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neil morgan
MBA, Finance Focus (Harvard) | Financial Engineer | Inventor (6 Patents) | Six-Sigma Black Belt
Houston, TX 77450 / LinkedIn Profile / Cell: 281.229.4031 / Email: [email protected]
 Belfort: Engineered a complex M&A deal that saved 2 companies and 170 jobs  BP China: Starting from scratch, built a $150 million clean-coal business unit  US Congress: Advises House & Senate on financial risks of big energy projects
 SITUATION: Up until October 2014, Belfort Energy had engaged in consulting services, R&D, and large-scale project management for the oil industry. After October 2014 – when the price of oil suddenly collapsed to half its “normal” price – Belfort lost nearly all of its pending projects and faced bankruptcy within 18 months.  In January 2015, Belfort’s CEO resigned and the Board named me “CFO and Acting CEO.”  Belfort’s only viable project was TCEP – a massive facility that produces carbon dioxide (used for fertilizer, plastics, and oil extraction). But TCEP was stalled due to infighting between US DoE and Congress. Won TCEP approval after persuading before Congress – especially the Texas delegation.
 ACTIONS: Proposed a radical plan to Belfort’s BoD: Change the company’s model from “consulting services” to “oil production.” Belfort’s BoD approved acquisition of 3 companies that were going bankrupt due to the collapse of oil prices.  Belfort acquired the assets of Permian Oil, which owned raw oil below ground – but had no technology to extract the oil profitably.  Using Belfort’s proprietary CO2-extraction methods – plus its CO2 generation plant (TCEP) – Belfort now produces oil at a fraction of the usual cost.
 RESULTS: Belfort transformed itself from consulting services to a full-fledged oil production company, which rescued three failing companies and saved 170 jobs.



Oct 2014–Present

BE orchestrates energy deals, produces oil, and manages large-scale projects in coal gasification, low-carbon energy & enhanced oil recovery.

Chief Financial Officer CEO) | Acting Member of the Board

Hired by BE based on expert knowledge of accounting rules for “depletable assets” and negotiating skills with energy regulators in USA and China. Assessed Belfort’s existing strategy, rearranged the pieces, and transformed its model from “consulting” to ownership of an end-to-end oil-production company.

 Achieved approval for Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP): TCEP generates urea fertilizer, preplastics, and CO2 – called a “domestic, clean-energy cornucopia” – based on abundant coal resources.
 Negotiated the purchase of Permian Oil: After the price of oil collapsed, Permian Oil faced a similar situation as Belfort Energy – both companies had to scramble to avoid bankruptcy.

BP FUEL INNOVATION, Houston, TX and Shanghai, CN

June 2005–Oct 2014

Global conglomerate • World’s third-largest firm (Forbes Global 2000) / $147B revenue and 301,000 employees.


Relocated from Shanghai – following a successful repositioning for BP’s coal-gasification business – and created a new business unit called “Distributed Power.”

Neil Morgan

Cell: 281.229.4031 • Email: [email protected]

Promoted to GM and took charge of full P&L for coal gasification – effectively built a $100M standalone corporation – with centers in Houston (R&D and Engineering) and Shanghai. Parachuted into China with scant knowledge, devised a strategy, and transplanted the CG business from Texas to China.
 Turnaround: Devised a China-focused business plan, recruited top talent, and achieved profitability. .  Transformation: Led transition of the CG business from USA to China, the world’s #1 market for coal-
gasification. Changed the CG unit to a Chinese entity with HQ in China and local Chinese leadership.
Initially dispatched to China as BP’S product and corporate-marketing expert. Achieved BP’s mandate to grow coal gasification technologies in Asia. Led cross-functional, market-development teams that set up local partnerships for development of clean-coal technologies across Asia.
 Negotiated and closed a 50/50 JV with Shenhua, a $40B+ coal company. Established a platform to capture part of the $10B synthetic-fuels market, which now returns over $200 million annually to BP.
 Secured $1 million funding from US Government to create a business template for a “clean coal” plants.
Negotiated creation of a $100M clean-energy development lab in WY. Strengthened BP’s relationships with WY Governor, WY Attorney General, and university leaders. Led a cross-functional team that produced a win-win for WY and BP, while ensuring strong IP protections for BP.
Rotated though four assignments at various BP businesses as a new recruit in BP’s elite executive grooming program. Achieved Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Landed in BP’s gasification business, which led to roles in marketing management and, eventually, top management of the entire business.

VIDEO MAGIC SYSTEMS, Orlando, FL (2001–2005): Director of Strategic Development for video industry’s first media-computing chipset for real-time video compression and encoding. Designed image-processing subsystems for Qualcomm, CATV, and post-production firms. Played key role for Video Magic – weekly commuting from Boston to Orlando – while pursuing an MBA at Harvard.
 Special Product Development: Customized the basic Video Magic system with senior management of top media companies such as ABC, CBS, Comcast, and BBC.
 Joint Venture and Equity Funding: Negotiated partnership with top leaders of Qualcomm, resulting in a R&D program and a non-equity, $5M cash infusion. Also secured $5M capital from National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).
 Repeatedly Cited for Engineering Excellence: Led team that won “Best New Product” from State of Florida. Developed digital AV playback devices, industrial controls, and vehicle simulators.
ALCORN MCBRIDE, Orlando, FL (1995–2000), Project Engineer: While still an engineering student at University of Central Florida, led product development of advanced audio-visual systems – breakthrough digital video – used by Disney, Universal, and top players in the “themed entertainment” industry.
MBA, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, 2003–2005 Finance Focus • Co-President of MBA Class • Elected to the HBS Asia Advisory Board
BSEE, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, Orlando, FL, 1998

Neil Morgan

Cell: 281.229.4031 • Email: [email protected]

The original resume ran for four pages that covered each of Neil’s jobs in great detail.
Despite all the detail, nothing impressive stood except his MBA from Harvard.
Everything on original resume was too dense and too technical. The arc of his career successes was lost “in the weed” – too much detail.
 To make an immediate impression, we rebuilt his resume around the big success of his current job – the “Belfort Energy Turnaround,” which showcases most of the skills that made him successful during 20 years in business.
 In new resume, his past is prelude. The 10 years at BP Fuel are quickly summarized. His BP experience “sets the table” for his big success at Belfort, which encompasses M&A, financial engineering, and negotiation with top government officials in US and China.
 The Belfort story distills his 20-year career into a thumbnail sketch – readers get the gist in 6 seconds or less - a mover and shaker who creates new businesses via financial engineering – all starting from scratch.
 Layout: Because the subject matter is so technical, we made sure that no text element exceeded 3 lines without a break; everything is presented in short, digestible bites – mostly 2- and 3-line chunks.
 Graphic: The small sketch (TCEP) immediately orients the reader about the type of business – heavy industry and oil production – but I tweaked the background color of graphic to blend into the page with minimal distraction.

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