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Teamcenter Quality Management with CAPA
Corrective and Preventive Actions Ensure Product Quality
In order to stay competitive and distinguish yourself in the marketplace, your company must reduce product and operating costs while improving product quality. Every day you must make trade-off decisions between cost, time and the need to meet design intent. Making the wrong decisions can have a devastating impact on many aspects of your business.
Despite the priority you give to product quality, your quality management teams may still have difficulty getting the information they need. Since you’re already using product lifecycle management (PLM) to streamline product data and processes, why not include your quality teams within the same system you use to manage your product lifecycle?
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Teamcenter Delivers Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
The Teamcenter solution for corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) provides an enterprise-wide product quality management solution for capturing various forms of complaints, defects and non-conformances. Using Teamcenter for quality management, you can:
• Follow a formal process to systematically investigate, analyze and resolve quality issues • Streamline the definition of measures to prevent future re-occurrences • Report the results in a simple, intuitive manner
Teamcenter provides closed-loop issue resolution for identifying, analyzing and sharing critical product quality data, built on an enterprise-scalable foundation. Your design, manufacturing, and quality improvement teams can share the same views of the information they need to directly impact Six Sigma and lean initiatives.
By providing visibility into critical product quality characteristics, failures/non-conformances, and resolutions to these issues, the Teamcenter quality management solution allows you to make smarter decisions across the global, extended enterprise. This streamlines CAPA efficiency and reduces the overall cost of quality.
Key Capabilities and Benefits

Quality Management Solution Capabilities
• Intuitive user experience tailored to your specific needs • Choice of configurable or out-of-the-box workflows to manage the issue resolution
process • Single view for all tasks and sign-offs • Powerful, flexible and easy-to-customize reporting • Dashboard to help you analyze quality data and identify trends • Powerful, integrated search capabilities • Product data, related issues and resolution in one PLM environment • Capture knowledge of how to resolve issues
Quality Management Solution Benefits
• Reduce manual effort by automating your business processes • Improve problem resolution speed with increased executive visibility • Improve closure results to mitigate the risk of rework on repeat issues • Make smarter decisions with knowledge re-use • Gain insight through full traceability • Demonstrate compliance to standards • Utilize your PLM investment • Reduce information technology (IT) investment by eliminating the need for other CAPA
Teamcenter on the Cloud
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Cloud PLM with Fast Deployment and Simplified Scalability for Greater Return-on-Investment
Teamcenter on the cloud provides you cost-effective access to enterprise-grade IT infrastructure and resources. Our cloud PLM solution is delivered through the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform pay-as-you-go model. Using Teamcenter on the cloud means that you have fast and flexible deployment of virtual Teamcenter environments, with the ability to dynamically scale infrastructure up and down based on project needs. You can use the service to instantly turn on infrastructure resources without heavy upfront investments. In addition to managing infrastructure, Teamcenter on the cloud supports centralized application management teams, which allows your IT department to focus on higher-level, value-added services – such as supplier and partner on-boarding – which can lead to enhanced collaboration and provide faster return-on-investment. Teamcenter on the cloud, delivered through an IaaS model, extends Siemens PLM Software’s platform of choice strategy and demonstrates our commitment to deliver products based on a future-proof architecture, a key tenet of HD-PLM. Currently certified and ready for deployment is Amazon Web Services™. Full support is planned for Microsoft’s Windows Azure™ and IBM.
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Key Capabilities and Benefits
• Enterprise-grade IT infrastructure and resources • Fast deployment options and simplified scalability for lower cost-of-ownership • Centralized application management teams • Pay-as-you-go IaaS platform • Future-proof architecture

Teamcenter Sustainability and Environmental Compliance
Go Green with a Framework for Sustainability and Design for Environment Initiatives
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To successfully develop environmentally friendly products, companies must implement a sustainability framework. Global OEMs and their supply chains not only need to choose materials that are compliant with regulations, but they also need to move beyond basic compliance with a sustainability strategy that phases out or replaces current components and materials with new “green” ones. Noncompliance costs can range from fines to more severe penalties, including being prevented from selling your products in key markets. Lack of visibility to compliance information can also lead to increased inventory costs and excessive product redesign costs.
Instead of struggling to keep-up with ever-changing, country-specific regulations such as RoHS, or waiting for future mandates such as EuP (energy-using products) to impact your business, why not take a pro-active approach and use Teamcenter to establish a sustainability framework for your green product initiatives?
• See Jim Brown, President of Tech-Clarity, recommend strategies for DfE
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Teamcenter Delivers Sustainability and Environmental Compliance
Teamcenter can help you establish a framework for sustainability and design for environment (DfE) initiatives with a substance compliance solution to support the development of green, environmentally friendly products. Teamcenter allows you to quickly understand how well your product complies with specific regional environmental regulations worldwide.
Teamcenter manages material and substance information to provide traceability and aggregation of materials and substances across a product bill of materials (BOM), allowing you to control the material makeup of your products to limit the use of hazardous substances. You can also determine the effect of a substance regulation on a product early in the lifecycle, and understand its impact on your bottom line. Teamcenter reduces the costs associated with collecting and managing the vast amount of environmental data required to establish and document the compliance of complex products, down to the substance level. You can use Teamcenter as the single source of approved materials for your company, so you can leverage the materials throughout the Teamcenter portfolio of PLM applications.
Teamcenter uses the compliance process manager (CPM) tool from PE INTERNATIONAL, the global market leader in strategic consultancy, software solutions and extensive services in the field of sustainability. You can check a BOM for specific substances in accordance with various environmental compliance regulations. Pre-configured rule sets make it easy to understand and

keep up with changes in global regulations such as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and Conflict Minerals. A sustainability framework that supports the effective management of product requirements is critical to enabling sustainable product design. Teamcenter traces requirements from the product design to the manufacturing process, and then on to the product in-service. Requirements management ensures that your program and product targets are set correctly up-front. You can look ahead in the product lifecycle and include environmental considerations for each phase, establishing the sustainability of the product and process from the start. With requirements traceability, you can track those requirements throughout the process to ensure that critical deliverables are met. Teamcenter enables data exchanges with third-party material sources (such MatML or IMDS data) and supplier warehouses (such as BOMcheck) to align your Teamcenter-based sustainability strategy with existing tools and processes.
Key Capabilities and Benefits
Sustainability and Environmental Compliance Solution Capabilities
• You can create and manage materials and substances • You can initiate material and substance declaration requests to suppliers and import
declaration forms from suppliers and external users • Standard regulatory rule sets are provided for compliance grading against REACH, RoHS
and Conflict Minerals • A configurable rules editor helps you satisfy company-specific and substance-based
environmental compliance regulations • Authoring management is facilitated by advanced Microsoft Office integration • Teamcenter has a secure, open and scalable architecture • Output can be tailored to match various standard formats, such as IPC-1752 • Product structure management includes impact analysis reporting and visualization • Change management capabilities and tightly integrated workflows • Classification and requirements management capabilities

Sustainability and Environmental Compliance Solution Benefits
• Intelligently integrate material and substance information to create a single source of accurate and compliant data that can be used across Siemens PLM Software solutions
• Minimize risk of significant fines, restricted market access and damage to brands by identifying, tracking and reporting substances of concern that are used in a product
• Reduce errors and rework costs by automating the exchange of material and substance declarations with suppliers
• Teamcenter supports DfE initiatives
Supplier Integration
Extending PLM to the Supply Chain
Due to increasing complexity and compressed production cycles, more products today are being digitally designed and validated by globally dispersed teams. At the same time, your suppliers are assuming more responsibility for greater portions of products, which requires them to interact with multiple disciplines in your company (purchasing, engineering, quality, manufacturing, etc.).
Early supplier involvement in PLM processes, good supplier information visibility, efficient sourcing processes, and better coordination between product development teams will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom-line. With a comprehensive approach to managing interactions with suppliers, your company can reduce risk, improve time-to-market and lower costs.
The ability to effectively collect and manage supplier information results in lower purchased costs and risks due to factors such as non-compliance, missed deliveries, etc. By understanding how much you spend on outside goods and services, you can increase your negotiation power and reduce the risk of non-compliance.
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Include Stakeholders Across the Supply Chain, Even if They Don’t Use Teamcenter
The Teamcenter supplier integration solution integrates the extended enterprise and suppliers (and associated information) across all stages of your product development process.
• Teamcenter automates the process of supplier integration and manages supply chain design and process data at a granular level.
• Teamcenter-driven sourcing processes are aligned with the BOM providing insight into the impact of supplier costs on the final product.
• With Teamcenter, all stakeholders (e.g., purchasing, engineering, quality, manufacturing, etc.) have access to supplier information, enabling them to quickly find, qualify and monitor suppliers. The integration of suppliers with PLM processes enables better purchased components decisions and supplier analytics.

• The Briefcase Browser from Teamcenter provides an easy-to-use tool for suppliers to receive and share design data with OEMs, even if they don’t use Teamcenter. This lightweight application enables suppliers. to work offline on OEM design packages.
When your organization connects procurement and suppliers more closely with design teams – earlier in the process – you can better manage cost and truly impact the development of more innovative products. Teamcenter helps synchronize the value chain and leverage your suppliers’ innovation potential as a strategic weapon in the battle for profitable growth.
Key Capabilities and Benefits
• Integration of supplier product data • Supplier collaboration with purchasing, engineering, quality, manufacturing, etc. • Request for information, proposal or quotation (RFx) management • Internet negotiation (reverse and Dutch auction) management • Supply chain management
• Increase productivity and innovation by extending PLM processes and information across the supply chain
• Lower supply chain costs • Reduce cycle time for faster time-to-market • Improve supplier quality and lower supplier risk • Leverage enterprise spend to enable better decision making

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Teamcenter Quality Management with CAPA