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The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management is promoting compliance with an Essential Employee Credentialing Program.
This program leverages a web-based registration and identification system for employees who are considered essential and who, by nature of their employment responsibilities, require travel authorization during a declared Governor’s State of Emergency Travel Restriction. Sectors aligned with National Response Framework Emergency Support Functions (ESF’s) have an obligation, to the extent possible, to ensure continuity of services during an emergency situation. Although participation in the Essential Employee Credentialing Program is completely voluntary, it is crucial that your organization establish the necessary provisions to ensure continuity of essential services under allhazards conditions.
Participation in this program requires those individuals within your organization who are essential for maintaining operations be identified and registered in the Database. Registered Essential Employees will be issued an Essential Employee Verification Card to keep in their possession for display to law enforcement upon request in the event of a travel restriction. This credentialing service which is authorized by the NJ OEM and recognized by the law enforcement community comes at no cost to employers. Each organization should consider establishing written policy regarding the appropriate use of the Essential Employee Verification Cards by employees as these cards are the property of the NJ OEM.

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12/16/2021 V4

PRIVATE SECTOR ENTITIES who utilize the database to register their essential employees will be responsible for the following functions:
 Identify an Entity Administrator(s) for their organization to act as the primary person responsible for management of the database. This individual will receive training as needed from NJOEM on database usage and responsibilities.
 Registration of each Entity and Resource Administrator as a user for the My New Jersey portal Username and passwords may be chosen by the registrant.
 Registration of each essential employee in the database ensuring that the essential employee name entered in the database matches exactly with the name as written on their Verification Card. Recommended Data includes:
o Full Name o Driver’s License Number (where applicable) o And/or Company ID number
 While not required, the database provides the option to include a scanned copy of the essential employee’s driver’s license, company issued identification credentials or other government issued identification document.
 Enter the name of the Essential Employee and your Entity name on the provided Essential Employee cards
 Laminate and issue the permanent Essential Employee Verification Card to all registered essential employees from the company.
 Review registered essential employee status with the company on a periodic basis and update the database.
 Identify and enter on a temporary basis, additional essential employees determined to be necessary.
 Establish internal company policy and guidelines to ensure all requirements of this program as outlined herein are adopted by the individual private company as part of their internal policies and procedures.
 Recover and destroy all issued Essential Employee identification from employees who leave company employment or are no longer considered essential.
 Adherence to all guidelines and policies established to regulate this project.

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12/16/2021 V4

 Credentialed individuals shall present their Essential Employee Verification Card, their company issued identification card, and their driver’s license (or other government issued identification card) to any law enforcement or emergency services official who queries the status of the employee as an essential employee.
 Return their issued Essential Employee Identification Card to their employer if their employment is terminated or their designation as an Essential Employee ends.

This is to certify that NAME:
is registered in the New Jersey Statewide Resource Directory Database (RDDB) as an ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEE. Their services are considered essential in support of gubernatorial or federally declared statewide emergency response and recovery operations. Please allow the person named herein to travel on the state's roadways so that they may safely report or respond to and from the disaster/emergency site (or their emergency assignment location) during this emergency. This card will not grant access to law enforcement secured areas without further authorization procedures as deemed necessary.

To verify the ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEE status of the abovenamed person, your agency or department can access the RDDB directly through your dispatch OR contact the New Jersey State Police Regional Operations & Intelligence Center (ROIC) 24/7 to have them query the RDDB on your behalf.
Call 609-963-6900 to contact a ROIC Watch Operations Officer
This card is the property of the NJ Office of Emergency Management. If found - mail to - NJOEM P.O. Box 7068 West Trenton, NJ 08628-0068
Postage Guaranteed
Misuse of this card is a criminal offense - violators are subject to prosecution.

THE NEW JERSEY OFFICE OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (NJOEM) will be responsible for the following functions in support of this project:
 Coordination, oversight and administration for this project.  Training on the use and functionality of the database to all authorized users.  Establish standardized descriptions for each type of essential employee to be
registered as a selection for registering essential employees.  Provide information to the New Jersey law enforcement and emergency
management communities for familiarization with this program and its intended purposes.  Establish the number of permanent essential employees allowed to be designated as essential and registered in the database per sector per company.

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12/16/2021 V4

LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL QUERYING THE DATABASE to check the essential employee status of anyone in their jurisdiction presenting an Essential Employee Verification Card should do the following during an emergency travel restriction:
 Contact their department Essential Employee Database Project coordinator or:
New Jersey State Police
Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC) 609-963-6900
 Upon satisfactory verification of a person’s essential employee status, provide assistance, access and support as deemed safe and necessary based on the actual emergency conditions in the impacted emergency area, to the essential employee in the performance of their job functions.
 This card is not intended to grant access to law enforcement secured areas without further authorization procedures as deemed necessary.
PRIVATE SECTOR COMPANIES interested in obtaining more information about the Essential Employee Credentialing Project please contact:
NJSP Office of Emergency Management State Emergency Operations Center Unit
PO Box 7068 W. Trenton, NJ 08628 [email protected] 609-963-6900 Option #2

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12/16/2021 V4

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