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MATH+ Friday Colloquium - Students' Wish List
Dear Guest Speaker,
We, the students of the Berlin Mathematical School (the graduate school of MATH+), warmly welcome you to Berlin and thank you for agreeing to speak at our MATH+ Friday Colloquium.
For this colloquium, we all come together to expand our knowledge. In an effort to reach as many people as possible, we kindly ask you to consider the following points when planning your talk:
- The audience consists mainly of non-experts, and ranges from students at bachelor level all the way up to professors and specialists in your field. Moreover, the background of the audience varies over all fields of mathematics. Given the diversity of the audience, we would like everyone to be able to take home some knowledge from your talk.
- Please give a broad overview of the subject, so that everyone in the audience can grasp the main concepts. In general, the use of non-technical language would be preferable. We would especially like to know how your research and open problems fit into the general picture. We are also curious to learn about applications and analogies to other fields of mathematics and beyond (e.g. historical and philosophical). The guiding principle should be that you are offering a more general, rather than a deep, understanding of your topic.
- The staff of the MATH+ Office will contact you very soon for an abstract of your talk. The office will forward that information to us, so that interested students can prepare themselves for the talk. If you plan to use slides, we would greatly appreciate it if you would email a pdf version to the MATH+ Office after your talk, so that they can forward the slides to us.
- In most cases, we organize a “What is…?” seminar to complement your talk. A more advanced student usually leads this seminar and the topic is chosen based on the abstract you provide for your talk. Our seminar, which is held a few hours before your lecture, aims to provide background knowledge for new students as well as for members of different fields. Please note that this complementary seminar is not intended to serve as an introduction to your talk, but aims to provide the fundamentals to those who are new to your subject.
Thank you in advance for considering our list of wishes. We are very much looking forward to your lecture!
Yours sincerely,
The Students of the Berlin Mathematical School and MATH+

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BMS Friday Colloquium Wish List