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Thomas Nelson Community College
ART 292 Computer Graphic Design I
Project 4: Magazine Page Design
Your assignment is to design a double-page spread* (layout) and a table of contents or cover for the national magazine Bon Appétit.
The photographs for the double-page spread and additional page(s) will be those you made in Project 3 Food Styling Photography. You must include related items such as a recipe or other related items such as vector graphics such as illustrations, ribbons or banners.
Four pages with your writing and your photographs: • Double-page (2 pages) spread with an article • Magazine cover or table of contents • A PDF import of your ad from Project 2: Beverage Ad
For extras credit you may include: • Single full-page photo with a quote or reference to a recipe
You must use InDesign for this assignment for ALL layout and type although the label and other graphical elements may be created in Photoshop or Illustrator.
* A spread is two facing pages in a publication.
1. Analyze contemporary magazine writing. 2. Develop professional marketing writing skills. 3. Conceptualize and design a series of pages for a magazine. 4. Gain experience in using grids for multiple pages. 5. Utilize visual hierarchy to support the clarity of the message. 6. Analyze and apply the visual elements and the design principles
in your composition.
INFORMATION COLLECTION AND WRITING Collect and write the information you will use in a Word document. It is important that you write a headline, subheads, an introductory paragraph,

Thomas Nelson Community College
a “pull quote” and if possible, all of the text for your design. This content will be “placed” in InDesign from this Word document.
You may include a recipe from as part of the 500 words but there must be adequate writing to have this be an article for the magazine.
Make a separate Word document with the recipe content. This content will also be “placed” in InDesign and a separate document will be easier to control.
You must include the following: • Title of magazine • Month and year of magazine • Page numbers • Article headline • Article subhead • Author of article • Credits as needed • Pull quote • A minimum of 500 words as paragraph text - no Greeking • Recipe
PHOTOGRAPHY REVIEW Before you start your design, review the grading sheet for the Food Styling Photography assignment. Revise or take additional photographs based on comments from the grading sheet. These updates to your photographs will be reviewed and are evaluated on the grading sheet for this assignment.
GRID STUDY Make an InDesign document and import selections from the Bon Appétit magazine jpgs provided on the class site. Place these jpgs on individual pages in InDesign and use Margins & Columns to determine the grid for that page. You must complete a minimum of 10 studies.
Page size: 8” (w) x 11” (h) with a 0.5 margin and 0.125 bleed.
SKETCHES OR THUMBNAILS Consider your content and think about how your content can be arranged based on the grids you studied. Make a series of small sketches IN PENCIL of your selected grid and greek the headlines and body. You may want instead to make small versions of your grid in Illustrator, print several copies and continue your sketches in pencil.

Thomas Nelson Community College
INDESIGN MAGAZINE LAYOUT Make a second InDesign document for your magazine layout with 4 pages. Refer to your grid study and choose grids to incorporate into your magazine pages.
Page one: Design a cover or a table of contents. A cover will have space available for written content. The table of contents will have a list of small text requiring a simple photographic background.
Page two and three (double-page spread): Your required double-page spread must have a minimum of 300 - 500 words as paragraph text so these pages will be text “heavy” although they should include photographs, graphics, and or illustrations for visual interest. You must complete your own photographs, graphics, and or illustrations.
Page four: Import a PDF of your Project 2: Beverage Ad
Page five: (optional for extra credit) The additional optional page may be primarily photographic with a small amount of type.
TYPOPGRAHY: • You may not use a highly stylized or decorative font for this assignment. • You may not use pure center alignment for your text. • Refer to the type choices in Bon Appetit and use type that will appropriate for the magazine. • Think of your typography as part of your design and not as an element added after you have completed your illustration or photograph.
You must include the following content: • Title of magazine • Month and year of magazine • Page numbers • Article headline • Article subhead • Author of article • Credits as needed • Pull quote

Thomas Nelson Community College
• A minimum of 500 words as paragraph text - no Greeking • Photographs of food or drink related items • Small vector drawings
Software: The final layout must be completed using InDesign. Your text for must be completed in InDesign. Required software techniques:
• Master Pages with page numbers, magazine name and month • Paragraph Styles • Columns or guidelines per page • Bleed • Named layers • Placed text and linked text boxes • Hanging punctuation: Story > Optical Margin Alignment • All blank pages removed
Page size: 8” (w) x 11” (h) with a 0.5 margin and 0.125 bleed. Color: CMYK Resolution: 300 dpi
A written Portfolio Statement is required for this assignment.
The criteria for evaluation will be how successful you were in completing the required items for the assignment. The individual parts of the assignment will be graded including your writing and scanned sketches. Your compositions will be evaluated based on the principles of design.
Technical control will be evaluated with an emphasis on well-organized digital documents and the careful and successful use of the software.
Please refer to the posted grading sheet to see specifically how your work will be graded.
• Word document with your written content. • InDesign document with your grid studies. • InDesign document with all linked documents. • PDF of your InDesign document with bleed and trim. • PDF of your InDesign document with NO bleed and trim for client

Thomas Nelson Community College • Portfolio Statement
Please submit your project on to GoogleDrive minimum of one hour before the final ZOOM critique. Your work needs to be downloaded before the critique to my hard drive. Your completed project is due at the beginning of the class period. NOTE: This is the last day to turn in the final project. Projects that are not shown at the critique will not be accepted without a written medical excuse. Anyone missing the final critique without prior approval will have a full letter grade deduced from his or her final average. This is stated in the class syllabus.

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