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XL2 – Effortless. Powerful. Uncompromising.
Many Functions – Ready for any Challenge
As a measurement expert, you will encounter different and sometimes demanding challenges. The XL2 supports you with many functions and in a wide range of applications. Even in its standard configuration, this precision device offers a wide range of analysis options. It contains all the functions for sound level measurement including a spectral display, level and audio recording, and limit value visualization. For setup and troubleshooting of sound installations, a level and frequency measurement with harmonic distortion analysis is available. Also, speakers and cables can be measured for correct polarity and delay times. Advanced applications such as speech intelligibility, vibration analysis, reverberation, sound insulation, etc. can be licensed on the same device if required. Thus, the device grows with your needs and minimizes the cost of future investments.
Switch on. Measure. Analyze.
Three seconds after switching on, the meter is ready to measure. The intuitive navigation suits professionals as well as beginners. Simply choose a predefined profile and adjust the measuring parameters as you need. The XL2 provides an extensive range of measuring functions.

One Device – Many Applications
The XL2 is a powerful Sound Level Meter, a professional Acoustic Analyzer, a precise Audio Analyzer, and a substantial Vibration Meter in one unit. Simple operation and plenty of functions distinguishes this quality Swiss product.

Precise Results. Simple Operation.

The Applications

Room & Building Acoustics
· Reverberation RT60 · Airborne Sound Insulation · Impact Sound Insulation · Noise Curves

Evacuation / Installed Sound
· Alarm Limits STIPA · Speech Intelligibility · Impedance Measurement

Noise Measurement
· Unattended Noise Monitoring · Tonal and Impulsive Noise · Rating Level · Noise at Work

Live Sound
· Sound Level Monitoring · Audio Measurements (THD) · Measurement Reports

Vibration Measurement
· Acceleration · Velocity · Displacement · Spectral Representation

Quality Control
· Spectral Analysis · Pass/Fail Testing · Remote Control

XL2 Sound Level Meter, Audio and Acoustic Analyzer

Live Sound
Made by Professionals for Professionals
Live Sound – Level Monitoring
As long as the sound is good and the show entertaining, live sound events can be enjoyed. However, the sound level must always be below the legal limits in order to avoid possible hearing damage to the audience and to not disturb the neighbors. The standard XL2 Sound Level Meter offers this functionality.
Keeping Below the Legal Limits
The pre-defined profiles in the XL2 Sound Level Meter make it easy to comply with the legal limits. Switch on the device, press start - done! The XL2 measures and stores the required levels and informs the user via a tri-color LED or external lights whether the current sound level is within the allowable range. At the same time, if necessary, the device records the entire event in a compressed WAV file.
Professional Reports
Load the measurement data into the NTi Audio Measurement Report Tool, add your logo and print. Compare the displayed levels with the audio recording for a deeper analysis of the event (for example, loud applause that triggered a level violation).
Projector PRO Software for Visualisation of Levels and Limits

Voice Evacuation Systems
Speech Intelligibility STIPA in Evacuation Systems
The XL2, with the STIPA Option, measures the speech intelligibility of the system, taking into account the background noise. Reporting tools that read the XL2 data directly, are available to produce documentation that serves as a basis for the acceptance of such announcement systems.
Reverberation as a key to Good Speech Intelligibility
Large venues, such as railway stations, can have a naturally long reverberation time, which can have a negative effect on speech intelligibility. Measuring reverberation time with the XL2 is effortless and provides a solid basis for the optimal design of a voice evacuation system. An XL2 RT60 measurement is automatically triggered by either an impulse or gated noise sound source.
Impedance Measurement shows Wiring Defects and Reserve Capacity
In distributed audio systems (100V systems), an impedance measurement with the MR-PRO Audio Generator helps to quickly and easily determine if all loudspeakers are in working order and correctly wired. If the installed system needs to be expanded, the impedance or power measurement by the MR-PRO helps to determine the reserve capacity available on the line of speakers.
Voice Paging Level
Establishing an appropriate level for evacuation announcements through the sound system with our instruments is straight forward, in accordance with standards, and delivers professional documentation. At the same time, the complete frequency response is measured.

Room and Building Acoustics
The standard XL2 contains all the necessary functions for measuring room and building acoustics, including reverberation time in octave bands. An intelligent auto-naming process helps with the assignment of each result as a sending/receiving room or ambient level measurement.
Measuring Airborne and Impact Noise
The measured results can then be loaded into the optional Sound Insulation Reporter or Room Acoustics Reporter software packages. Sound Insulation Reporter creates the averaging curves and determines the standard insulation values D​​ , Dn, DnT und R’ in a matter of seconds. At the push of a button, you will then be able to create readymade reports – with your logo.
Reverberation Time Optimization
Room Acoustics Reporter similarly supports the assessment of a room. It offers simulation options for calculating the target reverberation time by inserting various insulation materials that can be selected from a comprehensive catalog.
Sound Insulation Reporter Software

Noise Measurement / Remote Monitoring

The XL2 Sound Level Meter provides all the functions needed to measure and monitor noise. Its removable SD card offers plenty of space to record levels, spectra and audio files. The data can also be read out during an ongoing measurement via its USB interface.
With the weatherproof case and the type-approved WP30 microphone protection, self-sufficient remote measurement stations can be created. The NetBox gives communication capabilities to the XL2 via LAN or mobile data and allows access to the device via a web browser.
With NoiseScout in the Cloud
For professional, cloud-based remote monitoring of construction sites, airports, etc., the NoiseScout cloud portal is available. Monitor any number of measurement stations and visualize their data. The system generates email warnings, including audio snippets, when level limits are exceeded. All measured values a​​ nd audio files are available for download by the user.
Rating Level from Data Explorer
For post-processing, the measurement data can be loaded from the cloud or from the measuring device into the Data Explorer PC software for comprehensive analysis. Periods containing tonal or impulsive noise are automatically marked and the Rating Level Lr calculated.

Outdoor Case with XL2
Data Explorer Software

Vibration Meter

With the Vibration Option and an attached accelerometer, the XL2 is well suited for vibration analysis or as an efficient and cost-effective solution for industrial vibration quality control.
The device measures acceleration for frequencies down to 0.7 Hz and calculates velocity and displacement. The results can be displayed in metric or imperial units, or as a dB value with adjustable reference level. With various filters and time weightings, a gliding RMS level for easy reading, and peak readings, the Vibration Meter is ideal for a wide range of applications.
Spectral Results and Logging
All vibration results can be displayed as a 1 / n-octave spectrum or linearly as FFT. The frequency range can be set to suit the application.
Results are logged in plain text format. In addition, if required, the vibration signal can be saved as a compressed WAV file. All measurement data, together with an optional voice memo, is stored on the SD card; providing capacity for long-term measurements.

Broadband Vibration Measurement

Spectral FFT Representation for Vibration Analysis

Manufacturing Quality Control

Whether you need to measure structure-borne noise with an accelerometer or sound with a microphone, the XL2 can be easily integrated into your production line.
Pass/Fail Testing
The optional Spectral Limits function is particularly suitable for performing pass/fail measurements. First, a number of spectral measurements are averaged from a series of known good samples. Spectral fail limits are then calculated using a tolerance rule. Using these, the XL2 can then autonomously measure the spectrum of all products and visualize the result.
For the frequency analysis, a high-resolution zoom FFT or a spectrum with a resolution of up to 1/12 octave is available.
With its digital inputs and outputs, the XL2 can communicate directly with a controller. The measurement can be started via an external signal and the measurement result displayed as a PASS/FAIL signal. Using the Remote Measurement Option, the entire control and the reading of the measurement results can be realized via the USB interface.

Spectral Limits with Tolerances
Stack Light

Sound Level Meter

Spectral Analyzer

FFT Analyzer

The XL2 with measurement microphone is a precise Sound Level Meter. All measurement results are available simultaneously, e.g. Leq, Lmin, Lmax, and LCpeak, with the frequency weighting A, C, Z and the time weighting Fast, Slow and optional Impulse.

Real-time analysis RTA is an ideal tool for optimizing sound systems. In addition to the broadband levels, the XL2 simultaneously measures the real-time spectrum in 1/3 or 1/1 octave band resolution.

The real-time FFT is the ideal tool for detecting comb filters and resonant frequencies. The XL2 measures the actual level and the time-averaged Leq level in three frequency ranges.

Polarity, Delay, Oscilloscope

Audio Analyzer

Reverberation Time RT60

Other measurement functions determine the speaker polarity, help with the setup of delay lines or represent the signal in an auto-ranging oscilloscope.

With a balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA input, the XL2 is a high-performance audio analyzer. It simultaneously measures balance, RMS level, frequency, and harmonic distortion (THD + N).

Measure the reverberation time in a room with automatic triggering from an impulse or gated pink noise sound source.


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Audio And Acoustic Analyzer