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CMC Vellore
Year Book
2018 - 2019

Our Vision
The Christian Medical College, Vellore seeks to be a witness to the healing ministry of Christ, through excellence in education, service and research.

Our Mission
The primary concern of The Christian Medical College, Vellore is to develop through education and training, compassionate, professionally excellent, ethically sound individuals who will go out as servant-leaders of health teams and healing communities. Their service may be in promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative or palliative aspects of health care, in education or in research.
In the delivery of health care, CMC provides a culture of caring while pursuing its commitment to professional excellence. CMC is committed to innovation and the adoption of new, appropriate, cost-effective, caring technology.
In the area of research, CMC strives to understand God’s purposes and designs, fostering a spirit of enquiry, commitment to truth and high ethical standards. Research may be aimed at gaining

knowledge of the fundamental bases of health and disease, at improving interventions or in optimising the use of resources.
CMC reaffirms its commitment to the promotion of health and wholeness in individuals and communities and its special concern for the disabled, disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable.
CMC looks for support and participation in its programmes in education, service, outreach and research, from friends and like-minded agencies in India and abroad, in a true spirit of partnership.
In its role as a living witness in the healing ministry of Christ, CMC seeks to work in partnership both with the Church in India and the universal Church, and their institutions.

Foreword The Story of CMC Vellore The Story Continues... CMC’s Presence & Reach CMC’s Milestones CMC’s Financials 2018-19 CMC Gives Clinical Services Geographical Distribution of Inpatients Distribution of Patient by Specialty Diagnostics tests (2018-2019) Therapeutic Procedures (2018-2019) Quality management cell CMC Vellore, Chittoor Campus The Rehabilitation Institute Pastoral Care Departments in Focus Anatomy Dermatology Microbiology Paediatric Surgery





Community Health and Development (CHAD) 34


The Jawadhi Hills project



Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs




10 Low Cost Effective Care Unit and Shalom

Family Medicine Centre



College of Nursing Community Health (CONCH) 39




17 The Centenary Year of Medical Education 44

18 Medical Academia Directory 48

20 Research Office Activities 51

21 Laurels and Recognition 52

22 Events 54

24 CMC Going Green 56

25 Support services 58

26 Members of the CMC Council, India 61

27 Overseas Friends and Benefactors 62

28 Know your Administrators 63

29 Partner with CMC 67

31 Friends of Vellore 72


It is time to look back and recall God’s faithfulness in leading us through another year and enabling us to begin a new year anticipating his continued provision and blessing.
Healthcare is at cross roads due to rising healthcare costs, with quality healthcare accessed mainly by those that have and restricted to the have-nots. The alarming increase in non-communicable diseases and the limited progress in combating preventable and communicable diseases has impacted the health system in India significantly. In this setting, it is important that institutions are geared to meet the challenges of providing healthcare to a variety of needs.
One of the strengths of Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore, is the integration of service, education, research and outreach. Primary and secondary healthcare through Community Health and Development (CHAD), Rural Unit of Health and Social Affairs (RUHSA) and Low Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU) focus on rural, tribal and urban poor in addition to social upliftment and welfare. At the other end of the spectrum, CMC provides cuttingedge and high-end tertiary care in the town campus. The new campus that will be commissioned next year will add a further dimension to higher specialties and trauma. The secondary hospital at Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, with focus on relevant tertiary care, is growing at a fast pace and catering to the people over there.
The “both-and” philosophy of providing high tech care as well as involvement in primary and preventive health, catering to patients locally as well as nationally and the provision of care to those who can and cannot afford, are things that set apart CMC. All this is possible because of the hard work and dedication of the staff who work tirelessly to meet patient needs. The support and inputs from alumni, retired staff, Friends of Vellore (FOV), council members and well-wishers have been vital to our growth and development.
The Year Book capture some of the highlights of the institution over the last year. It provides an overview of the services available and the patient numbers. The book also contains a snapshot of the accolades of the faculty and institution over the last year.
I am confident that the Lord will continue to enable CMC to be a shining light to nation in the provision of healthcare as well as train individuals to go and serve the nation.
J.V. Peter Director

Christian Medical College

The Story of CMC Vellore

Baby fondly held by grandmother in CHAD

The Christian Medical College has a state-of-theart hospital in Vellore and its ‘circumference of healing’ has steadily widened from Tamil Nadu to Andhra Pradesh and the nation, to southeast Asian countries, Africa and globally, in different ways. Over a century, at least 300 million people in India have been touched, directly or indirectly, by CMC’s rays of healing.
Here is the growth of CMC in a nutshell. From 1900 to 1918, its predecessors offered only basic healthcare while preparing to provide for medical education. From 1918 to 1942, it offered a licentiate or diploma in medical education and higher and lower certificates in nursing. Between 1942 and 1950, it offered only the MBBS degree. From 1950 onwards, it provided post-graduate training and 1960 onwards, CMC launched higher specialty training for its students.
CMC’s growth trajectory has been steady and progressive.
A little more than seventy years ago, in 1947, when its founder Dr Ida Scudder, or ‘Aunt Ida’ 4

as she was known, was 77 years old and had ‘retired’, it was already a highly-reputed hospital with 600 beds, with a total medical and nonmedical staff of around 600, about 50 faculty, and 50 students taken in to study medicine.
In 2018-2019, CMC Vellore on any single day catered to 7294 outpatients, looked after around 1781 in-patients (bed occupancy 78.05 per cent), carried out 129 medical operations, saw 40 babies born, educated around 2000 students and incurred daily running expenses of Rs. 3.5 crores.
This well-oiled engine is kept running daily by a total staff strength of 10,181 of whom 1,914 are doctors, 3206 are nurses and teaching staff (nonmedical) and technical staff number 2146.
Running expenses for 2018-2019 were Rs. 1,271.20 crores and costs for infrastructure development Rs.61.45 crores. The important areas of subsidy were healthcare to the tune of Rs. 222.26 crores and educational subsidy of Rs. 89.6 crores.
At CMC Vellore, patient services are about availability, accessibility and affordability. CMC

Year Book 2018-2019

also insists on trustworthy relationships built with patients rather than the usual service-forfee arrangement. The family-based approach is another aspect of CMC’s healing mission. CMC understands that behind many illnesses there is a story, an environmental or societal issue, that must be addressed. Through its chaplaincy and social workers, it resorts to a holistic, family-based approach.
CMC’s strategy is need-based and responsive to

the emerging needs of society. The current needs, from a public health perspective, are road-trauma management, metabolic emergencies, geriatric and paediatric emergencies, epidemics like dengue and similar diseases, the escalating numbers of pollution-related respiratory diseases in children, cancer in the young, and adolescent behavioural disorders. CMC seeks to stand in the gap in the face of increasing lacunae in the national healthcare strategy to meet contemporary healthcare crises.

The Story Continues...

CMC seeks to establish a multi-speciality Level 1 Trauma Care Service with all related disciplines to ensure integrated total care of those affected by trauma. This will be developed in a new campus besides the National Highway at Kannigapuram, on the outskirts of Vellore. A cancer centre and a multi-speciality hospital will also come up together with the Trauma Center.
CMC’s new trauma centre is situated directly on NH 47 making it easily accessible to ambulances and all users. Its infrastructure will include 1500 beds (including 30 in the ICU), operating theatres, radiological and laboratory diagnostic facilities and an ambulance fleet.
Alongside the hospital university affiliated courses in Traumatology at post-graduate, fellowship and auxiliary levels to train medical

and paramedical personnel in the effective delivery of holistic trauma care will be offered.
The Trauma Care Centre will be approximately 81000 Sq. ft. It is being designed with the capability for disaster management with provisions for oxygen and vacuum, water and medical power. There will be 6 dedicated Operating Rooms, 14 recovery beds, 26 ICU beds and 4 ICU isolation rooms for patients who need isolation after surgical procedures. Resuscitation stations will be provided with anaesthesia and surgical pendants with Oxygen, Vacuum, Compressed air and Raw/Standby/ UPS power. Consulting Rooms are planned where patients who do not need to be admitted will be seen by the doctor and discharged after receiving first aid or other treatment. A quiet counselling room will also be provided.

Bird’s eye view of the Kannigapuram Campus


CMC Chittoor Hospital



Presence &



Christian Medical College

CMC Vellore, RUHSA




Shalom Family Medicine Center

CMC Vellore, Main Hospital Campus
Schell Eye Hospital Low Cost E ective Care Unit

CMC Vellore, College Campus
Nambikkai Nilayam Mental Health Center

CHAD Rehabilitation Institute Center for Stem Cell Research

CMC Vellore, Level-1 Trauma Centre, Kannigapuram

Kaniyambadi Mobile (PTCHW) Clinic

The CMC Vellore Hospital campus offers a huge range of different medical specialities, with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services, alongside primary and secondary level care for local communities, catering to 109,528 Inpatients and 2,246,664 Outpatients in 2018-19.
The CMC Chittoor Hospital, in southern Andhra Pradesh, now a rapidly growing broad-speciality hospital has 130-beds, four state-of-the-art operation theatres, a good diagnostics laboratory that can handle clinical pathology, biochemistry, microbiology and virology. It also runs outreach programmes for primary health centres and schools.

The Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs (RUHSA) is CMC’s most comprehensive rural site, serving critical needs such as primary and secondary care for families, fieldwork and education for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, clinical research and numerous family support programs for local residents. The expansion of its Outpatient Department has created new spaces for programs that will benefit the 128,000 residents of the K.V. Kuppam block.
The Low Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU) of CMC caters to the needs of those living in the urban slums of Vellore. LCECU works holistically

Year Book 2018-2019
to bring not only healing to body but also to familial and community relationships.
CMC’s Community Health and Development programme (CHAD) is the epicenter of CMC‘s community health program. It has its own Training Center, outpatient clinic and 140-bed secondary-care hospital and provides related training to medical, nursing and paramedical students, postgraduates and CMC staff. It is a world-renowned centre for epidemiological and translational research. CHAD serves 82 rural communities of the Kaniyambadi block and the tribal hamlets of Jawadhi hills.
CMC Vellore, is at present constructing South India’s first ever Level-1 trauma centre with a new 1500-bed hospital on an 88-acre campus at Kannigapuram, Tamil Nadu. Kannigapuram will add capacity and capability to CMC’s trauma facilities, cancer services and related departments, super specialities, advanced research and tertiary care and outreach systems.
Health education near homes by CHAD staff

Returning to her roots in Jawadhi
RUHSA follows-up on a patient through home visits


CMC’s Milestones through a century of healthcare

2000 Ida S. Scudder Centenary Centre for Women and Children 2001 PACS for radiology 2002 Medical Oncology Unit
Cytogenetics lab 2003 Vellore Bombay Arti cial Limb
Bioengineering department Palliative Care unit 2004 H1 Grading by Investment Information and Credit Rating
Agency Rheumatology unit Medical Genetics Unit Telemedicine unit

1981 Ophthalmology hospital in the Schell campus 1982 Degree programmes in Occupational Therapy and Physio
therapy LCECU 1984 Continuing Medical Education department 1985 Epidemiology Resource Centre 1986 National AIDS Reference and Surveillance Centre Bone
marrow transplant (India’s rst) MSc Biostatistics 1987 CONCH

1961 Successful open heart surgery (India’s rst) Middle ear microsurgery (India’s rst)

1962 Medical Records and Physiotherapy courses

1965 Fleming Memorial Research Laboratory in Virology

1966 Rehabilitation Institute (India’s rst)

1968 Occupational Therapy and Hospital Administration courses

1969 College of Nursing Post-graduate degree courses


1942 Medical College MBBS degree course 1945 Lab Technician training course 1946 College of Nursing degree course 1947 Male medical students’ join 1948 Reconstructive surgery on leprosy patients (The
world’s rst) Neurological Sciences department (South Asia’s rst) Rural Health Centre at Kavanur





1950 MD and MS courses 1954 Radiographer training course 1956 Mental Health CentreNambikkai Nilayam
(an institute for children with special needs) 1957 Rural Health Centre at Bagayam Pharmacy diploma course

1918 Medical School for Women LMP course
1900 Single-bed dispensary 1902 Mary Taber Schell Memorial Eye Hospital 1903 Training course for compounders 1906 Roadside Clinics 1909 Nursing School diploma course

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