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Art [email protected] | The Clay Hut | Smeltzer House Visual Arts Centre

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Cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs

Visual Arts Preschool – Grade 6
Explore, learn, and inspire through art and craft!
Cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs at Gallery @ 501 and Smeltzer House Visual Arts Centre enhance students’ development of cognitive and creative skills.
At [email protected], students and teachers explore exhibitions by contemporary local, regional, and national artists through guided visits and art-making sessions.
Hands-on art projects at Smeltzer House Visual Arts Centre inspire communication, creative thinking and problem-solving in ways that are accessible to students of all abilities. The Clay Hut is a well-equipped pottery studio on the Smeltzer House grounds.
All activities are designed - and can be further tailored - to enhance core competencies of the Alberta school curriculum.

[email protected]
Gallery Members Show & Sale 2020
[email protected]
501 Festival Avenue, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3 Located in the Community Centre

Program Booking
[email protected]
Victoria Sanchez 780-410-8575 [email protected]
Clay Hut | Smeltzer House Visual Arts Centre
Ruta Nichol 780-464-2023 [email protected]

• Smetzer House Visual Arts Centre
Clay Hut Smeltzer House Visual Arts Centre
1 Broadmoor Blvd, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 0Z6 Free Parking


[email protected] is a public art gallery focused on supporting, inspiring and growing a love of visual arts while providing a welcoming space for all.
[email protected] offers learning programs for schools that enable students and teachers to explore exhibitions by contemporary local, regional, and national artists through guided visits and studio art-making sessions. Explore: [email protected] School Programs provide students with an opportunity to engage in guided observation, discuss ideas and concepts related to the artwork on display, and create connections with their personal experiences. Learn: Our educator-guided programs are complemented with hands-on art studio projects that further explore themes encountered in exhibitions and teach about art processes and materials. All guided exhibition tours and art activities are designed - and can be further tailored - to enhance core competencies of the Alberta school curriculum K-12 Inspire: Hands-on art projects are an opportunity to inspire communication, creative thinking and problem-solving in ways that are accessible to students of all abilities.
Gallery school programs are connected and enhanced by the exhibitions on display.

Gallery Tour
Engaging, interactive tours of the gallery exhibitions focus on crosscurriculum connections, visual literacy and student participation. Gallery educators encourage students to discover the stories in art through observation, personal interpretation and cultural context.
Studio Projects
Hands-on studio projects are linked to each exhibit, further enhancing the learning that happens during the gallery tour. The focus in the studio is to experiment and explore ideas encourging students to value both the artistic process and the end product. See page 8 to choose program descriptions.
Half day (up to 3 hours): $7.50 per participant Full day (3-5 hours): $10.00 per participant • Half day programs include: gallery tour, studio project and one
add-on activity.
• Full day programs include: a gallery tour, a studio project and two to three add-on activities. See page 9 for activity option.
• Teachers, education assistants, and adult helpers attend for free
• A minimum charge of 12 participants will be applied to all groups
Bus Subsidy Program:
Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Festival Place Cultural Arts Foundation, [email protected] is able to offer bus subsidies to schools in the Elk Island Public and Catholic School Divisions that book a [email protected] program. Subsidies are based on availability.

Program participants explore Leda (2019) by Tammy Salzl from Tales from the In Between at [email protected]
Program participants explore Threnodies (2019) by Tammy Salzl from Tales from the In Between at [email protected]

A program participant explores Making Ready (2015) by Tammy Salzl from Tales from the In Between at [email protected] Threnodies (2019) by Tammy Salzl in background.

Gallery Exhibitions
Reckoning | Unraveling | Reclaiming; a journey to self
Adetola Adedipe (aloT of Poetry), Nisha Patel and Temi Phillips September 10 - October 6, 2021
Powerful stories of identity through the written words and poetry of three Alberta authors. Topics of love, loss, family, mental health, abuse and racism take viewers on a sensory journey.

Nisha Patel, photo by Yulia Skogoreva; Adetola Adedipe (aloT of Poetry) photo by Yujin Aspen Kim; Temi Phillips photo by Temi Phillips.

Raneece Buddan, AJA Louden, Diana Ohiozebau, Elsa Robinson
September 10 – October 30, 2021
This exhibition is an exploration of identity, diversity and culture through a figurative lens. These local artists explore materials and artistic process to express identity, cultural diversity and shared notions of humanity.

Top left: AJA Louden, Elsa Robinson, 2019, spray paint on panel; Top right: Elsa Robinson, Sisters, 2018, mixed media collage on plywood; Bottom left: Diana Ohiozebau, Nurture II, 2020, acrylics and fabrics on canvas; Bottom right: Raneece Buddan, My Skin. My Culture, 2021, mixed media on canvas

...bring a folding chair
October 9 – 30, 2021
The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition …bring a folding chair is inspired by annual Black History Month celebrations and recognizes the significant contributions Black Canadian artists make to Alberta. With art works exploring history, heritage and contemporary concerns, the artists in this exhibition ‘bring a folding chair’ to the table of Canadian society and the art scene in Alberta and, in sitting at the table, give voice to our common humanity.
The exhibition ...bring a folding chair was curated by Shane Golby and organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program.

Top left:Ticket, Braxton Garneau, 2021, oil on canvas, courtesy of the artist;Top right: Claiming a Chair, AJA Louden, 2021, mixed media on panel, private collection; Bottom left: Immigrant, Fetsum Teclemariam, 2021, oil on canvas, collection of the artist; Bottom right: Reflection, Elsa Robinson, 2021, mixed media textile, collection of the artist

Credit: Jermaine Wunderly, Escape, 2014-16 Credit: Joanne Guinan,Wilderness, 2020

The Art of Belonging [email protected] Members
November 12 – December 18, 2021
Explore a wide range of artwork from the many talented members of [email protected], from beginners to professionals. Learn about their artistic process and what inspired the artists. Discover how to be an active viewer in the gallery, and the importance of artmaking as a cultural expression. Featuring a wide variety of themes and media, this exhibition is a popular choice! The annual show and sale offers [email protected] members the opportunity to display and sell their artworks. All proceeds of the sale go directly to the local artists.
Strathcona Salon Series
May 20 – June 25, 2022
This vibrant and varied exhibition features submissions and acquisitions for the Strathcona County Permanent Art Collection, in adult and youth categories. The Strathcona Salon Series includes a variety of work from professional to practising artists, from beginners to students. This is a great exhibition for a field trip due to the diverse range of artwork and themes.

More upcoming exhibitions
Please visit strathcona.ca/exhibits to see details on our January to April 2022 exhibits including: • Chromatopia and For the Birds, by the Fibre Art Network (FAN) • Infinitesimal, by Lisa Matthias
More exciting exhibitions will be added to our website as they are confirmed!

Studio Projects

Participant project - Styroprints Participant Projects – AMPLIFY - Self Portraits

Studio Projects
From drawing to painting to printmaking and mixed media, students acquire and practice art vocabulary in context and create art in response to what they see at [email protected] Projects and materials are tailored to current exhibition and age group.
Symbols, Senses & the Self
What can we smell, hear, touch and taste in an art gallery? Art is more than a visual representation of a moment, place, or person. Students build on the ideas discussed during the gallery exhibition tour and participate in a mindful creative project that allows ideas, emotions, and self-identity to be expressed in visual ways.
Curriculum ties: Social Studies - Belief Systems, Wellness- Social Emotional, Language Arts - Communication
Colours of the Land
From wetland eco-systems to prairie lands, and from northern tundra to small towns and big cities. Landscapes, places and spaces provide artists with endless inspiration. Students learn ways to portray the natural and man-made world in art, how people relate to the land they inhabit, and how as artists can be active citizens and champions of the environment.
Curriculum ties: Science - Nature & Environment. Social Studies – Citizenship, Ideas and Culture
Elements of Art
Through process-based art activities, participants learn and reflect about light and shadow, shape, form and textures, patterns, layers and many other art and design elements that give students an enhanced visual vocabulary and spatial reasoning to interpret the world around them.
Curriculum ties: Mathematics – Spatial Reasoning, Art – Art Message & Media


Add on Activities
Public Art Tour
The Community Centre features unique and dynamic public art pieces, including murals by recognized Indigenous artist Alex Janvier, slumped glass murals by Manola Borrajo-Giner, a lenticular print by Celse Boida and Mark Feddes, and an abstract steel outdoor sculpture by Catherine Burgess, Walter Jule and Royden Mills.
Artrium Tour and Activity
The Artrium is a diverse and ever-changing display of artwork located in the Community Centre building. Find artwork from the Strathcona County Permanent Art Collection, [email protected] artist members, as well as exhibits by local community arts groups. Activities are tailored to the current display of artwork and age group.
Strathcona County Library Tour / Program
30 minutes: Interactive tour of the library, including a great introduction and orientation to the library services. 45 to 60 minutes: Interactive tour plus short program geared to your grade, consisting of great read-aloud stories, the best recent books recommended by staff, or a research-based presentation highlighting homework resources for students. Library staff can customize according to your topic of interest.
Art Story and Reflection
Younger participants will read an art-themed storybook as a group. Older students will learn and discuss works by contemporary artists and famous works of art. Stories, discussion, and written reflection exercises are great activities for cross-curricular learning!
*Snack and Lunch Space
Please inquire about a dedicated snack or lunch space for your students.

Clay Hut Smeltzer House Visual Arts Centre
Introduce your students to the word of clay through one of our pottery programs. Working with clay enhances sensory development, motor skills, problem-solving and self-expression.
Ranked as one of the best pottery studios in the province, the Clay Hut has been home to Strathcona County’s iconic pottery program since 1978. Our seasonally based programs are designed to “bring the curriculum to life” and offer a challenging, creative educational experience to your students. We’ll provide a one-of-a-kind experience that students wouldn’t normally get in school – working in a real pottery studio setting, learning hand building, texturing, slab building and joining clay to create a permanent keepsake of their learning experience. Clay programs are designed for preschool, kindergarten, and Grades 1 through 6. We offer a variety of projects for special events such as Christmas, Easter, Mother, Father’s Days and more. Programs can also be designed around a specific area of study.
“Students learn problem-solving, planning, new skills, patience, sense of accomplishment, and a love of learning!”
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