‘Human Rights in Value Chains’

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‘Human Rights in Value Chains’
The Producer Cooperative IFFCO Perspective

ICETT - LIVE WEBINAR December 10, 2020
Tarun Bhargava ICETT Chairperson Joint General Manager (Coop Relations), IFFCO, New Delhi (India) [email protected]

IFFCO – A Cooperative Conglomerate
A Multi-State Cooperative society incorporated in 1967 in India.
Largest Producer & Marketeer of FERTILISERS in India having installed capacity of more than 8 Million Tonnes
Fertilisers marketed through a pan India network of more than 35000 member Cooperative Societies.
Only Fertiliser Institution in India to have surpassed - 9.14 million MT/annum in terms of production - 13.33 million MT/annum in terms of sales

Human Rights- Multifaceted Approach
 To make the cooperative societies economically and democratically strong IFFCO has added value by appointing select few of its member cooperatives societies as Franchisees for logistics Manegment storage and handling of fertilizers which includes Warehousing, Transportation and Rake handling
 IFFCO is working towards farmers for their welfare, prosperity and growth through its various initiatives likes Rural and Agricultural Development Programmes, Cooperative and Rural Development Trust (CORDET), IFFCO Kisan Sewa Trust promoted by IFFCO and Indian Farm Forestry Development Cooperative Ltd. (IFFDC)
 IFFCO is also fostering Cooperative Movement in the country through “IFFCO Foundation” with an objective to promote cooperative development.

Product Availablity

• Supply of quality products at their doorstep in remotest areas including through e-commerce

Financial Support

• Sales and Transportation margins to members for selling products
• Providing dividend @ 20% to its Member Cooperative Societies for last 19 consecutive years.

Skill Devlopment

• Visit of members to Research Institutes and Agri-Universities • Arrange Plant Visit Programme to create awareness about IFFCO’s
Operations. • Training on livelihood activities / scientific agricultural practices • Skill development to increase income generation

Labour- Human Resources/Workforce
 IFFCO has adopted Computerised Enterprise wide Integrated Human Resource Management System to provide Better Management Control, Manpower Planning, Succession Planning, Employees Welfare and Transparency etc.
 IFFCO Banned employment of Child Labour across the organization and during the Covid-19 Pandemic IFFCO strongly encouraged its employees to do work from home for maximum days in a week to reduce their physical presence without effecting work.
 IFFCO supports Women Empowerment and is continuously working to remove Inequalities amongst its Workforce. Today women have been employed across all disciplines likes Engineering, Finance, Human Resource, IT, Co-operative Relations etc. Further, IFFCO has approved the reservation of 5 percent seats women delegates seats in its RGB and has started a Networl Portal for Job Creation for Youth – IFFCOYuva.com

Income Generation Activities for Women

Health Check up Camps for Women

Creating Jobs, Upskilling and Stopping Migration

Environment- IFFCO for Climate Action
 IFFCO through IFFDC promotes the development of wasteland into agricultural land to enhance the socio–economic status of the rural poor.
 The four operating plants of IFFCO (Kalol, Phulpur, Kandla & Aonla) have been awarded ISO – 1400 certification for their Environmental Management System in addition Township of Kalol, Aonla and Phulpur units, CORDET and Hospital at Phulpur unit have acquired ISO–14001 certification for their Environmental Management System.
 IFFCO actively work on Energy Efficiency Improvement Schemes at Ammonia plants by adopting latest Technological Developments in the manufacturing of fertilizers to reduce energy consumption. Today, IFFCO is saving more than 0.4 million kilo Calories per MT of Urea Produced from its plant.
 Reduction in CO2 emission through various schemes.



Farm Implements

Water Resource Development

Organic Sources Residue recycling, GM, Composting, Biofertilisers etc
Soil Reclamation (Acidic / Alkali)

Soil Testing

Extension Services

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‘Human Rights in Value Chains’