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Guess Paper – 2010 Class – X
Subject – Computer Application
Answer to this paper must be written on the paper provided separately. You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes. This time is to be spent in reading the question paper. The time given at the head of this paper is the time
allowed for writing answer. ====================================================
=========== This paper is divided into two sections. You are to answer all questions from section
A and any four questions from section B. The intended marks for questions or for parts of questions are given in brackets []
==================================================== ===========
SECTION A [40 Marks] Attempt all questions from this Section.


(a) Define Polymorphism with example.


(b) Write down a function prototype which accepts a string type argument and

returns nothing.


(c) Why is main() function so special


(d) What are identifiers? Give an example.


(e) What is the purpose of extends keywords?



(a) What is the difference between an entry controlled loop and an exit controlled


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(b) How many values a return function may pass to its caller?


(c) If int m=15,float n=19.9,double p=0.000842 then predict the return type of:

(i) m*n

(ii) p/n


(d) Differentiate between primitive type and composite type data


(e) A matrix of 3 x 3 is given.


4 5 6

1 2 3

7 8 9 Store these element in a double dimensional array.


(a) a) int i =14 [2]

(b) int i = 7 (c) int i = 15 give output.




(b) Give the output of:


int m[]={19,25,17,15,44};

int a[0]={11};


int p=a[0]+m[1];


(c) Perform the tasks when- String str=”2010”; int p=99


(i) Write java expression to convert str into integer data type.

(ii) Write java expression to convert p into String data type.
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(d) Give the result of the following


1. (12==12) && (-4 < -2) 2. (++9 > 9) || (10++ < ++10)

(g) Find the value of:


1. Math.ceil(15.45) – Math.floor(-11.5)

2. if a=14; b=10; c=5

( Math.pow(++a) * (Math.sqrt(b++) - c))

SECTION-B [60 Marks]
Attempt any four questions from this Section. The answers in this Section should consist of the Program in BlueJ environment with Java. Each program should be
written in using Variable descriptions/Mnemonic Codes such that the logic of the program is clearly depicted. Flow charts and Algorithms are not required.

Question 4.

The Bank sanctions „Housing Loan‟ to the employees belonging to HIG group, MIG

group, LIG group according to their yearly income:

HIG :High Income group, MIG : Middle Income group, LIG :Lower Income group


Yearly Income

Loan Amount

LIG group

Up to Rs. 1,50,000

150% of annual income

MIG group

Rs. 1,50,001 - Rs. 5,00,000 200% of annual income

HIG group

More than Rs. 5,00,000

250% of annual income

WAP a program to calculate the loan amount to be sanctioned by the Bank, taking name,

yearly income and the category( „H‟ for HIG group, „M‟ for MIG group, „L‟ for LIG group)

as Inputs.

Question 5.

Write a program in Java to find the sum of the given series taking the value of „a‟ and 'n' from the console.






(a)S= ----- - ----- + ----- - ------ …………………… ------
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a+1 a+2 a+3 a+4







(b)S= ----- - ----- + ----- - ------ …………………… ------

2! 3!

4! 5!


Question 6.

Write a program to accept a String and display only those characters, which are consecutives.


Sample Output:


Question 7.

R,S S,T are consecutive characters.

An Examiner evaluates a number of answer scripts of “Computer Applications” in ICSE Examinations and awarded 0-99 in the answer scripts. Write a program in Java to find:

1. No. of candidates scoring 90% - 99% 2. No. of candidates scoring 80% - 89% 3. No. of candidates scoring 70% - 79% 4. No. of candidates scoring 60% - 69% 5. No. of candidates scoring 50% - 59% 6. No. of candidates scoring 40% - 49% 7. No. of candidates scoring less than 40%

Taking the number of scripts as an input.

Question 8.
Write a program to search for one integer from array AR with the help of Binary Search method. Assign 10 numbers in descending order in Array AR, then accept a number from user and search it. Print the position where number is present in the array otherwise display error message.
Question 9.
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Write a program to enter a number (up to 999) and print it in words. e.g. if input is 19 then output is nineteen if input is 269 output is two hundred and sixty nine. Paper Submitted By : Ramji Awasthi Email Id:- [email protected] Telephone No. 9305035029
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Guess Paper 2010 Class X Subject Computer Application