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Safety Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry.
The latest innovations from 3M. 2021

Safety Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry.
You can rely on 3M to equip health and safety professionals with personal protective equipment solutions for the multi-faceted world of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Top Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes and Tasks

Active Pharmaceutical Ingrident Helping health and safety leaders with the latest advancements in personal protection equipment when tackling the challenging occupational workplace hazards of API including highly potent APIs with an OEL lower than 1μg/m3.

Formulation and Packaging Leveraging personal protective equipment innovations when addressing occupational health and safety hazards for drug substance formulation and packaging.

Maintenance and Cleaning Delivering PPE solutions for potential occupational hazards with ongoing maintenance activities including decontamination or cleaning of cleanrooms or production suites with challenging cleaning agents such as peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Most Common Hazards in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Working at heights

Exposure to noise

Eye and face injuries


More information:

Respiratory Skin exposure

3M Science of Safety Centre
A dedicated resource for Health and Safety professionals
The 3M Science of Safety Centre is packed full of free educational content that can: – Help keep you up to date with safety regulations – Give you access to specialist expertise for your industry – Help to improve hazard awareness – Allow you to engage your workforce in conversations about health and safety – Help to improve health and safety standards in your workplace Find out how for yourself by visiting:
3M SafeTea Break
The 3M SafeTea Break provides you with the toolkit and platform you need to engage your workforce in a discussion about health, safety and long latency occupational diseases. For more information or to download your free 3M SafeTea Break kit visit:
3M Science of Safety Webinars: Watch live or on-demand
Get all of the latest facts, practical tips and more from 3M’s industry leading expert speakers. Register to attend live or watch on demand. Visit for more information and to register for upcoming events

Making great things possible. Comfortably.
3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirators 9300+Gen3 Series
Safety and comfort are a top priority at 3M. The third generation of Aura™ respirator brings a number of improvements, combining impressive new technology with ergonomic design.
The new Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve opens easier to help reduce heat inside the respirator, delivering a more comfortable wearer experience.

Features and Benefits
Convenience of use
› New upper and lower tabs › Simplified positioning and
adjustment on the face with new ‘grip’ feature on the valve
Cooler breathing – 3M™ Advanced Electret (Filter) Media (AEM)
› High charge on filter fibres attracts particles from a wider capture area, enabling less filter media to be needed
› Low initial breathing resistance

Clear vision
› Embossed top panel helps re-direct exhaled air, reducing fogging of eyewear
› Curved, low profile design conforms well to nose and eye contours – helps provide a good field of vision
› Designed to be compatible with safety eyewear from 3M

New 3M™ Cool Flow™
Comfort Valve
› Updated, modern and stylish design with clear cover lets you see new technology in action
› Allows more hot air out to reduce heat buildup and increase comfort
› Helps to minimise the risk of eyewear fogging from heat exiting through the media (certain models only)

Engineered for comfort
› New braided headbands for enhanced durability
› Colour coded for easy identification (blue for FFP2, red for FFP3)
› 3-panel flat-fold design


EN 149+A1 Classification

Exhalation Valve

9320+ FFP2 NR D


9322+ FFP2 NR D


9330+ FFP3 NR D


9332+ FFP3 NR D


*Please refer to HSE document HSG53 for more information

Assigned Protection Factor (APF)* 10 10 20 20


More information:

Potential applications
API Production:
› Chemical synthesis reaction › Fermantation › Extraction
Solid and Liquid Pharma Production:
› Mixing and Granulation › Packaging
Cleaning and Maintenance
› Reprocessing equipment

The New Standard in Intrinsically Safe Respiratory Protection.
3M™ Versaflo™ Intrinsically Safe Powered Air Respirator TR-800 Series
Intrinsically Safe (IS) Powered Air Turbo and Battery TR-800 Series are ATEX Certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres whilst offering the comfort, modularity, control and ease of use expected from the 3M™ Versaflo™ platform. The IS TR-800 Series is approved to Zone 0 requirements and so may be suitable for areas where potentially explosive atmospheres are expected and permanent in normal operations. As part of the 3M Versaflo family, when the IS TR-800 Series is combined with Versaflo headtops, belts, and other accessories, it becomes part of a CE-approved respirator system featuring: multiple speeds, audible and visual alarms and the ability to work with a wide variety of gas, vapour and particulate filters.

Features and Benefits

Comfortable airflow
› Three user selectable flow rates to maximise comfort › Controlled airflow delivers steady flow as battery
discharges or filter loads with particulates
Ease of use
› IS TR-800 Series display shows battery charge status and particulate filter loading status during use
› Battery charge indicator › Charge status is also indicated
by a useful LED display on the battery

Easy identification
› Bright yellow touchpoints to differentiate from non-IS versions of 3M™ Versaflo™ Product Family

Secure battery

› No user calibration of turbo required
› Electronic audible and visual alarm in case of low battery and/or low air flow

Battery protection
› Battery features bumpers to help absorb impacts

› Mechanical attachment of battery to help prevent battery

removal and spark

Motor/Blower Safety
› Non-Mining Gas atmospheres (Group II) EN 60079-11 Ex ia IIB T4 Ga

risk during use per EN 60079-11

- ia – intrinsic safety for Equipment protection level Ga - IIB – Gas apparatus group - T4 – Max. surface temperature 135˚C (-20˚C ≤ Ta ≤ 55˚C)
› Non-Mining Dust atmospheres (Group III) EN 60079-11 Ex ia IIIC 135˚C Da - ia – intrinsic safety for Equipment protection level Da - IIIC – Dust apparatus group

A truly global
respirator platform
› The IS TR-800 Series will be launched globally, which gives multinational customers the option to standardise on one product platform with both NIOSH and CE versions available

- 135˚C – Max surface temperature 135˚C (-20˚C ≤ Ta ≤ 55˚C)

Find all of the parts and accessories available with the TR-800.

Potential applications
API Production:
› Chemical synthesis reaction › Fermantation › Extraction

Solid and Liquid Pharma Production:

i More information:

› Mixing and Granulation › Packaging
Cleaning and Maintenance
› Reprocessing equipment

Breathing made easier.
3M™ Maintenance-Free Reusable Half Mask, 4000+ Series
Engineered for improved breathing ease, this evolution of 3M’s most popular maintenance-free reusable half mask is convenient to use, reassuringly reliable and now offers measurable improvements in comfort.
4 versions available, each offering effective protection against differing hazards in the workplace: FFA1P2 R D, FFA2P3 R D, FFABE1P3 R D, FFABEK1P3 R D

Features and Benefits
Breathing comfort
› New enhanced exhalation valve assembly reduces breathing resistance by over 30%*
› Proven to consistently exceed CE standard requirements for breathing ease

Convenient to use
› Ready-to-use, maintenance-free construction with integrated filters
› Designed to suit many eyewear and hearing protection models from 3M
› Resealable bag provides convenient and clean storage between uses

Wear comfort
› Soft and flexible face seal › Lightweight and well-balanced mask › Low-profile and ergonomic design for
optimal field of vision
› Easily adjustable straps for secure, comfortable fit

Proven reliability
› First choice of 3M reusable respirator across Europe since its introduction over 25 years ago
› Proven to consistently exceed minimum standards for filter service life

Overspray Guard
› 3M™ Overspray Guard 400+ is available to help prolong the life of the particulate filters
* Exhalation breathing resistance of 3M™ 4000+ reduced by >30% for 120 lpm peak exhalation flow and >35 % for 160 lpm compared to 3M™ 4000 Series. Results measured by 3M in 2017 under laboratory conditions. Breathing rates shown as an example only.


More information:

Potential applications
API Production:
› Chemical synthesis reaction › Fermantation › Extraction
Solid and Liquid Pharma Production:
› Mixing and Granulation › Packaging
Cleaning and Maintenance
› Reprocessing equipment

Secure Fit. Without Feeling Tight.
3M™ SecureFit™ SF200 with the 3M™ Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog (SGAF)
Innovative design with 3M™ Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology promotes improved comfort and security of fit combined with 3M™ Scotchgard™ for added protection against fogging and scratching.

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Safety Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry