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The Molony Foundation Nursing Scholarship
The Molony Foundation Nursing Scholarships were established to support local individuals interested in pursuing a career in Nursing.
Applicants may be high school seniors who will attend a two- or four-year college to pursue a Nursing degree or high school graduates currently working in the healthcare field.
Applicants will be required to provide a letter of recommendation.
The Scholarship award must be used for college tuition, or tuition related expenses such as books. The Molony Foundation will make payment directly to the Institution the student is attending.
Applications can be found at St. Thomas Aquinas Pastorate offices, Beckman, Cascade and Western Dubuque High School guidance offices, NICC nursing department or by sending a request to: [email protected]
Applications are reviewed by the scholarship selection committee and kept confidential. Type or print clearly and return the completed Application to [email protected] no later than, April 1, 2020.
The Scholarship Award winner will be notified no later than May 1, 2020.
For further information, please call Staci Molony at 563-508-0350
About the Molony’s From a family of humble farmers, Kay, Don and Jim Molony were raised with a deep respect for the land. They give easily, generously, and most of all, modestly.
A lifetime of hard work and self–sufficiency has always been tempered with the Catholic belief in providing service to the community and financial aid to those in need. They respect those that work with their hands, whether that is to work the land or heal the body.

Molony Foundation Nursing Scholarship Application 2020 Full Name: ________________________________________________Phone: _________________________ Address: _______________________________City: ___________________State: _____Zip: _____________ High School: _______________________________________ Graduation Date: ________________________ College you are attending: ___________________________________________________________________ Have you been accepted into the nursing program? _________________________________________________ Please include a letter of recommendation as a separate attachment.
1) Are you currently an employee or volunteer at a medical institution? If yes, where? Job title? Start date? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________
2) Please provide an example of how you’ve shown or been shown kindness? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________
3) Please provide an example of how you’ve shown or been shown compassion? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________
4) What does ambition mean to you? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________

5) Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________
6) How do you intend to finance your two/four-year college tuition/expenses? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________
7) Please attach one letter of reference highlighting examples of how you have shown kindness, compassion and ambition.
I attest to the authenticity and truthfulness of the information submitted for consideration of the Molony Nursing Scholarship.

______________________________________ Applicant Signature

________________________ Date

The Molony Foundation is dedicated to supporting entities within the community that reflect values of self-reliance, ambition, humility, and honesty. Our goal is to encourage and enable students to develop their passion for health care and become strong leaders in the field. Award recipients will be chosen based on their potential to improve the community through Christian service and education.
As part of this mission statement, the Molony Foundation will support Health Care Field education. The financial award is to be used to provide educational scholarships to qualified persons interested in service to others by becoming degreed in the health care field.

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The Molony Foundation Nursing Scholarship