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Math 51 Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, and Modern Applications
Summer 2021

Instructors: Naomi Kraushar Office: Building 380, 381-K E-mail: [email protected]
Teaching Assistants: TBD

Dr Chao Ma E-mail: [email protected]

Course Objectives
In this course, our goals include, but are not limited to:
1. relate the algebra of systems of linear equations to the geometry of vectors, acquiring the ability to “see” in dimensions far beyond 3 (thinking is seeing!)
2. analyze the behavior of multivariable functions via partial derivatives, and combine that information with tools of linear algebra (such as matrices and eigenvalues) to solve optimization problems
3. apply your newly acquired visual skills in high dimensions to gain insight into a variety of real-world applications across data science, natural sciences, and economics.
Math 21 or equivalent. If you have not previously taken a calculus course at Stanford, you must have taken the math placement diagnostic (offered through the Math Department website) in order to register for this course.
Linear Algebra, Multivariable, and Modern Applications is the course textbook that is free and available in electronic version only. This book contains much more than is covered in the course. It also includes many fully worked examples, helpful for studying. We hope it will be a useful resource for topics that you may encounter in later coursework. The link to the textbook can be found on the course website.
Exam Dates
There will be two exams in this class.
1. Midterm exam is on Friday, July 16, 2021.
2. Final exam is on Friday, August 13, 2021.
Graded Assignments
There will be weekly homework due at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesdays, and they will be turned in through Gradescope. We will drop your lowest homework score from your total score at the end of the quarter when computing your final grade. NO LATE HOMEWORK IS ACCEPTED.
Twice a week, you will be asked to read a few chapters from the textbook ahead of time and answer a few basic questions, called Pre-class Reading Questionnaire, on Canvas.


Math 51 Syllabus

Grading Breakdown

Category Homework Questionnaires Midterm exam Final exam

Percentage 20% 5% 30% 45%

Tentative Schedule
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8

Chapters 1–4 5–8 9–11
12–13 14–17 18–21 22–25 26–27

HW and Exams HW 1 (6/30) HW 2 (7/7) HW 3 (7/14)
Midterm (7/16), HW 4 (7/21) HW 5 (7/28) HW 6 (8/4) HW 7 (8/11) Final (8/13)

Office of Accessible Education
Students who may need an academic accommodation based on the impact of a disability must initiate the request with the Office of Accessible Education (OAE). Professional staff will evaluate the request with required documentation, recommend reasonable accommodations, and prepare an Accommodation Letter for faculty dated in the current quarter in which the request is being made. Students should contact the OAE as soon as possible since timely notice is needed to coordinate accommodations. The OAE is located at 563 Salvatierra Walk (phone: 723-1066, URL:
Once you have done so, please let your instructor know as soon as possible so that proper accommodations can be made. For accommodations on exams, your instructor must have your letter from OAE no later than one week prior to the exam. Otherwise, we may not have sufficient time to make the accommodations.

Honor Code
You are bound by the Stanford Honor Code for all work submitted for Math 51, including the homework assignments. For homework, we encourage you to use your book and all your notes, come to office hours, talk with any tutor(s) you have, and collaborate with your peers. We believe that thinking about math and conversing about math is an important part of the learning process.
However, we expect that the work you submit is work you have written yourself and reflects your understanding of the problem and how to solve it. If you work on a problem with someone else, DO NOT copy their solution and instead, write it up on your own.
Finding a solution off of the internet, copying it without thought onto your homework, and then submitting it for credit is a violation of the Stanford Honor Code and will be addressed as such.


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Math 51 Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, and Modern