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This Candidate Information Bulletin (“CIB”) is intended for your use in preparing for and understanding the processes and procedures for applying for licensure and scheduling to test. The South Carolina Board for Barber (the “Board”) is responsible for licensing and regulating the profession of registered barber in the State of South Carolina. The Board has contracted with Professional Credential Services (“PCS”) to provide administrative examination services. The Board, through PCS, will exclusively use the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (“NIC”) examinations. PCS first requires the submission of an Examination & License Application (“Application”). This is required to determine your eligibility for testing. Any questions regarding your application or eligibility should be directed to PCS.

(U.S. Postal Service) Professional Credential Services South Carolina Cosmetology Coordinator P.O. Box 198768 Nashville, Tennessee 37219-8689 Toll-free: (888) 822-3272 E-mail: [email protected]

(Courier Delivery) Professional Credential Services South Carolina Cosmetology Coordinator 150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 800 Nashville, Tennessee 37219 Fax: (615) 846-0153 Web site:

South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation P.O. Box 11329 Columbia, South Carolina 29211 Phone: (803) 896-4494 Fax: (803) 896-4484 Web site:

Eligibility Requirements: A candidate who wishes to obtain a register barber license must pass both a theory and a practical examination. To qualify to take these examinations, a candidate must: 1. Be at least 16 years old; 2. Have a 9th grade education or equivalent; 3. Have successfully completed a 1,500-hour course of instruction in a board-approved school of barber; or college approved by the board; or twelve
months training under the personal supervision of a registered barber who has been examined by the board and this practice must have included at least 1,920-hours.
Required Documentation: Must submit with the examination application: 1. Proof of Identification (one form): Copy of a driver’s license, birth certificate, passport or social security card. 2. Health Certification form: Obtain a negative 5TU-PPD Tuberculin Skin Test and/or a chest x-ray taken within a year. This form can be
downloaded online at 3. Proof of Passing 9th Grade: Copy of a high school transcript, diploma, or GED. If your name on your high school transcript, GED, or diploma
differs from your name on the examination application, you must provide legal documentation (marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order). 4. Barber Training Affidavit: All areas of the form must be completed. This form can be downloaded online at 5. Affidavit of Eligibility: All areas of the form must be completed. This form can be downloaded online at
Foreign Credentials: The State of South Carolina requires that all foreign credentials must be evaluated through one of the following services before submitting documentation to PCS. 1. Education Credential Evaluators (414) 289-3400 ( 2. International Consultants of Delaware (215) 222-8454 ( 3. International Service Center (216) 781-4560 (
Endorsement: (Out-of-State Candidate Seeking a License in the State of South Carolina.) A person currently licensed or certified to practice in another state, territorial possession of the US or the District of Columbia, whose license is in good standing, may qualify for licensure by endorsement if the records submitted verify that the education and examination requirements for licensure or certification in the other jurisdiction were, at the time completed, equal to or greater than existing requirements in South Carolina and if the reciprocal jurisdiction grants the same privileges to South Carolina licensees. Please read Section 35-13 of South Carolina’s Statutes and Regulations for additional information. Applicants must contact the board at (803) 896-4494.
Reinstatement: 1. Anyone whose license has been expired less than three years must contact the board at (803) 896-4494. 2. Anyone previously licensed and whose license has been expired for three years, must complete a first time application and take the practical examination
again before your license can be reinstated.
How to Apply: Complete all areas on the examination application and attach required documentation. Specifically: 1. Fees should be submitted with the examination application and made payable to PCS in the form of a Certified Check, Money order or credit card.
Personal checks are not accepted. 2. If your name on the first page of the examination application differs from any supporting eligibility documentation that is submitted to PCS, you must
provide legal documentation connecting the former name to the current name (marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order). 3. Special Accommodations: If you need special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you must make the request at the
time you submit your application to PCS, along with supporting medical documentation. This form can be downloaded online at 4. Examination application must be received no later than 15 business days prior to the date you wish to take a practical examination.

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Temporary Permits: Once you are approved for examination, your application will be forwarded to the Board for final approval and permit issuance. The temporary permit is only valid for 90 days.

Fees: Fees will be paid to PCS and submitted with your examination application. First-time fees do include LLR fees. NOTE: REINSTATEMENT CANDIDATES MUST PAY FIRST-TME FEES AS INDICATED BELOW. Fees are as follows:

First-Time Practical: $100 First-Time Theory: $110 First-Time Theory and Practical: $165

Re-Examination Practical: $55 Re-Examination Theory: $65 Re-Examination Practical and Theory: $120

Approval Process: If approved, you will receive notification from PCS.

You will receive an Admission Notice for the practical examination you are scheduled for approximately 10 days prior to the actual practical test date at the location you select. If you do not receive your Admission Notice via mail on the Monday prior to the approved examination date, please call PCS for further instructions. Any questions regarding scheduling form the practical examination must be directed to PCS. Do not call the Board office.

You will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) for the theory examination as soon as you have been approved to test. If you do not receive your ATT via mail within 7 days, please call PCS to verify your mailing address is correct.

If you are not approved because of an incomplete application, discrepancies, missing documentation, including signatures, you will be contacted by PCS and your application will be pending until you make the necessary and requested corrections. If you mail any documentation separate and apart from the application, please make reference to this on your information.


How To Schedule For and Take the Theory Examination: Upon receipt of your ATT, you may request to take the theory examination by contacting PSI Testing Center at or at 800-733-9267. An ATT cannot be faxed to you or to the PSI site.

Internet Scheduling For the fastest and most convenient test scheduling process, PSI recommends that candidates register for their examinations using the Internet. Candidates register online by accessing PSI’s registration website at Internet registration is available 24 hours a day. In order to register by Internet, complete the steps below:

Log onto PSI’s website. Complete the associated registration form online and submit your information to PSI via the internet.

Upon completion of the online registration form, you will be given the available examination dates and locations for scheduling your examination. Select your desired testing date and location.

Telephone Scheduling The second fastest method of scheduling is via the telephone with PSI’s Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) during non-business hours, or through live registrars during business hours.

Call 800-733-9267, 24 hours a day and register using the Automated Registration System. Otherwise, PSI registrars are available Monday through Friday, between 7:30am and 8:00pm and Saturday, between 11:00am and 5:00pm, Eastern Time, to schedule your appointment for the examination.

Theory examinations are offered on a daily basis using a computer-based testing platform. Since PSI tests for many different professions, please allow three business days between the time you call to schedule your examination and the time you wish to sit for the examination. A “seat” may not be available at the time you wish to test if there is not sufficient lead-time in placing your scheduling call. There are several PSI Testing Centers throughout South Carolina, however, you can examine at any PSI test center located throughout the United States. You may access test center information at Maps and test center hours are available from this web site as well.

You will take your theory examination on a personal computer. You select answers either by using a mouse or the keyboard. Please visit for additional information on computer-based testing. If you encounter any problems with the computer, you should notify the test administrator. You will be given 90 minutes to complete the entire examination. Examination questions are multiple-choice with one correct answer and three incorrect responses. There is no penalty for guessing. You must attain a score of 70 or higher to achieve a passing score on the theory examination. PSI personnel have no knowledge of, are not responsible for, and cannot answer questions about the content of the examinations, references, passing scores, etc.

Theory and Practical Examination Admission Requirements: You must register for your examination with your LEGAL first and last name as it appears on your government issued identification. All required identification below must match the first and last name under which you registered. Candidates are required to bring a recent 2”x2” passport type photo and two (2) forms of valid (non-expired) identification to the test site. One of the identifications presented must be Government issued identification with photograph and signature. Photocopies of identification will NOT be accepted. Candidates must present two forms of ID: One Primary and One Secondary.

PRIMARY IDENTIFICATION – Choose One • State issued driver’s license • State issued identification card • US Government issued Passport • US Government issued Military Identification Card • US Government issued Alien Registration Card

SECONDARY IDENTIFICATION – Choose One • Credit card (must be signed) • Social Security Card • US issued Birth Certificate
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SC RB CIB 042011

Theory and Practical Examination Admission Requirements (continued): *NOTE: Student ID and employment ID are NOT acceptable forms of identification.
Candidates must register with the full legal name as it appears on their government issued identification. The name on the identification must be the same as the name used to register for the examination. If the candidate fails to bring proper identification or the candidate names do not match, the candidates will not be allowed to test and their examination fee will not be refunded.
It is your responsibility to arrive at the test center on time. Candidates will not be permitted into the examination room after your scheduled testing time. It is strongly suggested that you visit the site before the day of the examination in order to become familiar with the route and the travel time. Candidates are not permitted to bring anyone into the examination room. Candidates are not permitted to talk to one another once inside the examination room.
General Policies and Procedures for Theory and Practical Examinations: Security Policies: Suspected security breaches during either the theory or practical test administrations, such as an act of impersonation, creating a disturbance, giving or receiving unauthorized information or aiding other candidates, attempting to remove test information by any means, possessing prohibited materials or sharing supplies may be sufficient cause to dismiss you from the examination site or to invalidate or cancel your scores. Suspected breaches may be identified by observation or suspicion by the test center staff, or may be evidenced by subsequent statistical analysis of examination materials. PCS reserves the right to investigate each incident of misconduct and will report such incidents directly to the Board. The Board will make all final decisions on examination score invalidations or cancellations. No visitors, guests or children are allowed in the test center.
Copyrighted Examination Questions: All test questions are the express copyrighted property of NIC. It is forbidden under federal copyright law to copy, reproduce, record, distribute or display these test questions by any means, in whole or in part. Doing so may subject you to severe civil and criminal penalties, including prison incarceration and/or fined up to $250,000 for criminal violations.
Prohibited Items: No food, beverages, purses, notebooks, magazines, backpacks, briefcases, hats, caps, reference books or electronic devices such as cameras, computers or computerized devices, walkmans, ipods, radios, recording devices, portable fax machines, cellular telephones, calculator watches, reproduction equipment, beepers or pagers are permitted in the examination room. If any of the aforementioned items are found in a candidate's possession, the Test Center Administrator will collect the item until the end of the examination and provide an incident report of the incident to the Board and PCS. Smoking or the use of tobacco is strictly prohibited in the examination room. PCS is not responsible for any personal items brought into the examination site.
Environmental Distracters: Although every attempt is made to provide a quiet and comfortable test environment, noise and room temperature may be an unforeseen and unavoidable distracter. It is suggested that you wear the type of clothing that would allow you to adapt to a cooler or warmer climate at the testing site.
Emergency Policy: In the event of inclement weather or similar emergency, a scheduled examination may be canceled or delayed. However, this decision is made only in rare instances and at the discretion of PCS and/or PSI. If a test center is open for testing, and you choose not to appear for your scheduled examination, your fee will be forfeited. You will have to reschedule your appointment and resubmit the appropriate fee to PCS. If you have reason to question whether or not a center will be closed due to an emergency, please call PCS to make inquiries regarding the practical examination and PSI for inquiries regarding the theory examination.
Refunds and Rescheduling Policies: You may reschedule for the theory examination without losing your fee if you contact PSI within three working days prior to your scheduled examination date. If you reschedule after the three-day window, you will forfeit your fee. NOTE: A voicemail message is not an acceptable form of cancellation. Please use the internet, automated telephone system or call PSI and speak to a Customer Service Representative. Rescheduling is not permitted for the practical examination unless you are hospitalized or are involved in a traffic accident on the way to the test center that prevents you from arriving on time. Refunds are not issued nor are fees transferable for either the theory or practical examinations. Documentation of the above-noted exceptions is required.
Score Information: When you complete the theory examination, the computer will print out an unofficial “Pass” or “Fail” Score Report. For failing candidates, this will include a strength and weakness report by major content areas. For the theory examination, a score of 70 is required in order to pass. If your score report does not print out because of technical problems, a score report will be provided to you within 24 hours after you test.
The official pass or fail results of the theory and practical examination will be mailed to you by first-class mail 10 business days after you take the examination. Failing candidates will receive a strength and weakness report, as well as information on how to retest. For the practical examination, an overall score of 70 must be achieved.
Confidentiality: Test results are confidential and are not provided over the telephone.
Passing Candidates: When you have passed the theory, and the practical examinations, PCS will notify the Board electronically and mail your file to the Board as well. Please allow 30 days for the Board to process your license. Please be patient. Do not call the Board offices or PCS inquiring about your license until this time period has passed. Please be sure to notify PCS of any mailing address changes.
Failing Candidates: Candidates who fail the theory and/or practical examination must reapply with PCS by calling 1-888-822-3272.

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SC RB CIB 042011

*********************************************STATE GUIDELINES****************************************
National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC):
Please visit for the most current theory and practical content outline of the Barber 1 (no chemical) examination.
Practical Examination:
The South Carolina State Board of Barber requires candidates to be examined in the following services:
Core Domain Services
Set Up and Client Protection Shaving with a Straight Razor Haircutting Blow Drying Thermal Curling
A model is required for most services within the registered barber examination. Models must be at least 15 years of age and cannot be licensed or a student studying in this field. Models must be present with the candidate at the beginning of the practical examination. The model must present a valid driver’s license or State ID card for admittance to the examination. The model must be appropriate for examination purposes. The model must agree to submit to all services in the practical examination. Models may not participate in any way during the examination. Models are not permitted to talk to the candidate or examiners at any time during the examination. Mannequins are only permitted during the thermal curling section of the registered barber examination. The candidate must provide the necessary clamp to properly secure a mannequin head to a table during the examination. Candidates are recommended to bring two mannequins or one mannequin and one model.
Aerosol Products:
Candidates are not permitted to use aerosol products at anytime during the examination.
Kit Size:
Recommended kit size is no larger than 30”x30”. For safety reason all kits must be able to fit completely under the table area.

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SC RB CIB 042011

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