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English 7th Grade Month 3.

Short Story

ASSIGNED WORK Student Name _____________________

Seventh Grade by Gary Soto

The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry

In class, we learn to write a short story, and will be discussing the above short stories Please eventually return The Ransom of Red Chief and Month 3 Answer Packet

October 26 In Class:
The Structure of a Short Story Setting / Exposition / Conflict Think of an idea for a short story (characters, setting, conflict)

At Home- Before Next Class: Read Seventh Grade by Gary Soto and Complete Dialogue Rules, Writing Dialogue Worksheet, and Punctuating
Dialogue before class next week. Work on story mapping for your short story due this month. Start on your exposition Read: Dialogue Rules: Complete Writing Dialogue Worksheet and Punctuating Dialogue.; Read: Seventh Grade:
Complete Narrative Diagnostic Assessment, Pre-reading Vocabulary, Questions for Thought, Literary Focus, and Critical Thinking -- before next class ___________________________________________________________________________________________ November 2 In Class: Tone and Mood; Irony; Kahoot for Seventh Grade
Breakout Rooms to discuss your answers to Narrative Diagnostic Assessment 1-11 and Critical Thinking

Bring your best short story draft to class next week for peer review. We will be looking for title, hook, exposition, inciting incident, rising action, conflict, and resolution.

At Home: Read The Ransom of Red Chief, Complete Mood and Tone Practice – Lesson 22, Understanding Irony, The Ransom of Red Chief Vocabulary Study Guide, Story Elements - as well as Analysis: Allusions, Setting, Point of View, Tone
November 9 In Class: The Ransom of Red Chief discussion; Kahoot
Short Story Peer Review: Focus on Exposition, Inciting Incident/ Rising Action Be sure to have your best/latest typed draft posted and with you. At Home: Complete Questions For Thought, Literary Focus, Critical Thinking
November 16 In class: Short Story Peer Review: Focus on the entire short story- climax and resolution + Kahoot Review of Month 4 Persuasive topics and what to have ready for class on November 30. Next week is Thanksgiving vacation. At Home: Please look over the persuasive topics; Come to next class having chosen your thesis statement

Final Exam – The Ransom of Red Chief and Seventh Grade

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