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Residential Prepaid Service allows you to open an account without paying a security deposit. It allows you to pay as little and as often as you need to maintain a credit-balance. Prepaid rate (Schedule PPRS1) may not be suitable for all Members and is not available to non-residential, Time-of-Use, Net Metering, DG Energy Export, or critical load (medical necessity) customers or those participating in the Budget Billing program.

o New Members: A New Membership will be established with a $50.00 service charge, which is also required for standard residential accounts.
o A minimum $50.00 credit for daily usage/monthly fees is also required for initial service.
o Existing Members: Your deposit (if applicable) is applied toward any outstanding balance of the post-paid account with the remaining credit (if applicable) applied to your prepaid service. A minimum $50.00 credit for daily usage/monthly fees is required for initial prepaid service.
o The prepaid account balance is calculated daily with adjustments of all charges and fees deducted from the prepaid credit balance. The balance is reduced by kWh consumption and fees and increased when payments are applied. The account will be reconciled once per month, but a statement will not be provided. In the event a valid meter reading cannot be acquired, the Estimation Methodologies Rate is applicable for purposes of bill estimation. The methodology may be found in the Trico Standard Offer Tariff – Estimation Methodologies, Schedule EM.
o Members can access their prepaid account balances and monitor usage online at or on the SmartHub App.
o Members can update payment information and make payments online at, on the SmartHub Mobile App, in person at the Trico office during normal business hours (Monday–Friday 8 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.), or by calling 1-866-999-8441 at any time and following the payment option prompts.
o The Member is responsible for ensuring that a credit balance is maintained on their prepaid account to avoid disconnection. Prepaid Members must be able to receive low balance notifications via email, phone, or text messages.

o Daily notifications will be issued when the Member’s credit balance is less than four times their current daily average usage.
o The Member is solely responsible for managing and updating the notification settings on their prepaid account (found online at or on the SmartHub app – including keeping contact information current.
o When the prepaid balance reaches zero ($0.00), service is subject to disconnect – Monday through Friday at 11:00 a.m., excluding Holidays*. A minimum credit balance of $20.00, including any current balance owed, is required to restore service. (Payment required may be more than $20.00)
o If the prepaid account is disconnected because the account has a credit/debit balance and does not become current within 10 days, the account will be considered closed, and the Cooperative will mail a final bill for all unpaid charges to the last known address on file. If the account is re-established after the 10-day period, a $50.00 establishment fee and a minimum prepaid credit of $50.00 will apply.
o Trico will uniformly apply Service Rule 358 Non-Permissible Reasons to Terminate Electric Service to postpaid and prepaid accounts.
o Prepaid service accounts terminated at the request of the Member will receive a refund of any remaining credit after all final bill amounts have been calculated and deducted.
o The Member may elect to convert the prepaid account to a postpaid service account once per sixmonth period. Trico may require full payment of a deposit and balances due as a condition of continued service.

o Any insufficient funds payments and resulting fees will be charged to the Member’s account immediately. Miscellaneous fees such as Operation Cool Shade trees will apply immediately to the account balance. If this causes the credit balance to be exhausted, service is subject to immediate disconnect.
The Member holds harmless Trico, its directors, officers, employees, and agents for damages resulting from disconnecting service in accordance with approved tariffs and rules and regulations of the Cooperative.

Option for Customers with an outstanding balance of no more than $400.00:

I agree that

% of each prepaid payment will be applied to the outstanding debt, with an appropriate

number of payments to pay off the balance within four months or as agreed by Trico and the Members as follows:


(Debt Amount)

(Number of Months)

Member Initials:

Trico Member Service Rep Initials: _______________

I have carefully read the terms and conditions within the Trico Prepaid Service Agreement and understand the difference between prepaid service and standard residential (postpaid) service. I am requesting that Trico establish prepaid electric service for my account.

Member Name __________________________________ Account No. ___________________________________

Member Signature


Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

➔ INFORMATION FOR RECEIVING BALANCE ALERTS: Email Address(es) __________________________________________________ Telephone Number(s) Text Message Number(s)
Name, Contact Number, mailing and email address of person provided as back up:
*Holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Usually when falling on a Saturday, the Friday before is treated as the Holiday and when falling on Sunday, the Monday after is treated as the Holiday.

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Application For Residential Prepaid Service