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Expect more from your floor.
Silikal® Flooring in the Beverage Industry
Clean, extremely durable, monolithic and down in a jiffy—that’s Silikal reactive resin flooring. It puts breweries, wineries and bottling plants on a firm footing.

Clean, quick, safe and attra
Go down overnight: hygienic flo

A piece of cake to put down—the floor is fully cured and ready for action after only 2 hours. A perfect way to avoid standstills in your operations!

The daily routine at beverage producers means stress on everyone and everything, especially the floor: Crates and bottles are shaken and shimmied, pushed and pulled, filled, washed and sterilized. Things come crashing down or just shatter on the floor. And in spite of all this, the floor still has to take it all and come up “smiling.” After all, in places where food is being processed,

even small bumps and bruises can mean a sanitation risk, at the very least renovation and repair work which can put the brakes on production and shipments. These are all problems and costs that can be prevented with reactive resin flooring from Silikal: simply more durability even under the heaviest loads.

active … Floors from Silikal!
ooring for the beverage industry

The high level of resistance the coatings offer to wear and tear keeps spaces dust-free—an essential factor in keeping beverage producing facilities sanitary. The seamless, monolithic surface also prevents contamination from penetrating the surface, also making the floor easier to clean. It can also withstand acids, alkalis, greases, salts or other aggressive materials.

And Silikal flooring goes down in the shortest time possible—often without causing any production downtimes at all! Reactive resins are fully cured after only one to two hours. They can also bear their full mechanical and chemical loads from this time and, of course, are also physiologically safe any time.

And last but not least, Silikal floors also have a lot to offer the eye: A wide selection of attractive colours and possibilities for individual designs with coloured flakes or quartz sands make floors not only hard-wearing but the spaces above them pleasant to look at and work in. So, no matter how you look at it: Silikal offers something for every floor.

Photos: Fotoatelier Werner Schäfer, Koblenz, Germany

Your call—Silikal! An overview of the advantages.
Hygienic and clean … I Monolithic, seamless surface I Resistant to alkalis, acids, greases,
oils, salts and other aggressive media I Easy to take care of
Safe … I Anti-skid surface grades I Wear and tear resistant I Can withstand hot and cold
Quick and beautiful … I Extremely short curing times! I Easy to lay, even at temperatures
below zero I Selection of appealing colours,
e. g. with colored quartz sand or flakes mixtures as standard

Silikal production and administration in Mainhausen, Germany.

Certified Quality Management System Cert. Reg. No. 73 100 663

Certified Ecology Management System Cert. Reg. No. 73 104 856

Silikal. Great floors for every use.
Proper flooring demands the best solutions, the greatest know-how and experience.
We help our customers analyze their flooring problems and solve them. Right on site: practical, friendly, and, of course, reliable. That’s Silikal!
Talk to us. We would be pleased to give you further details, naturally free-of-charge and without obligation to you.

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All details given above can only serve as general information. The various working conditions or circumstances beyond our control and the many different materials in use exclude any claim which might arise out of the information contained herein. In case of doubt, we recommend that you make sufficient trials on your own.
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Expect more from your floor.
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Silikal Flooring in the Beverage Industry