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SUBMITTED BY: Juel Lugo, LILT, [email protected], DATE: April 24, 2017

PROJECT OF THE YEAR NATIONAL AWARD WINNER: The Bucklin Hill Bridge and Estuary Enhancement

Controversial Road Closure Results in National Award

The project that shut down a major through-road for an entire year has won 2017 Project of the Year awards from the American Public Works Association at the state and national levels.

Initiated by Kitsap County in 2011, The Bucklin Hill Bridge and Estuary Enhancement was designed to enhance the estuary of Clear Creek as it enters Dyes Inlet and reduce traffic congestion in Silverdale. The project embraced community values, considered transportation needs, protected and enhanced environmental resources, and recognized residents, business owners, and Suquamish tribal members who live, work, and play in the area. And while the closure of a road that routinely carries 20,000 vehicles a day sounds unreasonable, it saved the project $2M and allowed contractors to work several tracks of construction concurrently and safely along the shores of the fragile Clear Creek and Dyes Inlet water ways.

The design team led by Otak, Inc. worked with Kitsap County to successfully replace the roadway embankment and two 72‐inch culverts with a 240‐foot three‐span bridge; widening the road to five lanes, and adding traffic signals, roadway and pedestrian lighting, storm drainage improvements; and adding amenities for pedestrians and bicyclists. The grade of the road was raised five feet to provide clearance under the new bridge and to better fit the adjacent properties and roadway connections.

"The ecology and economy of the project was huge to Silverdale as a regional center. Our ability to move people, goods and services around our community and the ability to take out this choke point in our infrastructure is extremely

The Bucklin Hill Bridge project is the largest roads project in the


County's history and Kitsap County committed to innovation and

—Robert Gelder,

an unprecedented level of public outreach even before breaking

Kitsap County Commissioner

ground. Starting two years before project kick-off, they

communicated regularly through meetings and the website This resulted in a positive

community support on a controversial road closure could have easily turned the public against the project.

And through the innovation of contractor Granite Construction and implementation of Exeltech Consulting,

Inc. the project was able to navigate the complex permitting process and make complete structural

engineering changes that resulted in $300k in savings, as well as reducing impact on the estuary.

Each year the Washington Chapter of the American Public Works Association recognizes a few select public works projects as being outstanding. This year one of Washington’s projects— The Bucklin Hill Bridge and Estuary Enhancement—has also been recognized on the National level as a Project of the Year for 2017.

Public Works are infrastructure projects financed by the government with the goal of improving the safety, employment, or recreation of a community. The Project of the Year Awards showcase the very best of public works. Projects were submitted in five different categories: Structures, Transportation, Environment, Historical Restoration/Preservation, and Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair and awards will be presented during the Project of the Year Awards Banquet at the APWA WA Chapter Spring Conference on April 27, 2017. National Award Winners will be honored at the National APWA Conference (PWX) in Orlando, Florida on Monday, August 28.

State Project of the Year Winners include:
• City of Gig Harbor, Cushman Trail • WSDOT, SR 542 Anderson Creek Culvert • City of Wenatchee, 2016 Pedestrian Safety
Improvements • City of Tacoma, Port of Tacoma Road
Reconstruction • WSDOT, SR 520 Floating Bridge and Landings

• City of Des Moines, Redondo Boardwalk Replacement Project
• Kitsap County, Bucklin Hill Bridge and Estuary Enhancement
• City of Lynnwood, 212 Street Emergency Waterline Replacement
• Seattle DOT, Elliot Bay Seawall Project • City of Tacoma, Tacoma Avenue South Bridge

For more text, quotes and photos on the award winning projects is available, please contact:
Juel Lugo Principal, LILT (253) 209-5112 [email protected]
For more information regarding the APWA Project of the Year, please contact:
Kirk Holmes Director of Central Washington Services, Perteet, Inc. (509) 312-9963 [email protected]
Patrick Skillings, PMP Project Manager, Skillings Connolly (360) 491-3399
[email protected]

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Project Of The Year National Award Winner