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Department: Locks Marketing

Date: 1st Nov 2019

• After the success of Advantis Rimtronic, we’re introducing our next highly secure and the most budget friendly lock in Rimtronic series – i.e. RIMTRONIC RF.

Crafted by Godrej Locking Solutions & Systems, Advantis is a high tech lock that sits neatly between science and science fiction. As its name suggests, this is a
highly advanced lock, packed with almost space-age functions that are simple
to use. To put simply, Advantis brings the future of home safety on to your door.

Lock Accessories & Parts:

Remote Controller

VDP Module

Connecting PCB (For Remote and VDP)


Advantage & Benefit Lock can be opened by using a RFID card for ease of access. Upto 100 RFID cards can be registered thus giving benefit of multiple user access.
Lock can be opened by entering password (4 to 12 digits). This increases the complexity of the password thereby making it more secure. 6 unique passwords of your choice can be registered – (1 – Master password, 4 - user password , 1 – OTP) When the door is closed the dead bolt automatically come out, thus eliminating the hassle of manually locking the door
Random numbers can be added before or after the password in presence of strangers, thereby maintaining secrecy. For E.g if the password is 1234 the lock can be opened by entering 1)56781234* 2)12345678* In case of low battery, a beep sound will alert you will in advance thereby reminding the user to change the battery before complete drain out.
If password is entered wrongly for 5 times or if unauthorized RFID card is shown for 5 times the alarm goes on indicating unauthorized access. The Lock will freeze for 1 min.
If the safety button is switched on, the lock cannot be opened from outside either by RFID. This feature can be used at night to restrict entry. If the temperature inside the house rises above 62 (±5̊c), the lock automatically gets unlocked avoiding the hassle during fire break out.
Adjustable volume control up to 7 levels including mute function for silent operation

In case the battery is completely discharged an external 9V battery can be used to operate the lock.
The lock is compatible with Remote and Video door Phone for ease of operation.
1. Suitable for Wooden & Metal doors (Main doors / Interconnecting doors) in residential & commercial complexes.
2. Door thickness 35mm – 50mm

• As such price point, anyone and everyone who is looking for a pocket friendly electronic lock for their residence.
• Not just main door, but it is highly economical for inside doors as well. • Young aspiring people who want to lead a good lifestyle and set their own
distinctive class. They are willing to go for branded products. They live in urban or sub urban locations and use internet for a wide range of purposes and are technology savvy. • With a high disposable income, these customers are willing to spend for a high quality and aesthetically appealing product. People living in bungalows and premium flats. • Hardware outlets : KRMs, Super KRMs, A class outlets
Architects, Builders and Interior Decorators
Families who aspire for lifestyle products

Packing Contents:

Indoor Body


Outdoor Body


Striker Body


Packaging Plate


Screw Packet


RFID Cards


‘AA’ Alkaline batteries


User Manual


Installation slip and Marker


Service card & Warranty card


Our Product comes from the land which is the worlds No 1 producer in Digital door locks, Mobile Phones, Appliances and all electronic devices – KOREA

Product Quality Test:

• Endurance Test




Deadbolt Strength Test

Horizontal load - 1600N / Vertical load - 2,700N

External Case Strength Test Dropping 540g, Radius 50.8mm & 1.5m heights sphere on sample products

Not broken, normal operating
Can be broken, but normal operating

Latch bolt Vertical Pressure Vertical load - 1,670N Test

No damage, normal operating

Door Close Shock Test

20 times of door close shocks, which is possible in Normal operating windy environment & see product functions well

Open-Close Test

120,000 times

Normal operating

Open-Close Test (Push-pull) 120,000 times

Normal operating

Strike Pressure Test

3,000 N

Not broken

Handle Strength Test

Vertical load - 2,700N / Tensile strength - 2,700N / Normal operating Torsion strength - 1,960N

Adhesion to Door Test


No damage

Open-Close 10 Key Button Test

50,000 times (if the product has different ways other than pin code) / 100,000 (if only pin code)

Open-Close RFID Card Key Test

60,000 times

Open-Close Cell Key Test 60,000 times

Open-Close Button Test

80,000 times

Handle Operating Test

120,000 times (Both indoor and outdoor)

Cover Operating Test

120,000 times

• Climatic Test



LowNoTremmapl oepraetruarteing in 5 mins -40 degrees Celsius, 72 hrs Endurance Test

High Temperature & Humidity Endurance Test
Low Temperature Operating Test
High Temperature & Humidity Operating Test

65 degrees Celsius, 95% of Humidity, 72 hrs -30 ℃/ 72 hrs 55 degrees Celsius, 95% of Humidity, 72 hrs

Temperature & Humidity Cycle Test

-30 ℃/ 10 hr → 70 ℃/ 95% of Humidity / 10 hrs (5 Cycles): 120hrs

Normal operating in 5 mins Normal operating Normal operating Normal operating

Indoor - Outdoor Temperature Difference Test

Indoor: 30 degrees Celsius/ 60%↑ Outdoor: -30 ℃ / 12 hrs ~ 10 degrees Celsius/ 60%↑ / 12 hrs (4 Cycles) : 96 hrs

Normal operating

Temperature Change Test

-2 ℃ 60% 24 hrs -> 0 ℃ 60% 24 hrs -> 2 ℃ 60% 24 Normal operating hrs (1 Cycle): 72 hrs

Salt Water Spray Test

5% Salty water in 35℃ and 72 hrs [12hrs spray / 12hrs stay]

Not corroded

Ultraviolet Rays Test

UV 280 ~ 315mm Nanometer / 96hrs

Not discolored

• Electric Test
Test Current Change Test Battery Removal Test Electric Shock Test ESD Endurance Test



6V ~ 4V(measuring quiescent current every -0.2V) / Normal operating Current : 1A

50 times/ 10 seconds after power connected

Normal operating

30kV/ 10Hz/ 250 times

Door never opened

Contacted Discharge _ 8KV / Air Discharge _ 15KV Normal operating

• Fire Test



Temperature Sensor Test Contact 100 ℃ heat for 10 times

Door Open Test in case Fire 270 ℃/ See if the door opens within 10 mins Accident

Fireproof Test

1000℃ 1hrs

Door never opened
82℃ ± 5℃ Door should be opened Fire should be out in 10 sec.

• Disturbance Test

Test Drop Test Vibration Test

Standard 6 Surfaces, 3 edges and 1 angle / 1m height 6Hz ~ 200Hz/1.047Grms/60min

Criterion No damage No damage

• Additional Test

Painted or Plated products Test
Hardness test by pencil

Alcohol Robbing Test: Die Casting: 250g pressure, 300 times Plastic: 250g pressure, 200 times (Frequently used area), 80 times (Less frequently used area)
Adhesion Taping Test: Taping tests on 11 sections sized of 1mm * 1mm
Boiling Test: Die Casting: 98℃, 1hr, 1/2 Immersion, 2hrs natural drying Plastic: 65℃, 1hr, 1/2 Immersion, 2hrs natural drying
45℃ 500g rpm10

Alcohol Rubbing Test: raw material never be exposed. Adhesion Taping Test: No peeling Boiling Test: Pass the Adhesion Taping Test.
Frequently used area: More than 3H Less frequently used area: More than1H

Comparison with the competitor:

RFID Cards
Password Dead Bolts Auto Locking Remote Control VDP connectivity Door Thickeness Low battery indication Dead bolt error alarm

Yale J20 RIM Upto 40 users
2 Unique passwords (6-12 digits) 1 Yes
Optional Optional 35 mm - 55 mm
Yes Yes

Godrej Advantis Rimtronic RF Upto 100 users
6 Unique passwords (4-12 digits) 1 Yes
Optional Optional 35mm - 50 mm
Yes Yes

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Department: Locks Marketing Date: st Nov 2019