FY18 Commonly Used Departmental Account Codes

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Account 554900 552560
Account 555200 555220 555230 555231
Account 553400 553402 554930 554610 555190 555240 553405
552506 552507 553402
552270 552240 553880
Account 552210 552212 552211 552840 553110 553170 553190 553310 553590 553591 553650
553710 554150

Commonly Used Departmental Expense Account Codes

Account Name Supplies - Departmental Supplies - Uniforms
Account Name Travel - Domestic Travel - International Travel - Domestic Recruiting Travel - Intl. Recruiting

If you have any questions regarding account code usage, please contact the Controller's Office at 2-5583
Description and/or Examples of Usage
General supplies and office resource usage (e.g., pens, water supply, folders). This includes smaller equipment or short term use equipment purchases (typically under $200).
Uniforms and related laundry expenses, primarily Athletics & Facility Ops usage.
Travel, Entertainment and Meals
Description and/or Examples of Usage Employee transportation, meals, hotel and incidental expenses incurred while traveling domestically for University business Employee transportation, meals, hotel and incidental expenses incurred while traveling internationally for University business Travel expenses incurred within the United States related to recruiting students and faculty Travel expenses incurred outside the United States related to recruiting students and faculty


Entertainment expenses for employees, students, outside guests or a combination thereof. Examples include business lunches, catering charges, department meetings and banquets for guest events. Chartwells catering paid for on the ProCard should be recorded to this account. Record tickets for tables to charitable events to 554605 External Contributions and tickets or tables to other events and shows to 553710 - Tickets. Chartwells catering expense recorded via the internal chargeback entry should use 557194 - Internal Catering Chargeback.

Account Name Professional Services Pro. Serv. - Technology Pro. Serv. - Printing & Design Membership Dues Training & Development Employee Relocation Honorariums
Account Name

Professional Service
Description and/or Examples of Usage
Services such as performances, architecture and engineering consulting services, moving services, shredding service, laundry and plant care, sightseeing guides, travel agency services, various management fees and external security services.
Web design and other technology consulting services and usage (including conference call services). Special event printing ordered through external or internal printing services. Record stationery/envelopes to 554900 - Supplies. Employee or institutional membership dues Staff and faculty professional development (e.g., training and reference materials, and seminar and conference registration fees) Human Resources-approved new hire moving expenses
Payments given for one-time services when the payment of fees is not legally or traditionally required. Payments are generally considered to be a token of appreciation for a service provided. See University Honorarium policy for more information.
Description and/or Examples of Usage

Tech. Equip. - Departmental

Technology equipment and usage purchases (e.g., desktop computers, laptops, copiers, scanners, printers, landline and wireless phones). Usage and service expenses include monthly wireless charges, repairs, and any IT related A/V or projector equipment rental. Central IS/CDM technology purchases
to 552502 - Tech. Equip. - IS/CDM. Technology supplies and short term use equipment less than $200 to 554900 - Supplies.

Tech. - Software & Online Res. Tech. - Support & Maintenance Pro. Serv. - Technology
Account Name

Software licensing agreements, usage, cloud services and web hosting fees. Record online subscriptions to 552840 - Subscriptions. Technology-related support, including patches and upgrades, and equipment maintenance contracts. Web design and other technology consulting services
Furniture and Equipment (non-Technology)
Description and/or Examples of Usage


General, non-technology related equipment purchases (e.g., athletic, science, lighting, kitchen, hardware, and other operations related equipment) and any related repairs. Office supplies and short term use equipment less than $200 to 554900 - Supplies. Computer and other technology or telecom
related equipment over $200 to 553240 - Technology Equipment.

Furniture & Fixture

Office and dorm furniture and fixtures (e.g., desks, lamps, chairs, beds and bookcases). Other supplies and short term use equipment less than $200 to 554900 - Supplies.

Equipment Rental

Non-technology equipment rental (e.g., camera dolly, golf cart, music and other equipment). Record technology related equipment to 553240 Technology Equipment.

Support & Maintenance
Repairs Remodeling
Account Name Space Rental Off-Site Storage & Retrieval Cable & Internet Subscriptions Advertising Postage & Shipping
Photocopier Costs
Credit Card Awards, Gifts & Promo Items Survey Participant Comp
Recruiting - Non-travel

Non-technology maintenance and service agreements related to equipment and facilities, such as gym floor refinishing, elevator and bleacher maintenance and piano tuning.
Repairs, labor, supplies and parts for University owned facilities. Equipment repairs recorded to the appropriate equipment account. Building and office remodeling related expenses.
Description and/or Examples of Usage Room and venue rental for meetings or other events (e.g., multi-month off-site rental, one-time venue rentals and Athletics' game venue rentals). Storage costs for documents and materials held off campus and costs to retrieve them. Charges for cable, dish and internet service in a DePaul facility. Periodical, magazine, online and other types of subscriptions. Online, periodical and other forms of advertising. Record internal poster printing chargeback activity to 557195 - Other Internal Chargebacks. External vendor postage, shipping and outside sorting services. Record internal postage chargeback to 557192 - Internal Postage Chargeback.
External photocopy and scanning usage only. Record other printing services to 554930 - Printing Special. Record equipment purchases to 553240 Technology Equipment. Record internal copier usage chargebacks to 557190 - Internal Copy Chargebacks.
Credit card transaction fees (e.g., PayPal, foreign transactions) Various awards, gifts, prizes and promotional items (e.g., coffee mugs, flowers, pens and t-shirts) External survey and study participant payments
Student and employee recruiting costs (e.g., refreshments, meals, mailing lists, web and print recruitment, background checks). Record travel expenses related to recruiting separately. See Travel section above.

Tickets Food Purchases

Tables and tickets to various events, including movies, basketball, theatre performances and theme parks. Does not include internal and external contributions. Call Financial Accounting for specific guidance.
Food provided to participants of events for which a fee is charged (e.g., conferences and summer camps).

Updated by Financial Accounting May 2017

554600 554605 554606 554680 554910
Account 552502 553510 554630 552820 552880 553120 553630 553090 553890 553900 553910 553420 553410 553490 557310 554310 554670 553690 557160 603420 603140
Account 557190 557191 557192 557193 557194 557195


Other miscellaneous expenses: non-routine, immaterial transactions for which no other account is applicable.

External Contribution

Contribution to support the activities of an external group or organization.

Internal Contribution

Contribution to support the activities of another University department.

Vehicle Expense

Vehicle purchase, leases, maintenance, stickers, driver certification checks, parking, and gas (non-travel related).

Edu. Classroom Materials

Educational materials and books purchased for classroom instruction (non-technology).

Use by Certain Departments Only

Account Name

Description and/or Examples of Usage

Tech. Equip. - IS/CDM

IS and CDM use only - includes routers, switches, servers, etc. Record departmental technology equipment to 553240 - Technology Equipment.

TV/Radio Rights

Athletics use only

Medical Expense

Athletics use only


Library use only - Paper books held in the Library as well as other non-subscription based physical resources (micro forms, etc.)

Library e-resources

Library use only - Online or software based resources for students and library guests

Academic Regalia

Expense related to academic apparel, generally only used by Academic Fiscal Administration or the President's Office

Student Workshops

Study abroad use only - Student seminar and workshop fees, as well as tuition and fees due to other institutions

Student Room & Board

Study abroad use only - Room and board expense for students

Theatre Showcase

Theatre use only - various expenses related to Showcase productions

Theatre Playworks

Theatre use only - various expenses related to Playwork productions

Theatre Workshops

Theatre use only - various expenses related to Student workshops

Subcontract > $25K

Grant use only

Subcontracts < $25K

Grant use only

Meeting Expense - GT

Grant use only

Indirect Cost Grants

Grant use only


Grant awards for student living expenses - grant use only

Insurance Charge

International student insurance - Risk Management, Athletics and Provost Office use only


Athletics, Rec Center, Theatre and Academic Fiscal Administration use only

University Service Charges

Wire transfer fees and fees related to student temporary worker agreements.

Pro. Serv. - Legal Fees

Primarily Treasury and Office of General Counsel use only - External legal fees

Facilities Rent

Approval for use required from Financial Affairs, primarily Facility Ops use only - External rental or lease agreements

Internal Chargeback (only used on internal chargeback entries listed below)

Account Name

Description and/or Examples of Usage

Internal Copy Chargeback

Internal copy center charges (CCC, COPSCN), distribution services charges (DDS) for copies and faculty and staff copy card charges (COP).

Internal Printing Chargeback

Internal printing services chargeback entry (PRT).

Internal Postage Chargeback

Internal faculty and staff mail and postage charges (MLS) as well as distribution services charges (DDS) for postage.

Internal Telephone Chargeback

Internal telephone equipment & dorm usage chargeback entry (TELCHG).

Internal Catering Chargeback

Internal Chartwells catering charges (CATLC, CATLPC).

Other Internal Chargebacks

Internal poster chargeback (POSTER), motor vehicle background checks (MVBC), etc.

Updated by Financial Accounting May 2017

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FY18 Commonly Used Departmental Account Codes