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Bid No. 2007-035
Issued : July 12, 2007
Subject : Replacement of Existing Mechanical Levetronic Truck Scale
The Town of Stratford through the Office of the Purchasing Agent, will receive SEALED BIDS for furnishing the equipment described in the accompanying specifications, in accordance with the instructions, conditions and reservations that follow:
Bids will be received until __3:00 pm July 26, 2007____, at which time they will be publicly opened and read. All bidders are invited to attend this public opening, which will be held immediately following the closing time specified above, in the Office of the Purchasing Agent, Room 122, Town Hall, 2725 Main Street, Stratford, CT 06615.
Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the above-scheduled time for receiving bids or authorized postponement thereof. Any bids received after the date and time specified shall NOT be considered. No bidder may withdraw a bid within 45 days after the actual opening thereof.
Bid must be submitted on the enclosed Bid Forms. Return one original and one exact copy of bid form as your quotation, with any pertinent detailed information attached thereto. Bidder is responsible for keeping copies of all bid documents for his files. Extra copies of bid forms and specifications are available at the Purchasing Department upon request. All bids must be addressed to the attention of the Purchasing Agent, in a sealed envelope with bid subject and number on the face thereof. Bids may be mailed or submitted in person. FAXED BIDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
Bidders must state specifically what equipment they propose to supply, giving manufacturer's name, model number, etc. A detailed description should accompany your bid. Any exceptions to Town Specifications should be listed in your bid response.

Instructions, Conditions and Reservations for Equipment bids:

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C. CONDITIONS - Continued:
. Bid Surety:
A Certified Check, Cashier’s Check or Bid Bond in the amount of 10% of the bid amount must accompany each proposal, made payable to the Town of Stratford. No bid will be considered without this surety. Upon award or rejection of the bid, all Certified Checks or Cashier's Checks received in lieu of Bid Bonds will be returned to the bidders.
The following information should also be covered in your bid:
Delivery: Please state as accurately as possible how long it will take to complete delivery after receipt of order, if you are the successful bidder.
Warranty: All proposals must state the exact nature and duration of any warranty applicable to the equipment you propose to sell to the Town.
Taxes: The Town of Stratford is exempt from all State and Federal taxes. Do not include these amounts in your quotation.
Repairs, parts: Bidders should indicate where service or parts could be obtained for the equipment being offered to the Town.
The Town of Stratford may consider informal any bid not prepared and submitted to the Town in accordance with the provisions herein stated. The Town of Stratford reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or parts of proposals; to waive defects in same proposals; or to accept any proposal or part thereof deemed to be in the best interests of the Town of Stratford.

SPECIFICATIONS: See next page.

____________________________ Michael Bonnar, Purchasing Agent

BID #2007-035
Replacement of Existing Mechanical Levetronic Truck Scale. Removal(demolish)one end wall of Existing 50’ x 10’Pit Scale, Add 20’to existing 50’ Concrete Pit, and modify pit to accept New 70’ x 10’ Hydro Static Truck Scale. Estimated time from start to completion not to exceed = 4 weeks.
PAGE # 1 TRUCK SCALE SPECIFICATION FOR COMMON PLATFORM - 70’Long x 10’Wide x 4’ deep 6” Thick Monolithic Concrete Deck – Pit Type Design
The term CONTRACTOR referred to in these specifications shall include the Scale Manufacturer, and Installing Scale Dealer.
The CONTRACTOR shall include the furnishing and installation of the truck scale weigh system(s) described in the succeeding paragraphs.
All material and equipment shall conform to the Plans and Specifications and shall be new and unused, with the exception of the existing concrete pit.
The CONTRACTOR must Read, Accept and Sign pages 9 & 10 of this specification form, and must be part of the submittals required with the Bid Proposal.
Where a definite material or product description is specified, it is not the intent to discriminate against an "or equal" product. It is the intent to set a definite standard. Open competition is expected and desired but, in all cases, complete supporting data must be submitted with the bid package on all substitutions and exceptions proposed. Samples and/or documentations shall be submitted for comparison and test when requested.
No substitutions or exceptions shall be made unless authorized in writing. If the Contractor intends to provide an "or equal" product, he shall make this fact known to the Owner and it should be clearly outlined in the bid package. Otherwise, the CONTRACTOR will be required to furnish materials and products as called for in these specifications. Should substitutions be accepted and should these substitutions prove defective or otherwise unsatisfactory for the service intended, the CONTRACTOR shall replace the unsatisfactory substitutions with the material and equipment as called for in these specifications at no additional cost to the Owner.

PAGE # 2
2.0 GENERAL SPECIFICATION 2.1 The Contractor shall provide a quotation for (1) Monolithic Concrete Deck
70' x 10' Platform “Certified” Truck Scale.
The scale shall be Emery Winslow Hydro-Static Model 43-7570 or Approved Equal.
2.2 The truck scale shall have a capacity of 150,000 lbs.(60,000 lb. CLC) The Scale overall shall be 70' long, 10' wide, and 4’ in Depth. The Scale shall consist of one 70' x 10' Truck Scale with 6" Deck.
2.3 The CONTRACTOR shall replace existing NTEP certified Digital Indicator.
2.4 The CONTRACTOR shall provide certified engineering drawings for the Scale foundation and scale outline.
2.5 The CONTRACTOR shall construct the New Pit Foundation according to the Scale Manufacturer's Certified Drawings.
2.6 Materials handling equipment to lift heavy scale structures shall be provided by the CONTRACTOR.
2.7 Installation, start-up and calibration shall be the CONTRACTOR'S responsibility

PAGE # 3

3.0 WEIGHBRIDGE SPECIFICATION with 6” Concrete Deck.

Pit Type Scale

3.1 The weighbridge shall be designed specifically for a 70' x 10' Concrete Deck PLATFORM installation,

The Total overall Platform length will be 70'L x 10'W
3.2 The weighbridge shall be prepared for a 6" Concrete Deck.
3.3 The weighbridge shall have a maximum capacity of 150,000 lbs.
3.4 The minimum dual axle capacity shall be 60,000 lbs.
3.5 The minimum sectional capacity shall be 60,000 lbs.
3.6 The weighbridge shall have a minimum CLC of 60,000 lbs
3.7 The weighbridge shall be free flowing in 360 degrees and shall not require stay bar's or be rigidly checked.
3.8 The weighbridge shall be designed to provide easy access to Scale Pit, utilizing a minimum of three (3) cast iron manhole covers.
3.9 All exposed steel members shall be painted to surface preparation specification SSPC-SP-1 solvent cleaning and a minimum of one (1) coat primer and two (2) coats of corrosion resistant acrylic enamel applied to a 4 to 6 mil.dry film thickness.
3.10 Galvanized Corrugated sheeting shall be provided, as well as required Coated Steel Re Bar for concrete deck.

PAGE # 4
4.1 The load cells shall be Hydrostatic, and non-electronic.
4.2 The load cells shall be NTEP certified.
4.3 The load cells shall be compression type, of minimum 75,000 lbs. capacity each.
4.4 The load cells shall be manufactured out of grade 304 stainless steel.
4.5 The load cells shall be immune to electrical damage, including lightning or electrical surges and shall also be immune to damage from welding
currents on or around the weighbridge, at anytime during the life of the scale.
4.6 The load cells shall be immune to water; either power hoses used for cleaning under the weighbridge or total submersion under water for long extended periods of time.
4.7 The load cells shall be immune to RFI/EMI noise.
4.8 The load cells shall be electrically inert, and shall be safe without safety barriers in hazardous environments.

Page # 5
5.1 The Summing Network shall be located in the scale house or control room. Summing Network shall not be located underneath the weighbridge. The Summing network shall have only one Electronic Load Cell.
Any electronic load cells in the Summing Network (Totalizer) shall have a “Lifetime Guaranty” against damage from Lightning, Water,& Rodents.
5.2 The Summing Network shall be isolated from electrical surges or lightning that may strike the weighbridge.
5.3 Hazardous environments require the Summing Network to be in mounted in a NEMA IV enclosure.
5.4 Sectional adjustments shall be mechanical for ease of calibration and to prevent drift.
5.5 The Stainless Steel Hydro-Static Load Cells will be connected to the Totalizer with Copper Tubing to protect against water damage.

The Digital Indicator shall be NTEP Certified Class III L And shall be Emery Model 7600 or approved equal.
The Ticket Printer shall be Model CLC-1400 Or approved equal.
7.0 COMPUTER SYSTEM and software to be specified at a later date, and Is not included in these specifications.

PAGE # 7
8.0 Removal of Existing Scale, Cleaning of Existing Pit, Foundation Modifications, & Pour New 70’ x 10’ Concrete Deck. The Contractor will remove Existing Scale & dispose on site. Removal of existing scale deck shall include saw cutting the deck into 5’ x 10’ sections for ease of removal. To be disposed on site. The Existing scale weighbridge shall be removed from the existing pit, And cut with acetylene torches into easily moved sizes, to be disposed on site. The Contractor will Power Wash, & Vac Clean existing scale pit. The contractor will construct/ Add new 20’x 10’ pit to existing 50’ pit.
8.1 The CONTRACTOR shall provide existing pit foundation modifications according to the Manufacturers Certified drawings.
8.2 Any repaving of excavated areas will be the responsibility of the OWNER.
8.3 The Contractor shall remove & replace any Existing Pit faulty perimeter pit coping.
8.4 Upon the installation of the new scale weighbridge, the Contractor will install Galvanized corrugated back up sheets, and all Deck Re Bar.
8.5 The Contractor will form & pour the new 70’ x 10’ concrete deck, with specifications as per manufacturers Certified Drawings. The Contractor will furnish a special concrete mix to accelerate the curing process to 15 Days or less.
9.1 The CONTRACTOR shall furnish Installation, Test, & State Certification of all of the equipment in this specification.



The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for freight to the jobsite, and crane for unloading and setting in place all equipment included in this specification.

PAGE # 8

11.0 GUARANTY (Includes pages 9 & 10 with required signatures))


The Hydrostatic load cells shall be Guaranteed For Life against damage from Lightning, Electrical abuse or Water. The load cells shall further be warranted for ten (10) years against defects in material and workmanship.
The successful (bidder) Contractor/ Scale Company and Scale Manufacturer shall replace any Load Cell or Electronic Ancillary devices damaged by water or lightning
that are located under the Truck Scale Weighbridge for the entire life of the scale at absolutely no cost to the Town of Stratford, for labor, travel or materials. Guarantees (by the manufacturer / Successful Bidder)for the load cells covering water / lightning are required in the bid, in writing. Warrantees covering water / lightning, for the load cells are not acceptable.

11.2 The weighbridge shall have a (10 ) year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

11.3 Replace Existing Digital Indicator.

11.4 Replace Existing Printer.

11.5 The summing network shall be warranted for (2) years against defects in material and workmanship, and will not be located under the Scale platform


The Bid Price shall include the "LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the Hydro Static Load Cells", as specified in Par 11.1
The Town of Stratford shall not be responsible to purchase any Additional service contract, at additional cost, to cover the "Lifetime Guarantee" against damage from Water or Lightning, for all Load Cells & Electronic Ancillary devices located under the Truck Scale Platform

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