The Roof of The DhaRma house: sanaTana DhaRma

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The Roof of the Dharma House: Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana dharma is what connects us with “above”. It describes how to take up and strengthen our eternal relationship to the Lord.
We live in a world that we all must leave at some point (a fact we often tend to forget, busying ourselves with our plans). Once in a discussion, Yamaräja, the Lord of death, asks Yudhiñöhira, “What is the most astonishing thing is in this world?” Yudhiñöhira replies, “The most wonderful thing is that although every day innumerable creatures go to the abode of death still everyone thinks himself to be immortal.” We fail to see the obvious because we are preoccupied with our attachments.
You will make a huge mistake if you only base your life on deha and mano dharma (the dharma of body and mind). Both body and mind are

not who you are, and endeavors directed towards them can never touch you, the soul. Therefore, besides following deha and mano dharma, you should follow atma dharma, or sanatana dharma, the dharma of the soul. It is the most essential dimension of life.
Çréla Prabhupäda expressed it like this: “We must find out the essential part of a living being which is always companion with him. That part of constant companion of the living being is his eternal quality, and the eternal part of the living being’s quality is his eternal religion. When Sanätana Gosvämé asked Lord Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu about the svarüpa—we have already discussed about the svarüpa of every living being—svarüpa or real constitution of the living being, the Lord replied that the constitutional position of the living being is to render service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” (Lecture on the Bhagavad-gétä Introduction, New York, February 19-20, 1966)

There are different ways of making sanatana dharma come alive— chanting, associating with devotees, reading holy scriptures or making prayers.

One powerful way of breathing energy into one’s sanatana dharma is by reflecting about one’s mortality. A Cäëakya Paëòita quote that Çréla Prabhupäda often quoted is, “A wise man should live, but always keeping death in front of his eyes.” The only permanent thing that stays with us when we leave this world is sanatana dharma—this is the real value in life.

Please remember the death meditation we did at the end of our seminar. What was your answer to the question “Is there anything I should be doing that I am not doing at the moment?” What did you decide to concretely change? How did it work out?

Amåta Väëé, Training Letter for Retreat Participants

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The Roof of The DhaRma house: sanaTana DhaRma