limbic area, then the enlightenment of these Nadis take place and you can see them as flames, very gentle flames burning and these flames have all the seven colors that you see in the [SOUNDS LIKE vibjyor]. But the last one, ultimately becomes again integrated and it is a crystal clear flame. All these seven lights ultimately become crystal clear.

So, you have Sahastrara with one thousand petals, as they called it, but if you cut the brain in a transverse section or horizontal section, you will be able to see that all these nerves are built like this along the limbic area, all of them are like a petal, and if you cut it like this, you will find that there are many nerves in every bundle of nerves. So, when it is enlightened, you can see Sahastrara as a burning bundle of flames.

When I'm speaking you should not do all these things, please. They are still coming and just disturbing Me.

This a very deep subject. So the, when the enlightenment of the Kundalini takes place in the brain, then the truth is perceived through your brain. That's why it'Fsorcamloleredraelsiab[SleOtrUanNscDrSiptLs,IvKisEit: http://www.sa Satyakhand], means you start seeing the truth perceived by your brain because so far whatever you see through your brain, is not the truth. What you see, is just the outer side, say, you can see the colors. You can see the different aesthetics of the colors. You can see the quality of the thing. But you cannot say whether this carpet has been used by some saint. You cannot say whether this is made by a devil or a divine person. You cannot say that this gentleman, is he a good person or he is an evil person. You cannot say if this Deity has come out of the Mother Earth or not. Also, you cannot say about any person, who is your relation, whether he is a good relation or a bad relation, or what sort of


a person he is, whether he goes to wrong people or to the right people, whether he has connections with wrong side or with good side. Here good means Divine. So actually you do not know anything about divinity with your mind, nothing. Nothing - is impossible for you to judge a person about his divinity unless and until the Kundalini reaches at least this part, which is the limbic area. You cannot make out whether a person is real or not, whether a guru is real or not. Because divinity cannot be perceived through your brain, unless and until this light of your Spirit shines into it.
Now, the Spirit is expressed in the heart, is reflected in the heart, the center of the Spirit, we can say, is in the heart. But actually, the seat of Spirit is above, here
And that is the Spirit what we call of the God Almighty, Who say, Whom you call [SOUNDS LIKE Parvardigar], you call Him Sadashiva or you can call Him, ah, the Rahim and you can call Him by many names which are said about the Lord who is God Almighty. Neeranjan, they call It, Neerankar, every sort of words which start with Nira, Nihi.
Now, at every center in the body you'll receive a different type of joy. Every center has a different type of joy and there are names for every types of joy you receive at every center when the Kundalini rises. But when the Kundalini comes into the Sahastrara, then the joy you receive is called as Neerananda, Neerananda. Now, Nee means nothing else but Ananda. Neerananda. Also, is surprising, My name is Neera - also, in My family I'm called as Neera. And Neera also means Mary, Maria. Because it means marine. Neera is water. Neera means water in Sanskrit language. It is called as Neerananda in the brain.
And this stage ultimately unfolds. First what you know is the Satya, is the Truth - what is this another gentleman is suffering from, that you see on your fingers. First you see your fingers. With your attention you know what Chakras, what fingers are catching, with your attention. Then with your brain you can depict what center, which is catching. Because, if you say this finger, that doesn't mean it is Vishuddhi Chakra. But your brain then says, "It is Vishuddhi." And that depicts it that this fellow is suffering from the troubles of the Vishuddhi Chakra. But still it is rational. Because you see what finger it catches and then you say it. But when the [SOUNDS LIKE Satyakhanda] or the Sahastrara unfolds itself more, you don't have to think about it, you just say it. Then there is no difference between your Chitta and your Satya. The enlightened Chitta and the enlightened brain become one. There is no problem at all for such a person, there's no need to see on the fingers, no need to say anything on the fingers and then depict it through brain. Which you have learnt in Sahaja Yoga, that if you find something wrong here, it means Agnya - that's not necessary! You just say Agnya. And you just say it and it is there.
Then it unfolds more. First it is integrated with, as I said, Chitta. Then, when it gets absolutely integrated with the Spirit, then whatever you say, is the truth. You just say it, it is so. That is how this brain unfolds into three new dimensions. First, it depicts the truth through logical conclusions. Because, I have told you that if this finger is catching then it is Vishuddhi. And then you ask the person, "Have you got a problem here?" He says, "Yes". Then you believe in Me and then you believe that this is the Vishuddhi Chakra, which is showing, is true. This is the logical conclusion, in a way, that you have experimented, you are seeing and still doubting whether Mother says it's true or not. And then, you are sure, "Yes, it is so, we have seen that this is Vishuddhi Chakra." So, the truth becomes logically acceptable to his brain. But still, there is the brain working out on its gross level.
Then the second stage, as I told you, where you believe, you know for definite that this means Vishuddhi Chakra, no doubt about it. Nobody. Then - then we start Nirvikalpa has started, when there's no doubt about Me or Sahaja Yoga. But then, the new unfolding starts within. For that, one has to do meditation. In humility, one has to do meditation. And then also, for this new dimension, where your Chitta itself becomes merged into your brain or into the enlightened brain, for that one has to very honestly and humbly surrender to Sahaja Yoga.

Now, what do we do when we get our vibrations? We have different-different reactions. Some people do not even understand the value of vibrations. Some people try to learn what it means. And some people suddenly think, "O, now they are realized souls, they can go on giving realizations, this, that." They go on a ride of a ego-trip. When they go on a ride of a ego-trip, then they find that they've failed and they've to come back, from the very beginning they start. It's like the game of Snake & Ladder. So, reaction to vibration should be a very humble, receptive reaction.
Now, on the gross level, because as I told you that the brain is the one which holds the Father in it. So, if we commit any sins against the Father, then this unfoldment in the brain takes some time. So, we start reading books. And though people have told that first see the vibrations and then read the books, still we say, "O, what's wrong, we should read other books." You go down again, Snake and Ladder, as I said. That is one of the snakes. We think that, "What's the need to do meditation, I've no time, I have this thing, that thing." You do not progress.
The other point which is very gross. Also, there are some very gross people in Sahaja Yoga who enter into it. Doesn't matter. But first thing you must know you have to be honest, very honest in Sahaja Yoga. The honesty is like - I have seen people. If we have a dinner, say, for a marriageparty, they'll just crawl into it without having any self-respect, without having any understanding as to who is going to pay for the all this? They'll bring all their family, come down and sit down. There are people who avoid paying money which should be paid for Sahaja Yoga. Supposing, they're eating food or they are travelling or they're coming from abroad, they have to pay money for their travelling, for their food. And, sometimes, you know I have to pay lot of money. Doesn't matter, I don't mind. But is not good for you, the main thing it's not good for you. So, how you behave towards Sahaja Yoga as far as money is concerned is also very important, though it looks gross. But it can give a big trouble in the unfoldment because of the Nabhi catching and, as you know, if the Nabhi catches it can spread up to the whole of void. And if the void is catching Ekadesha Rudra, which is placed here, the destructive forces, built-in.
So, before coming to Sahaja Yoga, it was all right, you're doing all kinds of things and you'd have smoothly gone to hell without any difficulties. It is very easy to go to hell. You can take two running jumps and go to hell. The rest of it you should see. But going to hell is the easiest thing. For that you don't have to work hard or do anything about it. But, when you are ascending, when you are rising, then it is little difficult. You have to be careful that you should not falter, you should not fall and that you are ascending. So, you have to be very alert about yourself that you are not falling into the same habits, which you had.
Some people have a habit of saving money at the cost of Sahaja Yoga. Some have a habit of making money at the cost of Sahaja Yoga. Some people have habit of not giving the due amount - and like that. It's something, you know, of cheating. They all go out of Sahaja Yoga in no time. They may be looking like great leaders in the beginning, but they go out just like that. And many a time people tell Me "why don't You keep a proper account and all that". But in Sahaja Yoga I'm not supposed to keep any accounts or anything. Because My accountants are Sahaja Yogis. If you try to play tricks with Sahaja Yoga, immediately you are pushed out; in your awareness, in your Nabhi Chakra you are never helped - you may make a thousand rupees here, but you will thousands of rupees by get into trouble. You will have any kind of a problem that I cannot tell you and then you will say, "how did I get this problem?" So, Nabhi Chakra if you are not honest in your seeking. Honesty of seeking not only means "I want to seek." It also means what is your behavior is, towards yourself and towards others. You have to be honest to yourself that you sit down for meditation, try to improve your Antar Yoga, try to make your - ah - thoughtless awareness, this feeling of thoughtlessness, wider and wider. Try to achieve that state where you really feel thoughtless. So the honesty lies as you rise higher and higher, deeper and deeper into your own being. First you depend on Me, that "after all, Mother is going to do everything. When I went to Mother, my Sahastrara opened out. This thing happened, then this thing happened." But what about you doing something that helps you to open your Sahastrara. So, opening of the Sahastrara is very important.

Now, surprisingly, it is so placed that Sahastrara has got the Brahmarandhra at the level where there is, I mean, at the point, where there is the Heart Chakra. So, we must know that Brahmarandhra is directly connected to your heart. If it is not done from the heart, superficially done Sahaja Yoga, you can not go very high. You have to put your full heart into it - that is the main thing. Like, people they come to Sahaja Yog and they are murmuring behind. "This could have been like that, that could have been like that," all those things. All such people also are what Christ calls as "murmuring souls." He said that, be careful about these murmuring souls - those who go on murmuring behind and taking advantage - ah - as if - ah - they, they are trying to save others.
All such people also can suffer a lot. Because, they are doing a double game. And such a double game is very dangerous when you enter into the kingdom of God. Any kingdom you are member of, any kingdom, if you are treacherous to that kingdom, you are punished. But in the God's kingdom, it's so blissful, absolutely blissful, complete blessings are poured on, absolutely, with everything - health, wealth, mental, emotional - all kinds of prosperity you can get in Sahaja Yoga, no doubt. But when you are so much blessed, you are also forgiven, and forgiven, and forgiven, and there is a long rope given to you to hang yourself. But you really hang fully, it's not half way.
So, those people who think they can be dishonest with Sahaja Yoga, have to be very careful; please don't do it. If you don't like to be in Sahaja Yoga, you better go away, is better; from your point of view and from our point of view also. Because, in case you are dishonest, you are trying to play tricks and games, and you suffer and you look funny and strange, then people will say "what's wrong with Sahaja Yoga?" So we will unnecessarily suffer. Because we cannot show you in the mirror, that this man has been very, very - aaah - disloyal. We cannot show that. So, it will bring a bad name to us - first of all. And secondly, you will be harmed, by this kind of a thing. If you are harmed, then also we'll have a bad name that "how could it happened?" But if you are honest about Sahaja Yoga and about your seeking, you don't know how much God looks after you. Anybody who tries to do any harm to you will be very badly harmed and removed from your path. God protects you out and out and He looks after you with complete attention and care. And He's so loving that description of His compassion cannot be given in words but can be only felt and understood.
Now, the problem is, people who are dishonest are because of their background, sometimes, because of their education, because of their upbringing or may be because they are cowards. But there is also another thing that can make you dishonest - is your [SOUNDS LIKE "Poorva-janmas"] and that's how you take your birth and your Kundalini is made like that.
But after Realization, those people who are of a great valor and great strength ascend so fast that all the problems of the stars, all the problems of your Nakshatras and all that constellations, everything disappears and you become a Sahaja Yogi means a newly born, absolutely a different personality; it has nothing to do from where you have come. Like an egg becoming a beautiful bird.
So, this Kundalini, when it arrives here, the first hurdle the Kundalini has to enter into Sahastrara, is Ekadesha Rudra, is here. There are 11 rudra shaktis, 11 destroying shaktis placed here. Five on this side, five on the other side and one in the center.
These are obstruction within us, built by two kinds of sins we commit. If we bow our head to wrong type of gurus and submit ourselves to their vicious ways, then we develop rudra sh... - rudra problems on the left hand side - these five go out.
If you have, I think it's other way round, ha, is the - if you have bowed - because I've never bowed to anybody wrong, so I don't know what to say, the mistake comes from there.
If you bow to someone who is a wrong type of a person and who is anti God, then the problem comes on this side of the thing, on the right side. If you have the sense that "I can look after myself, I'm my own guru, I, who can teach me, I don't want to listen to anybody and I don't believe in God, ah - who is God, I just don't care for God". All such feeling, if you have, then, your right side doesn't catch, but the left side catches. Because right side moves this side and the left side this side.

So these ten things and one is Virata Vishnu, because also in the stomach we have got 10 Guru [SOUNDS LIKE Sthanas] and one that of Vishnu. So, the seeking is also wrong, as well as these 10 Gurus are there. Then you develop this Ekadesha Rudra. When this thing is settle - set in within you, as I said, one on this side, one on that side. So, those people who are bowed to wrong type of people develop a temperament or a kind of a personality which is very vulnerable for incurable diseases like cancer and all that. You may develop cancer or any such disease - those who have bowed to wrong type of people.
Now, those who think, "I'm better than anybody else. I don't care for God, I don't want God, I've nothing to do"- all such people develop the left side Ekadesha. And left side Ekadesha is extremely dangerous too. Because such people develop the problems of the right side - heart attacks, physically I am saying, and all other problems of the right side. So, one of the greatest hurdles of Kundalini entering into Sahastrara is this Ekadesha Rudra, which comes from Void. And which covers the Medha - is the plate of the brain. And that is how it cannot enter into the limbic area. Even those who have been to wrong gurus, if they've reached right conclusion and surrender themselves to Sahaja Yoga, accepting their mistakes and saying that "I am my own Guru," they can be cured. And those, who have been thinking that "I'm above all, I don't believe in God, who is God, I don't believe in any prophets or anything" - anything against God or prophets is the same. Anti-God personality who talks like that, who develops the problems, gets all right if he humbles down himself and accepts Sahaja Yoga is the only way of - of entering into the superconsciousness.
I've seen people who have been Tantrikas, are being saved. I've seen people who have done all kinds of wrong things have been saved. Those people, who were members of very funny, strange organizations have been saved. But - it is very difficult to convince anyone that whatever they are doing has been wrong and they should come to right path.
So, a star came to play its part called Pluto, and this star is the one which has brought cancer disease because, Pluto is the one that cures cancer, or all such diseases which are incurable. So, those people who just go head-long into wrong paths, suffer from funny type of heart troubles, palpitations, insomnia, vomitings, giddiness, all sorts of ah, we can say irrelevant talking. It is a very serious thing to go to a wrong guru and bow to him. Sahastrara becomes a closed area for such a person. The persons who are against Sahaja Yoga, have a very strong Sahastrara, like a nut, in the sense that it's such a strong shell that you can not just break it - it's a strong shell, like a thick nut. Even if you want to use a hammer, you cannot break it.
Today, the time has come, that you have to recognize Sahaja Yoga, you have to. You did not recognize any saints, any prophets, anyone, any incarnations. But today the condition is that you have to recognize. If you do not recognize it, your Sahastrara cannot be opened because this is the time when the Sahastrara was opened and you have to have your Realization. So it's a very important thing that you have to recognize Sahaja Yoga. There are many people who say that "Mother, why to believe in Sahaja Yoga this way, we can just call You just Mother, You could be my Mother," you see. All right, doesn't matter. But you can't get your Realization. And even if you get it, you cannot retain it. So you have to recognize, recognition is the only worship of Sahaja Yoga. Recognition is the only worship when you want to know God in Sahaja Yoga. All the other Ganas, Devatas, Deities, Shaktis, are one in unison in Sahaja Yoga. And anyone who does not recognize Sahaja Yoga, They just are not bothered about you, what sort of a person you are. For example, a man who worships Shiva, he comes to Me, and I find his heart is catching - surprising. He says, "Mother, I worship Shiva, how is it, my heart is catching?" I said, "You have to recognize Sahaja Yoga. Just ask Shiva." And when he asked the questions to Shiva, then only the vibrations start flowing. So, Sahastrara takes charge that it makes you recognize and also it convinces you - to proves it to you. And by this proving, even if you are not recognizing, then you cannot get your Realization.
But those who recognize also, recognize partly - they take liberties, they behave in a funny manner without understanding that Who is this Person, Who is here? I've seen many a times, I'm talking, people are just putting their hand up, Kundalini, they are just talking, chit chatting - I'm

surprised. Because, if you have recognized, then you should know whom you are facing. Because, it's not for My good, I'm not going to lose anything. But only you, in your ascent have not recognized. That shows that you have not yet recognized.
And the way some people try to monopolize Me also, is absolutely wrong. There is no need to monopolize Me, nobody can monopolize. There are some people who say that "Mother must have misunderstood." I never misunderstand, there's no question. Or, some people try to tell Me, "Do this, do that" - that also not necessary. Try to open yourself to this protocol which is very important in Sahaja Yoga, which I have told for the first time today, that you must try to recognize in a full way. And if you do not recognize, I'm sorry, I can't give you the Realization, which will sustain, I'll, it will start, but it may not sustain. So, this is the simplest way of achieving your higher things is by recognizing gradually and recognizing gradually.
It is very difficult to tell anybody if something is wrong with that person, it's impossible. After Sahaja Yoga, I can tell you, this Chakra is catching, that Chakra is catching. But also because you know what does that Chakra means, you can come back on me. "No, no, Mother, You see, it's not so. I'm not." That's not so, why should I tell you you are catching? You have to cleanse yourself with full honesty. But first thing is to recognize with full humility and understanding. Once you have recognized, gradually you will do everything that has to be done, you'll know - what is to be done.
Now the essence of Sahastrara is integration. In Sahastrara all the Chakras are there, so all the Deities get integrated. And you can feel their integration. That means, when you get your Kundalini in Sahastrara, your mental, emotional, and your spiritual, everything being becomes one. Your physical being also merges into it. Then you have no problem, as to, "Yes, I love Mother. But ah I'm sorry, ah - I have to steal this money." "Yes, I know, I recognize Mother, yes, I know She is great, but I can't help it I have to tell Her lies". Or, "I have to do this wrong thing, because after all, ah - I can't help it." There is no compromise with Me. It has to be completely integrated. Your Dharma should be corrected. You can not do anything wrong and then say, "I'm a Sahaja Yogi." You cannot. But for this, the strength comes from within. Your Spirit strengthens you. You must just put in your will-power that "Yes, let my Spirit act." And then you start acting according to the Spirit. Once you start acting according to the Spirit, you find you have no slavery of anything. You become Samarth, means equal to your meanings. Samartha, also Samarth means powerful personality. So, you develop that powerful personality which has no temptations, which has no wrong ideas, which has no catches, no problems. But people who are sneaky, sly try to try, play some tricks are really harming themselves, not Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is going to be, he has been and will be, is going to be established. Even if they are ten people in the boat, God is not bothered. It's only My botheration as a Mother. As a Mother, I want many people to come up in the boat. But don't try to jump back by doing all dishonest things.
So, this is what it is - simple, that you are integrated. By integration, you get the power to do what you understand, and you have power to feel happy with what you understand. So, you come to a stage where you develop this Neerananda. And this Neeranand you develop when you are absolutely the Spirit. In Neerananda state there is no duality left - is Adwaita, is one personality. That is, you are complete integrated and the joy is not anymore dented - is complete. It hasn't got a happiness and a sorrow aspect, but is just Joy. The Joy is not that you laugh loud, the Joy is not that ah you you're always smiling. Is the stillness, the quietitude within your Self, the peace of your being, of your Spirit that asserts itself into vibrations which you feel, that when you feel that peace, you feel like light of the sun, the whole rays of that beauty spreading.
But first of all we are curbed down by our own personal, selfish, stupid ideas. Throw them away! We have them because we are insecured, because we have wrong ideas, throw them away. Just stand alone, one with God. And you'll find all these fears were useless. Our cleansing is very important, and that cleansing comes only when you really practice the cleansing as told in Sahaja Yoga.
The Sahastrara is the blessing of the heavens, I should say. It has worked out so well. It's very difficult to break the Sahastrara. And when I really broke it, I didn't know that it would be that

successful. First, I thought is still premature because there are many Rakshasas still on the street, selling their goods; and there are many fanatics who are calling themselves by the so-called religions they are following, not the real religion of the Atma. But, gradually it has taken its roots. Now, let this truth take its root within yourself through your Sahastrara. And once this truth becomes absolutely the light that guides you, the light that nourishes you, the light that enlightens you and gives you a personality that has the light, then only you should know that your Sahastrara is completely enlightened by your Spirit. Your face should be such that people should know that there's a personality who's standing before you who is light. This is how Sahastrara is to be looked after.
For looking after Sahastrara is is important that you should try to cover your head during winter time. Is better to cover your head during wintertime so that there is no freezing in the brain because brain is also made of Medha, means fats, so it should not be frozen. Moreover, you should not take too much heat on your brain. To keep your brain all right, you should not sit in the sun all the time as some of the Westerners do. Then your brain melts and you become a crazy person. Is a sign that a person is going out for madness - is something which I've told many a times that don't take too much heat on your head. Even if you are sitting in the sun, keep your head covered. Covering of the head is very important. But the covering of the head should be done occasionally, not all the time because if you just put a very heavy band around your head, then the circulation becomes poor and you may have trouble with bad circulation. So, it is an occasional opening of the head to the sun and to the moon, occasionally. Otherwise, you will sit in the moon and land up in the lunatic asylum.
Anything I tell you, you must know that in Sahaja Yoga, we have not to go to anything [Ati/Adhi ?]. Even sitting in the water, some people will sit for 3 hours. I never said so. Only for ten minutes you have to sit, but with full heart. If I tell them anything, they'll go on doing it for 4 hours, there's no need do it for ten hours. Give your body different-different types of treatments, not all the time the same treat. The body gets bored or gets absolutely ah - overburdened. Now, if you tell somebody, "this is your mantra". All right, it is to be used till you get rid of your Chakras, finished. Lo, something, some screw is to be put here; all right; now what you do - you put the screw till it fixes, you do not go on even when it is fixed. Are you going to screw it more and more so that ah - the whole thing gets spoiled? Is better that use wisdom. And for this wisdom, we must know that it is Shri Ganesha or Jesus Christ who are placed on both the sides. Here is Mahaganesha, here is Jesus Christ. Both of Them help you to correct your vision, understanding and give you wisdom. So, the wisdom lies not in sticking on to something. Sahaja Yogis are not stuck-up people. If they are stuck up, they are not progressing. You are not to get stuck up with ideas and stuck up with things. You have to be all the time moving and in the movement, it doesn't mean that you should fall from somewhere and people think, "Oh, we are earning such a lot, because we are falling down." You have to ascend in your movement, not to fall.
So, when you are achieving something in Sahaja Yoga, first of all you should see your health should be all right. Your mind should be normal. You should be a normal person. If you are still barking at people, then know that there's something wrong with you. Or if you are still sulking and still tantrumish and if you are still in a bad mood, then think you are not yet a Sahaja Yogi. You can judge yourself, if you are free like a bird then it's all right. But that doesn't mean on the road you start singing like a bird and jumping on a tree. You see, any analogy I give to a stupid man, he can behave in a very stupid way. But to a wise man, he discreetly uses it for a proper purpose. So, one has to understand, Sahaja Yoga is known by the discretion person has.
Now, what happens actually that you get stuck with one thing, that is your Atma and the whole your being floats like a [SOUNDS LIKE Patangas ?] does, or ah a kite that floats, goes all over the places, everything, but you are stuck to only one thing, that is your Spirit. And, if you could really do it, genuinely and honestly, not worry too much about your money and your families and other mundane things, just don't worry about anything, you don't have to worry, just give it a bandhan. If it doesn't work out, doesn't work out, finished. What's that wrong? If it works out, well and good. Not that your desire is important, but, "Thy will be done". First you say, "Thy will be done" that it is so

surprising that your wills change, your desires change and whatever you say, is done. But when this also comes up, people develop an ego; so be careful. It's all done by the Shakti and not by you, by your Atma and not by you. You have to be the Atma and once you become the Atma, you become into Akarma where you don't know that you are doing it, it just works out. You don't feel, you are not aware.
I wish, after all these lectures, most of your Chakras must have been opened. But this is all My work. You have to also do some homework. And, you have to also work and see for yourself. Be alert. Try to face yourself in the mirror and see for yourself how far honest you have become. How far clean have you been. How far friendly you are in collectivity - which is a very important point in Sahaja Yoga. If you are not collective, if you are funny, if you are strange, if you cannot communicate with others, then something wrong. And then you should face yourself as you are and try to correct it. Because you separate yourself from yourself like I separate My sari from Myself and try to clean it. In the same way, you separate yourself from yourself and try to clean it. This is the way Sahaja Yogis are going to ascend. When the Sahaja Yogis will ascend, the rest of the things also will ascend. Many Sahaja Yogis of this kind will impress so many people that they will also ascend. So, the whole thing can ascend very fast. But you people who are rising higher should try to rise higher and higher without being aware of it - that's very important. Those who are also who think that others are higher than them are also sadly mistaken, because that's not so. It's the whole that's rising. Nobody should feel that way inferior or in anyway low or feel insulted that somebody thinks we low. Let somebody think, what does it matter, Divine doesn't think so. So, all these little- little things you should be careful about, and otherwise it's very easy in this Krita Yuga achieve the ultimate goal of Atma Sakshatkar.
I think today I have told you quite a lot about Sahastrara but if you have any problem about Sahastrara you may ask Me now but only about Sahastrara and nothing else, is better to ask Me questions about Sahastrara instead of all other things.
You can ask Me questions.
Question: (Question in Hindi).
Shri Mataji: This is the trouble with you. You read some nonsensical books - Samadhi, Bindu, this, that, all that. Now please forget it, please forget all these things. Sama-dhi, Samadhi means, first is the Nirvichara Samadhi. First is Nirvichara Samadhi that you achieve and the Kundalini just comes out of your head. Sama-dhi means, the dhi means the buddhi. And when it has got enlightenment it means Samadhi. So first of all, the buddhi gets enlightened - I just now I told you about that only, the first enlightenment. Now, the Bindu and this and that are higher stages. Ardha Bindu, then Bindu and then Valaya. But you should not be futuristic, just now if you have read some book no use trying to show off that. That's not a good thing. Just try to see what you are. Why do you want to talk about things which - which do not concern at this stage? Just now, supposing you are going by bullock cart, why do you want to ask about the aeroplane? Just now you go by bullock cart, then you get into the train, then you get into the airplane. All right? One by one, not like this. Because you have read the book, it's not doesn't mean that you are supposed to know everything. All these books are written by some sort of crankish fellows who have read something here and there and have put it down. But you must experience. I'm your Mother, so I don't want to give you big ideas, this and that. I want you to do the way we have to move. As a mother would say, "Now, this is the way you are. Now you are in the first class, so pass your first exam. Then you'll go into the second class, then pass your exam". Everybody has to go that way to mature properly; there should be no immaturity in a personality. So all these books that you have read you better throw them away, there's no good. But if it is by some realized souls you can keep them and think that they are higher people and we have to be at their stage. Only by reading the book you don't become those personalities, do you?
All such questions are there, one better than the other. I'll tell you it is such a empty thing, how can you be satisfied with empty things? You haven't got anything.

First of all achieve a state, first of all settle down, gradually you will know about it. By reading books you do not become anyway realized soul, do you?
According to Mr. Poolkani all questions are of this type, they are of no use. That only means that you have read some books, that's all, finished, nothing more that. And it's true. If you have just read some books you are just coming and quoting it, no use. Gradually come up. If you are honest and if you want to have it, then come up gradually. Just don't try to show off anything.
You better give him writing.
Q: There are request that, You please give a part of Your lecture in Hindi, because some people can not understand English.
Shri Mataji: All right, you see now I've given My lecture in English. But I give My lectures in Hindi also in different places. Here I'm giving in English. So those who want to hear Me in Hindustani can come to other programs.
Ka pustaki? (Shri Mataji laughing) He calls it pustaki, pustaki questions, pustaki. You see it is nothing Divine, it's all pustaki. This is true. That's why I used to wonder why Kabirdas once has said, [SOUNDS LIKE "Pari pari pandita moora khabaye.] Now I know why he said it, because by reading people really become funny and they just try to test Me, My knowledge, or trying to show off their own knowledge. Ka pustaki.
Q: What is relation between Kundalini, prana and astral bodies and soul, are they same in different forms?
Shri Mataji: Astral body, prana...
Q: Kundalini and a soul.
Shri Mataji: Soul. Now this gentleman who has asked the question perhaps has come only today. Otherwise I've explained most of these things. But for your benefit I'll tell you.
First is Kundalini. Kundalini is the pure desire to be one with God and this energy is placed in the sacrum bone, which is awakened when some authorized person from God can raise it. This is Kundalini, is pure desire. Now prana is the Shakti, expression of the Shakti of the right side, that is Mahasaraswati's Shakti, is created out of five elements, called prana. Astral - what - Astral body. Astral bodies are in simple Hindi language are bhoots and they are the people who just come into your being and take your soul out. Never try these tricks, never. These tricks are tried in America very much and I've told them not to try such tricks and horrible things are happening because a person living in Geneva had a child and in are you know English people don't keep their children sleeping with them. So the child used to sleep in another room and the lady, her grandmother who was fond of this child wanted to talk to the child through this astral body business. At every night she used to talk to the child. Ultimately so happened that the soul of the child which used to call out cold not return back to the body and got lost and the child died. It has so many problems, astral body things have, that it is nothing but a dead soul from the left or the right can come into you and can carry your soul outside your body and you can be lost, you can be dead. So this is something going just the other way round than the Kundalini awakening. By Kundalini awakening your prana Shakti and your Manas Shakti are integrated and you become one with the Divine so your Superconsciousness is awakened.
Q: I can feel the Kundalini reaching my head, but I can't feel it come out and I can't feel the cool vibrations.
Shri Mataji: That is good. Somebody is feeling the Kundalini on their head, that is what Kabirdas has clearly said, [SOUNDS LIKE "Shunnya shi khara bhara Anahata bajine."] So the [ANADAHATA ?] is ah is hitting the fontanel bone, but it is not coming out, that's it. Then means it has not broken the

Brahmarandra, as simple as that. Till it has not broken the Brahmarandra you can not feel the cool breeze, it's absolutely spontaneous, it has to work out that way. So is correct, your Brahmarandra is not broken, that is your state. So it has to break and the reason for that is something wrong with your heart. If your heart is clean it will break, if your heart is strong it will break, but if you have a weak heart also it will not break, if you're suffering from heart trouble it will not break. It has something to do with your heart. If you are a seeker of other things than Spirit also it may not break. So there are many reasons various reasons why this Brahmarandra won't break. But what is a reason that we have to find out - yourself, you can face yourself and find out what's the matter.
Shri Mataji: Brahmarandra. We'll work it out; we'll work it out for you, all right?
Shri Mataji: Sit down, doesn't matter.
We'll work it out, don't you worry, it will work out. It takes sometimes little time, doesn't matter. Why should you have fear about it, just it will work out. Yes, we'll work it out. All right? It will work out. Who else, what else is there?
Q: One man says he had met Muktananda, now he finally want to be close to Sahaja Yoga meditation center... [INAUDIBLE]
Shri Mataji: Ah! This Muktananda [SOUNDS LIKE Ribab Pribab (SUPPOSEDLY MEANS oh God!; good gracious!; ETC.)] Terrible fellow. Ooh. There is a mantra for him. Who are the people of Muktananda just raise your hands please. Those who have written this letter about Muktananda - raise your hands please.
So now, we'll tell you the mantra how to get rid of the problem, all right? There's a mantra for that who he was in the past life and all that, I know and we know how to get rid of it. But you have to religiously do it, religiously do it and you'll get rid of. I know it has it has done lot of harm to many people. But if those who are not anymore into the clutches, we can work it out, alright? So all those who are wanting to know about it you will know in our centers or if you can come on the sides I'll ask somebody to help you, all of those of that kind. Now, what else is there?
Shri Mataji: Acha. [A FEW WORDS MORE IN HINDI.]
Those who have not got Realization should come on this side and that side and all of them should be worked out. We have lots of Sahaja Yogis from all over the world and everybody must get Realization, no doubt about it.
Q: Physically I am fit, no heart problems. My problem is that I think too much about myself. Result is that I have become a psychic case.
Shri Mataji: All right, those who are a psychic case also should come this side, I will tell them how it arises, from where, all right?
Q: Kindly advise, may I practice meditation in office keeping Your photo before me?... [INAUDIBLE]
Shri Mataji: No, not in the office, you can not do meditation in the office at all. You see, you have to be very careful. Actually, you see, office people are so gross and they will never understand Sahaja Yoga. So best thing is first to talk to them about Sahaja Yoga, not about Me, don't even show them My photograph, because it's very funny that some people who see My photograph are frightened, they can't see Me. If they are possessed they even shake before Me. So it's better not to tell them about Me, but about Sahaja Yoga, how you are health. Gradually with great care, like a nice mother you must bring them to the position where they can receive Realization. And then gradually open the thing, but not in the office, please, no, not in the office. You have to do it at home and you have to

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