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002 9049 Whiskey Barrel Timber

Introducing a new concept in high-design flooring, each of Expona Design’s heavy commercial floor coverings has been expertly curated using authentic reproductions of natural materials and harmonious colour tones, so they can be used in conjunction with one another to create movement within an interior.
By adding shade and surface texture variation within each floor tile, across a variety of elegant contemporary and decorative designs including innovative graphic design effects, this range will help shape the atmosphere of a room or commercial environment to give the user a feeling of recognition and comfort.

Light Elm
152.4 x 914.4mm

6182 Light Elm & 9147 Cream Geotexture 005

EXPONA DESIGN - Designed to mix.

The Expona Design collection of luxury vinyl tiles blurs the lines between natural wood and stone finishes. By intentionally including a variety of patterns with the same harmonious colour scheme, different floor coverings can be combined to add a unique element to any commercial interior.
The exclusive designs featured in this collection provide the opportunity for creativity and encourage play and engagement, resulting in innovative floors that create unique spatial experiences. Let your imagination take hold with these striking designs and construct a floor perfectly suited to every area. With multiple patterns and embossed flooring designs, the collection offers a bespoke and premium look whilst remaining easy to install and maintain.

The recurring colour tones featured in this collection can be seen across various wood, stone and cement designs. This synergy between shades means each design can stand alone or be combined with others from the range to establish defined zones or guide users. This offers greater flexibility when creating an inspiring space.


9126 Coral Medley, 9041 Pacific Oak & 9147 Cream Geotexture 007


p23 Frosted Cement

p26 Wet Cement

p7,18 Pacific Oak

p46 Natural Brushed Oak

p14 Mango Oak

p28,78 Rusted Stencil Concrete

p25,26 Grey Stencil Concrete

p28,78 Subway Cement

p39,68 Silverline Slate

p54 Factory Cement

p43,44 Pearl Stone

p7,18 Coral Medley

p50 Whiskey Barrel Timber

p13,14 Sepia Medley

p41,68 Parkside Oak

p16 Smoked Medley

p50 Cool Grey Concrete

p40,43 Medina Stone

p57 Silvered Driftwood

p36,39 Charcoal Slate

p5,7,19,22 Cream Geotexture

p35 Promenade Oak

p4,32 Light Elm

p49 Reclaimed Inked Oak

p52 Rustic Spiced Timber

p55 Salvaged Pier Timber

p21 Monochrome Geotexture

p20,41 Atlantic Slate

p31,32 Black Treadplate

p43 African Blue Stone

The Expona Design collection of 30 shades spans a plethora of wood species, natural stone and man-made materials, each featuring a complementary surface texture for an authentic appearance. Browse through the following pages, or navigate directly to the shade you want using the references above.


Developed to appeal to one’s imagination, Expona Design introduces creative and graphic designs created using both illustrative and photographic techniques. The collection successfully parallels Expona’s tradition of strong innovation and individuality, whilst retaining focus on practicality and interior longevity within commercial environments.

012 9127 Sepia Medley

9127 Sepia Medley 184.2 x 1524mm Emboss: Patchwork structure 013


9127 Sepia Medley & 9042 Mango Oak 015

9125 Smoked Medley 184.2 x 1524mm Emboss: Patchwork structure 003126 8077 Crème Matrix & 8076 Mocca Matrix

9125 Smoked Medley 017


9126 Coral Medley, 9041 Pacific Oak & 9147 Cream Geotexture 019

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Heavy Commercial Luxury Vinyl Tiles