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rM2 Template Helper – Manual
Version April 2022 | Windows 10 | suitable for all reMarkable firmware versions Installation and program start Download “https://www.freeremarkabletools.com/download/rM2TemplateHelperInstaller.exe”. Install the Application. rM2TH automatically generates a folder "C: \ RM2 Template Helper". All templates are saved there.
Define connection data Click on "Settings" and enter the IP address and device password. You can find your password on your reMarkable under ‘Settings > Help > Copyright and Licenses’. If you are connected to USB, then use the IP If you are connected via WIFI, then use the IP address that is displayed under your password on your reMarkable. USB connection is more stable.

Backup your data
To connect to your reMarkable, click on "Connect to reMarkable". After a successful connection you should back up your data. To do this, click on "Templates backup". All templates will now be downloaded from the reMarkable and saved as a copy in the folder "C: \ RM2 Template Helper \ Backup". Download all templates to your computer
To connect to your reMarkable, click on "Connect to reMarkable". After a successful connection you can download all templates saved on your reMarkable with "Download templates from reMarkable". You will now see the templates saved on the reMarkable. The standard templates can neither be deleted nor changed.

Create a new custom template Prepare template: First you should create your template in your favorite graphics program. An image resolution of 1404 * 1872 pixels is optimal. You can use following file formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP or PDF.
Click on „New template“. A new template is created.
Now drag and drop the prepared image (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP or PDF) into the application, give the template a name (only letters and numbers, no special characters) and select orientation and categories. With "Save custom template" the template is created and saved.

If you want to add more templates, then repeat the steps above. Upload your templates to your reMarkable The previous steps have created all the necessary files and your template collection is ready to be uploaded to the reMarkable. Click on "Upload all custom templates" to upload all of your templates to your reMarkable.
To apply the changes, restart your reMarkable after the upload (Settings> General> Restart).

Create an upload individual screens to your reMarkable 2

Click on

to open customizing form.

For security reasons all default custom screens are stored in the app.

1. Create a new image with the dimensions 1404 * 1872 pixels. Other resolutions can be automatically reduced / enlarged with the integrated image processor.
2. Drag your picture into the desired area. 3. Choose whether you want to upload your own picture or the original picture. All elements are always
uploaded, so always make this selection for all elements. 4. Click on "Upload all custom screens" to upload all elements to your reMarkable 2.

All standard images and all your custom images are saved in the application customscreen folder ("c:\RM2 Template Helper\Customscreens\").

Please note that some custom screens cannot be changed, depending on the firmware version installed on your reMarkable. You can use following file formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP or PDF.
Via the picture history you can reuse all previously used pictures. So you can put together a collection of your most popular screens. With "Delete picture history" you can delete all of these pictures. With "Open OS folder with all used screens" you open the Windows folder where all data can be found. You can also synchronize this folder with any cloud solution.

Add community templates to your reMarkable 2
What are community templates? These are universal and great templates made available for free by the reMarkable community. You can easily transfer this to your reMarkable.

Click on

to open customizing form.

1. Click on "Download new community templates" to download all available templates to your computer. Since the templates are constantly being added to, you should download them every time.Drag your picture into the desired area.
2. Select a template with a click of the mouse. You can find a preview and information about this template on the right. You can choose the name (English / German) or enter it individually. Be careful not to use any special characters.
3. Click on "Use selected community template" to apply the template to your templates.

Now all you have to do is upload the templates to your reMarkable as described above.

All downloaded images are saved in the application CommunityTemplates folder ("c: \ RM2 Template Helper \ CommunityTemplates \").

Image processing directly in the rM2 Template Helper application
Sometimes you don't have the opportunity to generate your picture in the optimal resolution (1404x1872). This is not a problem. You can still use it for templates and custom screens. Drag your picture into the application as described above. If it does not meet the resolution specifications, the integrated image processing opens automatically. Here you can rotate and zoom your picture or adjust it exactly to the screen size.

Recovering backup to your reMarkable 2 If you have deleted the templates information on your reMarkable, you can use these instructions to restore them. Assuming you have made a backup as described on page 2 of the manual. Copy (not move) all files from the folder "C: \ RM2 Template Helper\Backup" to the folder "C: \ RM2 Template Helper\Templates"
1. Connect to your reMarkable: 2. Click on „Upload all custom templates“ This restored the data status at the time of the backup. If you do not have a backup, you can ask a friend to send you the folder "Backup" ("C: \ RM2 Template Helper \ Backup") and you can use it to restore the templates.
Recovering factory default templates to your reMarkable 2 If you have deleted the templates information on your reMarkable, you can use these instructions to restore them. Even if you don't have a backup.
1. Click on “Emergency recovery” 2. Confirm the two queries.
3. Upload the default templates: Note: This will only restore the template.json. Individual SVG and PNG files cannot be restored with it.

Change recently used email adresses
This function is actually not intended by reMarkable. Since this function is requested again and again, I have integrated it into the application.

Make sure you can connect to your reMarkable and then click the button


All current email addresses are loaded from your reMarkable and displayed. You can change or delete them. Please

make sure to only enter valid email addresses. There must also be at least one email address in the list.

Unfortunately there is no information on the maximum number of email addresses that the reMarkable can process.

You can manage a maximum of 50 addresses in the app.

reSyncable V2 (reMarkable CLOUD) – an additional module reSyncable V2 is a better document explorer. With reSyncable you can: * Backup your documents from the reMarkable cloud and reMarkable Device * Rename, move, delete, add/remove folder … * Add new documents via drag and drop (PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TXT, RTF – all converted to PDF) * Change the colors of black/gray/highlighter * Open, export and print documents including custom templates and handwritings * and much more When you start reSyncable for the first time, you have to connect it to your reMarkable cloud. To do this, log into my.remarkable.com, click on "x connected" below "Deskto app", and then on "Connect new desktop". You will receive a one‐time code that you enter once in reSyncable.
The application should be self‐explanatory. It works like a file explorer. We explain the special functions to you on the following page.

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rM2 Template Helper – Manual