Customize Your Preference List for Efficient Ordering

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Customize Your Preference List for Efficient Ordering

Date: 04/20/2015

Organizing your preference list effectively can help you more quickly place orders for patients. You can create preference list sections to group orders you often place at the same time, add the orders you use most frequently, and edit the display names so the orders are easier to find. After your preference list is set up, you can browse through the orders during a visit and select the ones you need for the patient.
Place Orders and Add Them to Your Preference List
When you place orders, you can save them to your preference list, with the frequency, route, and other details you prefer, for quick access in the future.
Add Orders to Your List
1. In the Meds & Orders or Manage Orders navigator section, enter part of a medication or procedure name in the New Order field. For example, enter “tymp” to search for tympanometry or "amo250" to find amoxicillin 250 mg.
2. Orders that you often place appear as you type.  If you see what you're looking for, select it from the list.  If not, press ENTER and select the appropriate order from the Preference List Search window. If the order isn't on your preference list, select the Database Lookup tab to find it.
3. Click the blue summary sentence to edit the order details, such as the frequency and number of refills.
4. Click Accept when you're satisfied with the order details. 5. Add this order to your preference list by clicking .

6. In the Add to Preference List window, enter any other details you want to use when you place this order in the future such as instructions or answers to questions and click Accept. Remember that these details appear only for you and you can always update them later.  In the Display name field, enter an easy-to-remember name for the order. The next time you need to place this order, you can search for your saved order using this name.  In the Section field, enter the section of your preference list in which you want this order to appear. Or, click New Section to add another section to your list.  Consider adding the same order to your preference list more than once with different display names and order details. For example, you might have one entry called "Cipro UTI 3 days" for Ciprofloxacin UTI with a dose of 250 mg Q12h x 3 days and another called "Cipro Sinus 5 days" for Ciprofloxacin sinusitis with a dose of 500 mg Q12h x 10 days.
Browse Your Preference List to Select the Orders You Need
After you set up your preference list, you can speed up ordering by clicking New Order in the Meds & Orders navigator section and selecting the orders you need from the list.
• To see only your personal preference list entries, select the Only Favorites check box at the top of the Preference List Browser.
• Right-click an order in the Preference List Browser to change the details you saved, such as the display name or dose.
Edit Your Preference List
After you add an order to your preference list, you might want to move it to a different section, or you might change your mind about the details you specified. In the Preference List Composer, you can quickly edit order details and remove orders that you no longer use.
1. Follow the path Epic button > Tools > Patient Care Tools > Preference List Composer and double-click your Orders preference list from the Preference List Selector.
2. Click Accept in the Choose Contact window. 3. In the Preference List Composer, select the preference list section you want to edit. 4. To move an order from one section to another, click the order's name and drag it to the section
you want.  Orders you starred automatically appear in the My Favorites section. 5. To modify details about the order such as frequency or display name, double-click the order's name. In the window that appears, change the order details as needed and click Accept. 6. To change the name of a section or subsection, select that section or subsection and click Properties in the toolbar. 7. When you are finished making changes to your preference list, click Close.

Copy Preference Lists from Other Clinicians
To save time when writing orders, copy the preference lists that other clinicians have created for certain types of orders. Sharing and copying preference lists between clinicians also helps spread experience and expertise throughout your organization.
1. Go to Epic button > Tools > Patient Care Tools > Preference List Composer. The Preference List Selector opens.
2. At the bottom of the screen, click Copy User. The PrefList Copy User activity opens. 3. In the From user field, enter the name of the user whose preference list you want to copy. 4. Verify that your name appears in the To user field. 5. Select a copy option.
 If you want to add the other user's list to your existing list, select Merge.  To completely replace your list with the other user's list, select Replace. 6. Select the check boxes for the types of lists you want to copy.  The columns under your name and the other provider's name show how many orders are
on each of your preference lists.  To see the orders on your colleague's list, double-click the number of items on his list. 7. Click Copy. A confirmation window appears. Edits you make in the new list do not affect your colleague's list.

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Customize Your Preference List for Efficient Ordering