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The Radiology Research Services System (RRSS)
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Last updated: Apr 2022

Team Members
• Radiology Research (RR) Team
– Carissa Walter, Research Manager, MPH, CCRP [email protected] – Gentry Fowler, Research Coordinator, BS [email protected] – Angie Barton, Research Coordinator, MS, CNMT, RT(CT) [email protected] – Peyton Ackerman, Research Coordinator, BA [email protected]

What do we do?
• We are a University Office, but work with the hospital. • Scholarship and Mentorship: structure and education for residents, fellows, and
staff to complete investigator-initiated studies • Departmental Clinical Research Trials: support for sponsored clinical research
trials • Research Support Services: supplementary research services to assist study teams
in completing study imaging activities across the institution, including:
– Study protocol reviews • Image upload transmissions • Special radiologist reads (with pre-approval) • Coordinate Image Acquisition Guidelines (IAG) review between the study teams and hospital staff

RR Protocol Reviews
• All this info is stored in 2 projects in Redcap: Radiology Research Services System (RRSS) RRSS 1.1 and RRSS 1.2
1. Image Acquisition Guidelines (IAG) Review
• Info stored in RRSS1.1
2. Special Read Text
• Info stored in RRSS1.1
3. Uploads
• General info stored in RRSS1.1 • Requested through RRSS1.2

Radiology Research Protocol Review Process

Protocols Received in RR
• Can come directly from SCs
• Clinical Research Start Up Form REDCap

Protocols Reviewed by RR
• Information kept within RRSS 1.1
• Reach out to SC for any imaging documents & services needed • Uploads, reads, special acquisitions

RR Communicates with Radiology Personnel
• Techs review imaging manuals for feasibility
• Determine if special acquisition instructions needed
• Radiologist review as needed

RR Communicates with SC
• Notifications sent from RRSS 1.1 automatically when special read and acquisition texts are ready

1.1 Radiology Research Study Review (RRSS 1.1)
• RRSS 1.1 houses info in every study we’ve ever reviewed.
• To find info on a specific study:
1. Login to REDCap:
2. Under My Projects, click on 1.1 Radiology Research Study Review (RRSS 1.1)
3. Click on Add/Edit Records located on the lefthand column of the screen
4. Enter the study’s HSC#, short name, or any other unique study identifier in the Search query field.

Checking for Radiology Involvement in RRSS 1.1
1. IAG Summary Tab/IAG Review Tabs
– Are special acquisition guidelines required?
2. Special Read Text Tab
– Are Special Read instructions required?
3. Uploads Tab
– Is RR providing image submission support?


Special Image Acquisition Guidelines
• Hospital personnel review the image acquisition parameters to identify protocols requiring special instructions for scans
• IAGs are sent to the Image Techs on the 15th of every month • To ensure your patients are scanned appropriately per protocol, make sure to send all
documentation regarding imaging to RR
– RR will send an IAG Request survey via REDCap. Please attach all relevant materials and email us them directly if more need to be sent than can be uploaded
• If special protocol builds are required, there is a limit of 2 locations to have your protocol built
– Make sure to only schedule patients to those locations

IAG Survey for SCs
• Please complete survey even for studies without imaging manual
– You will receive weekly notifications for up to five weeks until the survey is completed within REDCap
• Can upload up to three documents via survey (or upload one ZIP file)
• Indicating preference for location does not guarantee patients will be able to be scanned there
• Patients will be scanned according to standard procedures if there is no imaging manual provided

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The Radiology Research Services System (RRSS)