Group II Menu Planner: Parasympathetic & Fast Oxidizer

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Group II Menu Planner: Parasympathetic & Fast Oxidizer

Protein 16-20 units

Grains 0-1 serv.

Veggie unlimited

Fruit 0-2 serv.

Oil 4-6 tsp

Snack Time: Lunch Time:

Snack Time: Dinner Time:



Formula II / III


XXXXXX X X Water: Make a check mark for every 8 oz glass

Other Beverages:

Exercise: Duration:

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Kristazyme Glucogone LCarnitine Other X X X X X X XX X

General Guidelines & Portions
Group II people need frequent snacks to keep their energy steady. It is especially important for weight loss that they eat something with protein and/or fat in it every 3-4 hours.
Proteins: 16-20 units daily (increase protein on higher activity/stress days)
Dark meats are your best choice. Try to select organic, free range & grass fed meats. All meats are beneficial for your type. Use full fat organic, preferably raw dairy. Beans are a combination of protein and carbohydrates. Count according to guidelines below.
1/2 cup cooked beans or lentils = 1 unit protein, 1/2 starch 1 oz cooked meat or fish = 1 unit of protein 1 cup of plain yogurt or milk = 1 unit of protein 1/4 cup cottage cheese = 1 unit of protein 1/3 scoop of whey protein powder = 1 unit of protein 1 oz of cheese = 1 unit of protein + 2 fats 7 grams of protein = 1 unit
Carbohydrates: Group II people generally do not do well with grains. Most carbohy-
drates should come from vegetables and some fruit. Limit grains or starchy vegetables to 1 serving daily (approx. 100 calories)
As much as possible, eliminate wheat from the diet Minimize broccoli, potatoes, mustard greens, soft squashes, tomatoes, zucchini, & vinegar as these foods will cause your blood pH to go further out of balance. Vegetables other than those listed above are unlimited. Aim for a minimum of 2 cups daily.
1/2 cup cooked grains = 1 grain 100 calories of crackers etc. = 1 grain 1 medium fruit = 1 serving 1 cup of berries = 1 serving
Fats & Oils: Group II people need a steady supply of healthy fats & oils to keep their
metabolic furnace stoked. Portion size, however, should be considered to maintain a slight calorie deficit.
Limit nuts to 2 servings daily 1 tsp of oil = 1 serving 12 almonds = 1 serving 1 Tbsp. almond butter = 1 serving 4 oz coconut milk = 1 serving 1/8 avocado = 1 serving

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Group II Menu Planner: Parasympathetic & Fast Oxidizer