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Dr Bindiya Tater IT Consultant [email protected]
Dr Bindiya Tater is B.Sc. with Honours in Computer Science, MBA in (Marketing & System), PGDIBO, Ph.D in Management. She has 7 years of Academic and worked at the Post of Associate Professor and during 6 years of Administrative experience she worked at the post of Chief Executive Officer, Shri Akhil Bharat Varshiya Sadhu margi Jain Sangh. She was In-Charge of Central Office (Bikaner), along with supervising two regional offices (Udaipur & Ratlam), one hospital, two hostels and one central library. She executed many Dharmik and Social Projects, handled National level Statutory & AGM Meetings, Man Power Planning and Recruitment, Preparing Annual Budgets of Sangh, assisted top management in framing of several policies, organized many national and International events, Organize Felicitation of Administrative Awards to IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS and many Other National Level Awards during Foundation Day every year. She played a pivotal role in opening International branches at Dubai-Abu Dhabi, USA, Nepal and Bhutan and many National Branches throughout India. Manage publication work of fortnightly magazine shramnopasak, sahitya. Was in-charge to look after matters regularization of property and Affiliation of Local Branches with Central Sangh throughout India. Look after several financial assistance projects.Continuously worked for IT related development such as Dynamic website, App, ERP and Sadhumargi Sanchar Tantra. Her core competence is in IT, Marketing and System. She has published in many National/International Journal/ Articles of repute. Also she has presented and participated in many national and International Conferences. She also got BEST PAPER AWARD in one of her Publication. Roles and responsibilities as IT Consultant of University
 IT developments in the University from NAAC point of view  Monitoring of Current and New Website  Monitoring, updation and new developments in ERP System  Technical Updation of all computer Labs of the University  Monitoring of AMC related work.  Framing of IT policy for University  Teaching students of BBA, B.com and MBA students  Handling editorial work of BRAUSS Journal of Trends in Library and Information
Management Future Perspectives for University from IT point of view:
 Preparing IT infrastructures of University from NAAC Point of view
 Implementing IT policies from all aspects
 Developing new modules in ERP as per University strategic priorities
 Analyzing requirements of University from security and privacy point of View

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Dr Bindiya Tater