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Demonstrate the Weichert Difference


Key Sales Techniques


Tips for Using the Getting to Know You


Tips for Conducting an Effective Listing Presentation




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One Goal


Page 2 & 3: Our Starting Point


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Weichert built and led by real real estate people


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My Team Supports the marketing & selling of your home


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Competitive Advantage


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Irresistible Listing


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Irresistible Listing


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Internet Marketing – Broadcasting listings


Page 10: Internet Marketing – Driving traffic


Page 11: Internet Marketing – Building visibility


Page 12: Internet Marketing – Transforming buyers


Page 13: Local and Global Reach


Page 14: Local and Global Reach - relocation


Page 15: Ultimate Open House – Our strategy


Page 16: Ultimate Open House – Ensuring success


Page 17: Complete Homeownership Solutions


Page 18: Complete Homeownership Solutions – Financing options


Page 19: Pricing Tool


Page 20: Your Partner and Neighborhood Specialist


Page 21: Your Guide to the Process


Page 22: My Pledge


Page 23: Your Custom Marketing Plan


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Tips for Effective Pricing Discussion




Weichert Value Story Dialogue & Tips Guide
Demonstrate the Weichert Difference
At Weichert, the value proposition is embedded within the process you follow as a sales associate. Your professionalism and dedication to your customers and clients shines through each step along the way. The way you prepare, present and price differentiates you among other real estate associates.
Listing Tools to Show Your Value
Getting to Know You is a critical relationship-building step of our sales process. With this tool, you:
• Build rapport • Demonstrate your professionalism • Show sincere interest in the Sellers • Learn about the Sellers and their home • Separate yourself from the competition

The Weichert Listing Presentation showcases everything you and Weichert will do for your Sellers. With this tool, you:
• Demonstrate value • Show you have a plan • Express your commitment • Gain their confidence • Win them over
The Price Trend Analysis is where you provide Sellers with guidance on pricing their home. With this tool you:
• Go beyond showing MLS sheets and “comps” (what everybody else does) • Present a visual summary of the data • Help Sellers see the trends in their local marke • Demonstrate your expertise in real estate, pricing and knowledge of inventory

Weichert University

November 2017

Page 1

Weichert Value Story Dialogue & Tips Guide
Key Sales Techniques
There are some basic sales techniques that when used with the Weichert Tools will increase your effectiveness as you tell your value story and share the Weichert difference. Let’s look at some of these.
The Defer Technique
Use this technique to delay discussion of topics (for example commission, pricing, advertising) until you are ready to discuss the topic. For example, avoid discussing commission until you have completed the Customized Listing Presentation and conducted the Pricing Discussion using the Price Trend Analysis. You demonstrate your full value story and the full service solution using all of these tools. Sell your value story FIRST. The value story is what gives you the leverage to support your position.
By asking the Sellers questions to engage and involve them in the selling process, they will often sell themselves. The three key components of this technique are: Ask, Listen, and Summarize. Carefully crafted, open ended questions can assist you in having the Sellers make the points you want.
Some questions you might ask could be: “Based on what we just discussed, where would you want your marketing dollars invested? In print or online?” “How does this compare to your last home sale experience?” “Have you searched for something on the internet? Which search engine did you like the best? So you can see we partner with that web site, too.” “Seeing this page…what are your first thoughts?”
Differentiate Yourself
What makes working with you and Weichert stand out from other Realtors? Help your Sellers see the differences by emphasizing them during your presentation. Be ready to highlight our approach to marketing and selling homes.

Page 2

November 2017

Weichert University

Weichert Value Story Dialogue & Tips Guide

Key Sales Techniques (continued)

Create Value Statements

Value statements throughout your presentation emphasize how you and Weichert stand out from Brand X, and how you deliver the ultimate service to your Seller. Value statements involve describing a feature of a product or service and then providing the benefit the Seller will derive from that feature. Value statements:

 Contain a feature or fact

 Contain a benefit or meaning to the client

 Use bridges to connect the two:

 What this means for you is . . .

With this you get . . .

Because of this, you will be able to….

Getting to Yes (Closing)

Gaining agreement all along the way is critical to your success within the listing process. When the Sellers say “Yes,” they’re letting your know they want what you have to offer. It also gives you a reference point when you conclude the presentation and ask for the business. Some examples are provided below.

“Is this a service you would want?”

Would you find this of value?”

Weichert University

November 2017

Page 3

Weichert Value Story Dialogue & Tips Guide
Tips for Using the Getting to Know You
Key Tips for a Successful Discussion
• Take them to the Kitchen table BEFORE you tour the home. Why? This gives you the opportunity to lead and set the agenda, establish rapport, get to know the Seller and determine what the seller expects from their agent. This one step sets you apart from all the other associates.
• Take the Lead and set the Agenda “What I’d like to do today is”:  Understand your situation  Have you show me your home as you would want it shown to a buyer  Set up our next appointment so I can share your customized Marketing Plan
• Opening a conversation about the Seller’s situation will help you gain useful insights and understanding while you begin to create a relationship and establish trust. Use the questions within this brochure to help you accomplish this.
• Listen carefully to “hot buttons” - concerns, priorities, goals – what the Seller shares with you will be key talking points as you personalize your dialogue for the marketing plan you create for them.
• As you tour the house, find out if the Sellers are interviewing other brokers – “I realize selecting the right listing agent is an important decision. Can I ask how many other brokers you are interviewing?” Finding out about your competition gives you the ability to research and learn about what you’re up against. You can then, for example, go onto and research their web presence and # of hits they’re generating, research their market share, average list price and sale price in the area. Arm yourself with key facts and information that will help you sell Weichert over the competition. Of course, never criticize or speak badly of the competition.
• Acknowledge objections rather than address them (right now). This entire meeting is about relationship building and learning as much as you can. If the Sellers bring up a topic or objection, acknowledge it and let them know you will address it when you return with their customized marketing plan. Example: “It sounds like you have concerns about having an open house. (Allow them to share their concerns.) I can understand that. Do you have any other concerns? I’m going to make a note of this and make sure we address it at our next meeting.”

Page 4

November 2017

Weichert University

Weichert Value Story Dialogue & Tips Guide
Tips for Conducting an Effective Listing Presentation
BEFORE the Presentation
• Present a professional appearance. Dress appropriately. • Offer to remove your shoes before entering the home (this shows respect for your client). • Re-establish/build rapport. Admire their home, garden, etc. • Smile. Make eye contact and use the Seller’s name. • Explain the process and how this second visit works. Share your agenda so the Sellers know what to expect over
the next hour or so. Encourage their input and questions.
DURING the Presentation
• Begin by reviewing the agenda and reinforce the time needed…”Over the next hour, here is what we will accomplish/review together.
• Engage the Seller – ask questions to encourage relevant comments and interaction. Make it a conversation, based upon the Sellers’ needs and priorities. This is NOT a canned presentation.
• Integrate into the presentation what you learned from Step One: Getting to Know You & Your Home- “when we last met, you told me that you wanted to be finished with this process in three months. Let me show you how we can help you reach that goal.” Connect something you learned from the Seller on Step One into every page you discuss.
• Use assumptive closes throughout your presentation - for example, “Can you see how conducting one open house will bring more buyers to see your home without forcing you to have ten different appointments?” Or “Is this a service you would want?”
• Avoid using professional “buzz” words, slang and jargon (i.e. Doors, PTA, RELO, MLS, FSBO, I-Mail). • Watch the Seller’s body language, respond appropriately, pause the presentation to address concerns, questions.
AFTER the Presentation
• Get their agreement on the marketing plan: “I believe this marketing plan will bring you the best price in the shortest amount of time. Do you have any questions about any of these steps?...Great, then let’s get started.” Hand them the pen to sign the listing agreement.
• Review your pricing strategy, get agreement on price. • Complete the listing paperwork • Schedule the next steps…photographer…broker open house…first public open house, etc.

Weichert University

November 2017

Page 5

Weichert Value Story Dialogue & Tips Guide
Introduction: Your Custom Marketing Presentation

Page 6

Customize: the property photo and associate photo

November 2017

Weichert University

Weichert Value Story Dialogue & Tips Guide
Introduction: Your Custom Marketing Presentation
Suggested Dialogue Engage: First, I want to thank you for inviting me back to share the Custom Marketing Plan and Pricing Strategy I created
for you. Before I start, do you have any questions or concerns since we last spoke? (Align with what the Seller shares and add the following): We have three objectives today . . .
1. Help you achieve the highest net for your house 2. Provide the least inconvenience to you and your family 3. Do this as quickly as possible Do you agree with these objectives? Do you have others?
Close: What do you think of this exterior photo of your house?
Transition: I brought my camera to take a few more photos for our marketing plan if needed… Tip: Sellers love seeing pictures of their home – take your time on this section to bond.

Weichert University

November 2017

Page 7

Weichert Value Story Dialogue & Tips Guide
Page 1: One Goal

Page 8

Customize: the property photo
November 2017

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