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Name of the Committee

: Regional Red Cross Committee, Jammu



: APRIL , 2016


Medical Facilities


No of patients treated in Red Cross

Dispensary, Jammu

(ii) No of patients treated in Red Cross Eye Clinic

(iii) No. of Patients treated in Family welfare Centre

No of beneficiaries
418 190 169

Total Patient Treated



Immunization Programme (Total No. of Doses given)


Measles Doses given

- 13


First DPT Doses given

- 04

iii) Second DPT Doses given

- 04


Third DPT Doses given

- 07


DPT Booster Doses given

- 05


Total DPT Doses given

- 15

vii) Oral Polio Doses given

- 15

viii) Tetanus Toxide Doses given

- 05


Vitamin ‘A’doses given



DPT Booster 5 year doses given

- 05


Family Welfare Activities (contraceptive issued/Tablets issued)


No. of Antenatal cases treated

(ii) Laproligation cases conducted after motivation by the Red Cross

at Govt SMGS Hospital, Jammu

(iii) Iron Tablets given

(iv) Contraceptive devises issued


T T ANC Doses given

(vi) Condoms given (Pieces)

(vii) Oral Pills dose given (cycles)

- 39 - Nil
- 02 - 02 - 90 - 5 pkt


Blood Donation Camps held/Blood point Collected

(a) Blood Donation Camps

Date 12-4-2016 14-4-2016 16-4-2016 24-4-2016 24-4-2016

Location of Camp

Collaborating Agency/NGO

Bahu Plaza, Jammu

Punjab National Bank, Circle Office, Jammu

Gurudwara Telisahib, Talab Tillo, Jammu Bida Reasi
Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Shastri Nagar, Jmu Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Udhampur

Sikhs for Humanity
126 BN CRPF Bidda Reasi/District Red Cross Society, Reasi Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation J&K
Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation/ District Red Cross Society, Udhampur

No of Donors
49 80

Qty of blood collected (Units)

Which Blood Bank Blood deposited
Blood Bank SMGS Hospital, Jammu
Blood Bank, GMC Jammu





Blodd Bank

District Hospital


Total No. of Donors




Blood Points issued



Mobile First Aid Camps held


(a) St. John Ambulance-First Aid Training Programme:-


Red Cross Bhawan, Jammu

No. of persons Trained in First Aid





Name of Department/Organization to whom the First Aid Training was imparted Employees of M/S Vimkar Contracts Works, Kathua and Drivers/Cleaners of Commercial Vehicle deputed by RTO, Jammu Drivers/Cleaners of Commercial Vehicle deputed by RTO, Jammu


Medical Camps/Eye Camps held/Total No.’s of patients treated

(a) Medical Camps:


(b) MCH & Immunization Camps :- Nil

10. Ambulance Service provide (in K.m.)

Ambulance No.

Local Duty KM

JK02AM- 16







Local Camp Duty KM 149

3 1 4

Outside Patient Duty KM 880

No. of trips. Total Mileage Covered

Trips 2 2

Total Mileaged Covered KM

Total Trips

26 1



- 6 - 1071

11. Diagnostic Tests performed


No. of Tests of various ailment performed in

the Diagnostic Centre (Lab.) on no profit no loss basis.


12. Prosthetic Services provided to patients


No. of patients receiving services from the Centre


No. of amputees receiving services from the Centre

iii) No. of new patients who received prostheses


- 157
- 157
- 21 - 21 - 06


No. of prostheses delivered

- 08


No. of service users receiving physiotherapy from the Centre

- 01


No. of new service users receiving physiotherapy from the Centre

- 01



- 57

13. Attendant Sarai Services


No. of Attendants of the patients stayed in the Attendant Sarai.

- 902


No. of Attendants availed Food (Lunch/Dinner)

- 545

14. Assistance in Kind

At Office (a) Kitchen Sets (c) Tarpaulin (e) Mattresses (Talai)

7 Nos. 03 Nos. 16 Nos.

(b) Blankets -

(d) Buckets


(f) Bed Sheet -

14 Nos. 08 Nos. 03 Nos.

15. Assistance in Cash

S. No. Nature of Assistance Amount Paid


Medical Support

Rs. 2601/-


Accident Victims

Rs. 50,000/-

Total No. of Beneficiaries

Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment/cost of Medicines Cash Rs. 5000/- per head were distributed among ten accident victims of Doda.

16. Medical/Blood Donation Camps expenses
17. Enrollment of Red Cross Members :-
Regional Red Cross Society, Jammu have enrolled 2 Life Members during the period under report.

Rs. 1050/2

18. Others Activities

Shri Avinash Rai Khanna Hon’ble Member Parliament who has recently taken over as

Vice Chairman of Indian Red Cross Society, National Head Quarters, New Delhi visited the Red Cross Bhawan, Jammu on 2nd April,2016 inspected the different sections of the Red Cross very

minutely and appreciated the efforts being initiated by the Red Cross for the welfare of the public

at large. Later, a function was organized at Red Cross Auditorium where among others.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta, Hon’ble MLA ( Jammu East), Dr. Pawan Kotwal, IAS, Divisional Commissioner, ( Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, Region) Jammu, Madam Roma Wani, Member National Managing Committee, IRCS, National Head Quarters S/Shri Annil Suri, Dinesh Gupta, O. P. Sharma, Mrs. Navneet Kour, Executive Committee Members of IRCS, Region Jammu, Shri Jugal Mahajan, Sr. Member of IRCS, Jammu, Ms. Rizwana, Communication Officer ICRC, Shri Suresh Sharma, Executive Secretary, District Red Cross Committee, Jammu, Sh. R. Vijay Magotra, Shri Mahesh Gupta, Member District Executive Committee , Jammu,

Sh. Vikram Randhawa, Sr. BJP leader, Dr. Rajinder Thappa , Sh. S.C.Bali, Life Members, Volunteers and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.
Dr. Pawan Kotwal, IAS, Divisional Commissioner ( Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, Region), Jammu presented the Wel- Come Address and highlighted various activities being carried out by it for the welfare of the Society and sought help from Shri Avinash Rai Khanna for further strengthening Red Cross Movement in J&K State.
Mrs. Roma Wani, Member National Managing Committee dwelt at length the efforts put in by Red Cross J&K State Branch during the floods in order to mitigate the sufferings of the flood effected people. She also stressed upon all the Members and Volunteers to come forward in helping the Red Cross to execute their activities. She also expressed her gratitude to Shri Khanna for his first visit at Jammu.
Shri Rajesh Gupta, Hon’’ble MLA (Jammu East) also spoken on the occasion & appreciated the efforts being put in by the Red Cross. He also agreed for providing funds to the IRCS offices in J&K State.
While speaking on the occasion, Shri Avinash Rai Khanna, stressed upon all the workers, volunteers, officials and NGO’s to lend their helping hand in execution of humanitarian activities of Red Cross without any fear and favour. He also stressed upon the Red Cross to always be in the fore front in mitigating the human sufferings. However, he assured that money shall not be any problem for the National Head Quarter and he will extend all possible help for installing a lift at Red Cross Bhawan, Jammu.
Sh. R.C.Puri, Hony. Secretary, IRCS, Region Jammu presented the Vote of Thanks to the visiting Vice Chairman, by sparing his valuable and precious time and hoped to receive full support from the National Head Quarter in future endeavours of Red Cross.
• Indian Red Cross Society, Region Jammu organized a function to felicitate out going Hony. General Secretary Mrs. Roma Wani and new Hony. General Secretary, Mr. M. S. Rather, IAS (Retd.) of Indian Red Cross Society, J&K State Branch on 6th April,2016 at Red Cross Auditorium, Jammu. Ms. Rizwana, Communication Officer from ICRC and staff members of IRCS J&K State Branch, Regional Branch and District Branch Jammu were also present
Lauding her services , Sh. R. C.Puri, Hony. Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society, Region Jammu said that Madam Wani has done commendable humanitarian service to the Red Cross during her tenure for 3 years especially during the flash floods of Septmber,2014 and hope that she will always be in fore front with the Red Cross in future also being the Member of National Managing Committee of Indian Red Cross Society, New Delhi.
Shri R.C. Puri also welcomed the newly appointed Hony. General Secretary, Shri M.S.Rather, IAS (Retd) and hoped that during his tenure the Red Cross will further touches the new heights in rendering its humanitarian services to the public at large.
While speaking on the occasion, Madam Wani expressed her gratitude for showing the magnanimity of the Red Cross Staff especially Sh. R. C. Puri for cooperation and organizing function in her honour.
Sh. M.S.Rather , IAS (Retd) , also spoke on the occasion and expressed his gratitude to the Red Cross for organizing a function in his honour and assured that he will work for the welfare and betterment of poor/needy people of the State particularly to the down trodden people.

As per the instructions of Worthy Divisional Commissioner, (Chairman, Indian Red Cross

Society, Region) Jammu Dr. Pawan Kotwal, IAS,Indain Red Cross Society, Region Jammu

distributed worth Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand) only @ Rs.5,000 (Rupees five thousand)

each to the 10 critically injured persons who met with fatal accident at Doda, shifted to Govt.

Medical College, Jammu and admitted in different wards for treatment out of Red Cross Funds by

its Hony. Secretary Sh. R.C.Puri in presence of Dr.Ratyan Pal, Medical Superintendent, Govt.

Medical College, Jammu on 11th April,2016.

A felicitation function was organised on 20-04-2016 at Raj Bhawan, Jammu to honour

the sponsors , supporters of Red Cross Mela and Raffle Draw 2015-16 where the Hon’ble

Governor, J&K State (President J&K Red Cross Society) presented Appreciation Awards to

civil. Police, Central police forces, Army who had provided support in sponsoring and organising Red Cross Mela and sale of Red Cross Raffle Draw tickets which was held on 6th and 7th February 2016 at Gulshan Ground, Jammu successfully.

The Hon’ble Governor on the occasion lauded Dr. Pawan Kotwal, IAS, Chairman, IRCS, Jammu Region(Divisional Commissioner) for his sustained interest in promoting activities of the Red Cross Society. Highlighting the importance of the Indian Red Cross Society, The Hon’ble Governor said that the noble objectives should be followed with missionary zeal as it is a movement for the welfare of all humanity and observed that the adequate resources are required to be mobilized by the Districts, Regional and State level Branches of Indian Red Cross Society for suitably discharging their roles by organising more Red Cross Melas at District level for generating larger resources for the Organisation. The Hon’ble Governor stressed inclusion of more volunteers from both the districts in the Ladakh Region and asked Shri M S Rather , Hony. General Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society J&K to enlarge IRCS’s in this Region. He appreciated the initiative of IRCS Jammu Region for providing First Aid training to 946 Commercial Vehicle Divers, workers of Corporate sector and youth of border villages in the last year.

Dr. Pawan Kotwal, IAS, Divisional Commissioner (Chairman, IRCS) Jammu Region, presented Welcome Address whereas Shri R. C. Puri, Hony. Secretary, IRCS, Jammu Region presented Vote of Thanks.

Indian Red Cross Society, Region Jammu organized five blood donation Camps in

collaboration with Sant NIrankari Mandal, 126 BN CRPF, Reasi, Sikhs for Humanity, District

Red Cross Branch Reasi/Udhampur, Punjab National Bank Circle Office Jammu at Sant Nirankari

Satsang Bhawan, Shastri Nagar, Talab Tillo and Bahu Plaza, Jammu, Bidda Reasi and Sant

Nirankari Sarsang Bhawan Udhampur and collected more than 554 Units of Blood.

The Indian Red Cross Society, Jammu Region immediately swung into action after the

devastating fire engulfed houses/animals and others belongings of families at Troti Camp in

Akhnorr Tehsil of District Jammu and provided Relief Items in shape of Blankets, Kitchen sets,

Mattresses, buckets etc to fire affected families.

Indian Red Cross Society, Jammu Region organized a 4 days First Aid Training Course to

the Commercial Vehicle Drivers and Employees of Vimkar Contracts Works, Kathua w.e.f. 25th


to 28th April, 2016 under the umbrella of St. John Ambulance Association Regional Centre at Red Cross Bhawan, Kachi Chawni, Jammu. The Training was imparted by a team of senior Doctors viz. Dr. Rajinder Thappa, CMO, Govt. SMGS Hospital, Jammu, Dr. Munish, Sr. Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. M.L. Sharma, Dr. Kavita Nijhon and Dr. Rohini Bhan, Medical Officers, Red Cross Dispensary. Sh. Ashwani Khajuria, KAS, Regional Transport Officer, Jammu visited First Aid Training Centre at Red Cross Bhawan, Kachi Chawni, Jammu and appreciated the efforts taken by the Red Cross for imparting First Aid Training which is mandatory to every citizen especially to the commercial vehicle drivers. He further impressed upon the trainers to provide every possible First Aid to the injured when it required in order to save precious lives. Sh. R.C. Puri, KAS (Retd.) Hony. Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society, Jammu Region also spoke on the occasion and thanked the RTO, Jammu for the interaction session with the commercial vehicle drivers.
Hony. Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society,
Jammu Region

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Monthly Progress Report Of Regional Red Cross Committee