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Homework Week # 9 – Review all keys learned


Directions: Practice typing the drills on the next page using a computer or a keyboard. NO IPADS PLEASE. Please complete 60 minutes of practice over the winter break. Recommended frequency is 4 times a week for 10 minutes each. Homework is due back in class by due date at top of the page. NOTE: You are being graded on minutes, NOT amount of lines you can complete.

Day of the week

Amount of time (minutes)

Drill or game practiced

ADD UP YOUR MINUTES: I have practiced for a total of __________ minutes this week.
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Fill in the keys we
have learned.
Home Row Review Drill 1 Directions: Type each row one time.
asdf asdf asdf asdf jkl; jkl; jkl; jkl; aj sk dl f; afj ;lkj fdsa asdfjkl; as sad dad fad jak jall kass lad; all fall fasd lajk as; s; d; f; j; k; l; laksd kak jak fak dak sak aak fajk sajk dajk fajk daj dak dal da; sad saff al asdf jkl; ;lkj fdsa jaf kaf laf faf daf saf aaf; alf salf; dalf salsas;
E Key Review Drill 2 Directions: Type each row one time.
ded ded deed deed dead dead deal deal seal seal feel feel aed jell ked led lease leases leased leader end he hello eel eke seek seered dear leaf gets eat ear leases ease kease hess self kelf jelf delf felt regs eggs hedge re elf egg leg hedge era ear reed teeth tea leek let tell dell ed eds desk he
H Key Review Drill 3 Directions: Type each row one time.
jhj jhj hah halls half has had he head heads heal heals hes ehe he he held hease three hold he had has here heart hot hotter hottest hear hears heard short shorter shorten horn horns hall hehe heat heater teeth tooth hog hog he his has had he has had half horse horses herd hid hide hides hess holds
I Keys Review Drill 4 Directions: Type each row one time.
kik kik kills dill fill sill aide jail kids lid slid slides sir rise hikes hill like likes liked hit hits tilt tilts sit title titles sill gills like ill rifle rifles if ire fir is side aide did if aides sides hide his hills did if is his iris die diet tie tied if his sister did it hit it fish dish
R Key Drill 5 Directions: Type each row one time.
frf frf r ref refs read real reek rear herd herds rake rakes raked fakers; dear sear fear fears jear hear hears jeer jeers jar jars rare rad lard red rake lark hear her rare raid tire tired rids rotten rots rot sir rise ride fire fired for roll rolls rig or for sore ring rings or fore oar rare lear
O Key Review Drill 6 Directions: Type each row one time.
lol lol ol old fold sold dolls fool drool for hole rolls loads ok oj doors or fore door fold sold rolled holes sore lore ore rode roads or rose roses got toggle goggles google on one none no lone toons soon off for ford dogs fog gone long goal noggin good old lol loss lost soon sooner noon none for

T Key Review Drill 7 Directions: Type each row one time.
ftf ftf it fit tide tight tighter tightest thigh thighs hits til tore todd it to tot kit letter let felt sit shot too took toe toes site lift to told dot dots dotted for of off to torn tore ate gates hate date fate faith sat ant ants taint not note float floats late later tater tot tiff stiff to at

N Key Review Drill 8 Directions: Type each row one time.
jnj jnj nj nj jn jn no no none none an an and and dan dan sand sand landed land gain nine ninth fin nail line fine dine diner dinner ton ran rang not tin tan end ends find signed sing song noggin soon and hand no not in into ton notes lined neil lien nan nothing nadia train nine ninth nothing noted
G Key Review Drill 9 Directions: Type each row one time.
fgf fgf g gg age aged gift gifts go goes gone goggles google goon log tags sag gate gain gear rig rag hag jags lags sign ago good gone go rig jogs go gotten ghosts goes song ring rings finger fingers ding dang danger dangers gold golden fog toggle goats goats golf golfs google googles hogs gone ago

Left Shift Key Review Drill 10 Directions: Type each row one time.
J J Ja Ja Jan Jan Nana Nana No No Not Not Note Note Kind Kind Line Line Is Lid Lid I I Hill Hill Hid Hid Hides Hides Hand Hand Nine Nine None None If Nothing Nothing Nail Nail Karen Karen Kristie Kristie Like Like Jane Janes Hide Hood Hill Hind Hole Hold Lost Lot List List Lists Lists Jan Jan Ninth

Period <.> Key Review Drill 11 Directions: Type each row one time.
l.l l.l l.l l.l l. l. find. rd. r. j. ill. ride. signed. I had. I did it. Not again. It is real. Lori is nine. His dad is gone. He has not had it. Hand her the note. Old dolls are real. He is ninth in line. Nothing is going on. I ate the red salsa. He is selling his skis. Lara and Karen are not. He took the note for Jean. I gained the rating of good. He sold the kite to the girl. Karen and Kristie are sisters. Jan had a fine sleigh for sale. Hands are for landing on the hill. One of the girls is going to the fair. Harriet and Nana handed her the tan horse. Old dogs and old roads are going to like it. Nine dads had a sand lot filled to the end for the kids.




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Review all keys learned WINTER BREAK PACKET