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CICS Application File Control  CAFC

Dependable, Dynamic CICS File Management
When your business relies on CICS transactions, you need dependability, maximum productivity, and trouble-free operation.
CICS Application File Control™ is a comprehensive CICS management system that simplifies and automates CICS processes, commands, and files.
CAFC automatically controls groups of transactions and their corresponding resources such as files and programs. Applications and operations personnel can build logical lists of CICS resources, then create commands for the group either online or from a batch job.
A list can contain, for example, all the data and index components assigned to a database application. Another list can contain all the payroll files from a division that are normally processed in a consolidated run.
Then a single command for the list can open or close several – or several hundred – files while simultaneously managing the associated resources. Enable all transactions. Allow online access. Issue CEMT requests.
Batch functions can run with no operator involvement and no system downtime, which reduces errors and extends productive service hours around the clock.
Using optional batch parallel processing, CAFC commands can even be executed concurrently on several CICS systems from one batch job for optimal performance.
System startup is faster because most DD statements in the JCL job stream are removed. Files are allocated on first reference, which dramatically reduces the number of files recalled or allocated during initialization. Other files are allocated during normal activity after the region becomes active.

Legacy Product Replacement Robust and cost-effective alternative to CA DADS™ Plus for CICS.
Automatic File Control Automatically opens and closes CICS files via batch JCL. Allows full control of test files and transactions.
Dynamic File Allocation Allocates files when they are opened and frees them when they are closed.
Batch-to-CICS Communication Seamlessly moves files and databases between CICS and batch processes.
Security Options Allows optional passwords or validation from a standard SAF interface.
Uninterrupted Operation Runs batch jobs and data transfers without disrupting other users.
Extended Availability Allows full control of production files to minimize downtime and around-theclock access to test files and transactions.

Reliable Data Integrity  Automated Control  Simplified Operation

Replace Your Legacy CICS Management System
CAFC is the reliable solution you need to replace outdated CICS management software. • Cost savings over products such as CA DADS Plus for CICS. • Ongoing improvement of CAFC guided by customer feedback.
Legacy alternatives are functionally stabilized with no further enhancements. • Expert, local SDS development and support teams committed to the future of CAFC.

Automatically Opens and Closes CICS Files
CAFC automatically opens and closes CICS files via batch JCL, eliminating unavailable data sets. After processing, the files are returned to CICS with the proper dataset attributes.
Around-the-Clock Testing
Application programmers will appreciate having full control over test files and transactions, as well as the ability to extend testing during the day while CICS regions are normally active. CAFC runs batch jobs without disrupting other users. Production and test files can be conveniently recalled, deallocated, copied, renamed, or changed to alternate DSNAMEs at any time to provide fresh test files or read-only copies.

Dependable, Economical Operation
The power and flexibility behind CAFC improve reliability and extend productivity to save time and resources. All files and data sets can be managed without hard-coded JCL for data set names, reducing complexity and errors.
Additional Security Using Your SAF Interface
CAFC offers several optional levels of security. A password can be required to log on. A standard SAF interface such as RACF, ACF2, or Top Secret can validate requests to access CAFC defined resources, browse, or edit CAFC control data. Security options can be readily controlled within CICS or by using the CAFC security facility.

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