WIFI Ear Endoscope User Manual

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WIFI Ear Endoscope User Manual
PC and android
Software Downloads
Method 1:Sign in www.xjdz1688.com or www.seeear.com to download
Method 2:Use the android phones to scan the following QR code ,then install the APP

WIFI function

for Android and



NOTICE:The software “Camerafi” can be downloaded from GooglePlay

For PC(Windows XP¥7¥8¥10¥VISTA)

Install the software from Web or CD

Contact the camera to PC

Run the software
NOTICE: 1. When other software is installed, the computer may indicate danger. Please click trust! 2, If you open the software first and then insert the product, please click the "Devices column to find the corresponding device and click it. 3, IMAC can be use it, open the computer with its own camera, insert the product. But the screen is a mirror display.

For Android phone
NOTICE:Please make sure your Android phones support OTG and access to the capabilities of external camera(UVC protocol)

Scan the QR code to download

The example is camerafi software.
Other softwares operations are similar.

Connected to the Android phones

NOTICE:The software “Camerafi” can be downloaded from GooglePlay
Common problem:
1, Whether the phone has OTG function can query itself, if the product is inserted into the phone, the LED is not lit, indicating that there is no OTG function or the function is off.
2. The product has OTG function but has no graph inserted, indicating that the mobile phone does not support an external camera (can the product be connected to the computer to confirm the product is normal).
3, UVC agreement can not be queried, if you want to confirm whether the mobile phone can be used, you can log on to the www.camerafi.com to find the supported mobile phone model that has been tested, and can also log on to the seller's website for reference
4. Upgrading of the mobile phone system may also lead to changes in support.
5, All Iphones can't be used, if you want to use the Iphone or not support Android mobile phone to use this product, it is recommended to cooperate with WIFIBOX or OTGBOX to use!

WIFI function for mobile phone
Download and install the APP by scanning the QR code.


Connected the product to power bank, mobile phone charging head, computer USB interface or other power supply equipment.

Connect WIFI (HDUSB* ***) and Open the APP then you can use.

Set the product's switch away from the USB interface

Method of use parts

New arrival
Diameter:4.9mm Waterproof:IP67

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WIFI Ear Endoscope User Manual