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International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, Vol. 5, No 5, 2016, 2818 – 2822

ISSN 2278-3687 (O) 2277-663X (P)

C. Mercy Amrita and P. Karthickumar Assistant Professor, College of Fisheries Engineering,
Tamil Nadu Fisheries University, Nagapattinam E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Abstract: Mobile phones by virtue of their role as carriers and conduct of Information, had reached great heights in Markets. Using Mobile Application, Sea Fishermen are able to make the job of fishing enjoyable, and easier. This paper deals with the significance of mobile application in fishing also explains the modern technology change of fishermen moving into mobiles for their well-being. Keywords: Mobile phones; mobile application; fishermen; modern technology; fishing.
I. Introduction
In our modern life, Mobile has become a sixth finger. Though man might be the creator of mobile phones, it has his control over him. Life without mobile phone is being handicapped. Mobile communication has changed drastically from a black white screen chunk to a delightful looking smart phone. Due to greatest development in technologies life become smarter and easier by using application in smart phones. According to flurry Analytics research 90% of time we spend on mobile devices are with mobile applications, only 10 % of time spend on internet browsing (Fig. 1). In our day to day activities usage of mobile application becoming a mandatory role. It includes online purchase, Budgeting, Entertainment and Sports, e.t.c. The usage of mobile applications in fisheries sector is becoming popular in developing countries but Indian context, it is still unexplored. Hence, the objective of this paper is to review the mobile applications in fisheries sector.
II. Importance of mobile Application for fishermen About 7 million people living along the Indian coastline, spanning over 8100 km, are depending on fishing for their livelihood. Fishermen needs to know about the weather information on ocean variables like surface temperature, wind direction, wind speed, wave movement, rainfall, e.t.c before onboard. Some mobile applications could help the fishermen for their safety precautions and effective fishing. The detection of potential Fishing zones in deep sea is vital for effective fish harvesting. In general fishermen strive harder in sea for effective fish harvesting. Fishermen jobs are made easier by the detection of potential fishing Received July 28, 2016 * Published Oct 2, 2016 *


C. Mercy Amrita and P. Karthickumar

zones using mobile applications. GPS Navigation is used to digitally mark specific locations. These devices are able to locate the fishing spots [1,2]. Fishermen needs to know about the retailer market information for buying and selling are needy for marketing the harvested fishes. Mobile Application helps the fishermen to know the seller and buyer requirements. In Indian scenario there are more developed mobile application in English but these application have not yet reached the fishing community due to language issues. MSSRF have released a Fisher Friend Mobile Application in multilingual specialty which has reached the fish farmers world [15].

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Facebook Messaging Youtube Entertainment Gaming Utilities Productivity News Others Internet browsing

Fig. 1. Percentage of time spent on mobile apps in a day III. Essential features in Fishing 1. Weather Forecast The method used by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) [3] of weather forecasting for common end users is based on observing weather conditions data of last few decades and its behavior pattern. Currently we have marine radios to forecast the weather and safety equipment. Weather channel INCOIS [4] broadcast the accurate weather condition presently and also for next few days. Mobile Application on weather condition helps us to find the standard features like daily, hourly forecast and additional information like safety weather for onboard fishing. It is easy to determine the feeding of all types of fishes. Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time helps to plan the best time for fishing. The following table specifies the weather forecast applications for the fishermen to predict the weather for onboard fishing [7].

Need for Mobile Application in Fishing


2. Detection of potential fishing zones Potential fishing zones with reliable and timely advisory of fish aggregation will benefit the fishing community to reduce the time and effort spent in searching the fishes, thus improving the profitability and hence, the socio-economic status. Anciently potential fishing zones are found by the fishermen by their experience in onboard fishing. Now a days INCOIS is presenting current potential fishing zone Advisory information using interactive maps [4]. INCOIS uses WEBGIS to produce accurate online geo referenced data for this purpose. AWEBGIS system enables browsing and analyzing geo-referenced data through internet [6]. This helps the fishermen to catch the maximum yield of fishes and benefits the fishermen community. INCOIS have released an application potential Fishing zone advisory (PFZA) with version Android 4.0 to fishermen in coastal areas of India in Tamil language for finding PFZ [16]. 3. GPS Navigation Global Positioning System was not available on ancient fishing. These devices are very useful for fishermen nowadays. These devices can boast comprehensive features that make identifying; recording and sharing important data about fishing areas and activities in a single click.GPS is used to digitally mark specific locations [5]. These devices are able to locate the fishermen spots of fish population. These data can be shared between people and devices. GPS makes navigating an area during night times. Map Data is loaded in GPS and to register the location of where a fisherman is and provide detailed information about it [8]. This technologies come in handy with mobile Application of fishing points. GPS Navigation helps the fishermen to have maximum catch.
IV. Importance of Mobile Application in fishing Mobile application is the premier resource for fishing enthusiasts. Whether an amateur or a professional, fishing with mobile application provides the ultimate combination of tools to enhance the fishing experience and expand the connection to the world of fishing. Anywhere in the world a person can logon to the mobile application for effective fishing. Mobile Application gives valuable angling tools such as solunar, tidel charts, Advanced weather reporting, including radar maps, forecast and incident reporting, GPS Advanced Tracking, Catches Log Book, Sea depth, potential fishing zones, e.t.c. The following mobile Application are combined with characteristics useful for fishing. All the essential characteristics are grouped into one as a unique mobile application helpful for fishermen. Due


C. Mercy Amrita and P. Karthickumar

to space consumption in mobile phones a single and customized application is beneficial for fishermen in effective fishing.

Table. 1. Mobile Application for fishermen with Combined features [9-14]

S. Name of the Version Required

Size Unique features

No Application


1. Fishing



10 Best fishing times, tide

Points GPS


MB prediction, weather forecast.


4.0.3 and up

Mapping facility, finding fish

location with GPS Navigation.

2. Fishing&


Varies with Varie Based on the Solunar Tables



s with theory application, gives

Solunar Time

devic information about best fishing



3. Fish Brain 3.12.2 Requires

12M fishing forecast news feed,



Explore new fishing locations,

4.0.3 and up

Check exact catch position

Follow your friends fishing

4. Fish



5. Deeper


Smart Fish



device with



6. SONA.rBall 2.1.3 (hardware device with mobile application)

V. Summary

Iphones and 72.3







4.0 and up

Gps Advanced Tracking and Mapping, Catches Log Book, hardware device for finding fishes, Fishing Trip Crucial Planning Toolkit
Find Fish, Sea depth, know Temperature, Reveal New spots and potential fishing zones, Catch and share


13 Fish View, Sonar View, Water


MB Temperature, Water depth,

4.0.3 and up

Analyse the environment and

increase the catches, detects the

potential fishing zones.

Fishing Mobile Application aims to close the gap between data deficiency and effective

fisheries management. Mobile Application saves the fishermen’s Time and helps in effective

fish harvesting. Prediction of storms and weather conditions are helpful for the safety of fish

farmers. This type of application reduces the overhead costs. This application motivates and

helps the fish farmers to move along the technological growth. Efficient fishing application

should be developed after rigorous software testing in all marine environments and with

input from hundreds of experts. Amateurs and professional anglers should be properly

Need for Mobile Application in Fishing


reviewed and their views and needs of fishing application should be considered before building a mobile application. User friendly mobile application with all the combined need of fishing with multilingual language specialty is highly needed for fishing community.
References [1] S.Z. Omar, and A.R. Chhachhar, "A Review on the Roles of ICT Tools towards the Development of Fishermen", J. Basic. Appl. Sci. Res., 2(10), pp. 9905-9911, 2012. [2] J. Myhr, and L. Nordstrÿm, "Livelihood Changes Enabled by Mobile Phones-the case of Tanzanian fishermen", Bachelor Thesis, Department of Business, Uppsala University, Uppsala, 2006. [3] M. Zagar, L. Kalin, and K. Modric, "Weather Forecast Presentation Based on Leading Edge Mobile Phones and Java Technologies" [4] INCOIS, Ocean Information Services to guide fishermen about fishing zones, March 20, (2009), Services-to-guide-fishermenabout-fishingzones.htm [5] Jayashree, B. and Arunachalam S. (2000): Mapping fish research in India Current Science, VOL. 79, No. 5, p. 613-620 [6] Solanki, H.U., Dwivedi, R.M., Nayak, S., Gulati, D.K., John, M.E. and Somvanshi, V.S. (2003): Potential fishing zones (PFZ) forecast using satellite data derived biological and physical processes, Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Volume 31, Number 2, 67-69, DOI:10.1007/BF03030773 [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16]¶m=app

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Need For Mobile Application In Fishing