SOUL OF SUCCESS: The Jack Canfield Story

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Thank you for being willing to share your story for possible inclusion in our new Documentary Film about the life and legendary career of Jack Canfield…
SOUL OF SUCCESS: The Jack Canfield Story
Please submit your video by February 1, 2017
 How has Jack’s ideas, tips or coaching changed your career, improved your business, further developed your skills or mindset, or helped you achieve your dreams?
 What is the best advice he ever gave you?  Do you have a funny, touching, or moving story about an interaction you had with Jack?  Have you ever shared any of Jack’s lessons with your friends, family, clients or colleagues? If so, what
was it? We’re looking for ways The Success Principles, The Law of Attraction, stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul, or Jack’s live events, training, coaching and digital products have helped shape you into who you are today.
NOTE: If your video is not selected for the Movie, there’s other opportunities to share your success story on our website, social media or promotional efforts as well!
1. We are looking for people from all over the world! 2. Stories should be shot ON VIDEO. You can use your smartphone, webcam, or if you have access to a
good quality digital camera, go for it! 3. Begin your video with the following: Your name, business (or what you do) and where you are, how you
are connected to Jack (attended a training, read a book, etc.) – followed by your story. 4. Video should be about 30‐60 seconds long: quick, entertaining and to the point. 5. Submit your story via email. When sending your video, please include:
 Your name, address and phone number  Link to your video, or attach your written story and photos.  If you’re video is too long, you may have trouble sending it to us, so please upload your video to
a file sharing service such as Dropbox, Jumpshare, Hightale, Google Drive, etc.  While video stories are required for the Movie, WRITTEN stories along with photos may be able
to be featured on our website and used in our marketing campaigns.
Email your story to: [email protected]
We will notify you if your story is selected for the Movie, or other purpose.

HELPFUL TIPS FOR RECORDING YOUR VIDEO:  Set the scene: your office, outdoors, or somewhere significant or relevant to the story.  Choose a pleasant location that enhances your story or just looks beautiful.  Look your best! Casual clothing is fine as long as it’s clean and fresh looking. Think about the image you want to present to the world. Avoid black, white, or heavily patterned clothing. In our experience, these looks aren’t great on camera.  Avoid wearing clothing or using backgrounds with any trademarked/copyrighted logos.  Make sure there is plenty of consistent light. We want to see you! Dimly lit rooms result in dark videos. Also, if there is a bright light in the shot, such as a lamp or window, most auto‐ focus settings will adjust for the light source and make the video darker. Lighting that is consistent and even is best.  Make sure we can hear you, too! Speak audibly and clearly towards the camera. This may mean speaking louder than you would normally. Try to avoid rooms with a lot of echo or places with too much background noise or wind.  Shoot horizontal, not upright if using your tablet or smartphone.  Stabilize the camera on a solid surface such as a table or tripod. Hand‐held recordings are generally shaky and difficult to watch, resulting in poor video quality.
 Always perform a test shot before your actual filming so you can make any adjustments.
 Plan what you will say and stick to it. The time goes by fast when you are telling a story. Smile. Be yourself. Pretend like you’re telling your story to your best friend.
 Stories will be selected for: o Moving emotional content o Impressive results/achievements o Inspirational value
Email your story to: [email protected]
We will notify you if your story is selected for the Movie, or other purpose.
GOOD LUCK, and thank you for participating!

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SOUL OF SUCCESS: The Jack Canfield Story