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Effective email writing

Course for individuals

Live online

Improve your writing at work

Who is it for? This course is ideal for everyone who writes emails as part of their working day.
Delivery We deliver this course live online.
Group size This is small-group remote training, with a maximum of eight delegates per course.

Course length A day of training, plus a year’s access to business-writing e-learning.
Cost £495+VAT. Book online or contact us:
+44 (0)1273 732 888 [email protected]

Now with postcourse e-learning
support worth

Email is a problem that is hiding in plain sight. We all use email every day. Yet too often email fails to be the effective communication tool it should be.
Emails are more likely than other kinds of work to see spelling and grammar errors creeping in. Poor structure can result in overlong emails that fail to deliver their key message. And poorly worded emails can lead to misunderstandings between colleagues or with clients, causing disrupted workflows and needless stress.
Better email writing
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Used well, email gets ideas across quickly and smoothly. Rather than a barrier to action, it can be an invaluable tool for making sure that everything that needs to happen at work, happens.
This course addresses all this and more. The end result is clear, professional emails that get results – and mean you can hit ‘send’ with confidence every time.

‘Really fantastic course – very informative and varied.The course flew by, and it was instantly applicable to my day to day.’
Maddie Gale, Uber

Live online training
We run this course remotely, using the latest web technology. That means you can attend from anywhere. All you need is a computer, a headset and stable internet access. Learning online is always going to be different from learning in person. So we’ve carefully designed our remote sessions with these differences in mind, to ensure you still get the same level of interactivity as in our face-to-face training.
Why it works
GG Pre-course writing analysis identifies the areas you need to work on. GG One-to-one coaching shows you where to focus and how to quickly put
the right techniques into practice to create rapid improvements.
GG Small-group training ensures you get individual attention from the trainer. GG Use of breakout rooms, live polling and activities, shared whiteboards and
other tools creates an interactive and collaborative experience.
GG Follow-up support includes a year’s access to our business-writing
GG Post-course access to our e-learning programme The complete business
writer reinforces and builds on what you’ve learned.
What you’ll learn
On this training, you will learn how to:
GG begin and end emails professionally GG set a clear objective for every message GG structure emails logically GG get the reader on-side from the beginning GG communicate your messages effectively GG avoid making embarrassing errors GG know when email isn’t the best solution.

+44 (0)1273 732 888 [email protected] www.writing-skills.com 2

Individual analysis and coaching
Every person has their own unique combination of strengths, weaknesses and blindspots when it comes to their writing. That’s why our unique individual writing analysis is such a pivotal part of all our training. It’s the final puzzle piece that turns useful techniques into relevant practices that can change how well any person communicates in writing. Before the live training, we’ll request a sample of writing from you. Our expert trainer will analyse your writing sample and we’ll produce a graph of the results.
Gap analysis: every participant receives targeted feedback After the group training, you’ll have a one-on-one with the trainer, who’ll talk you through your results and answer any questions you have. They’ll explain the areas you should focus on and exactly how to put your new skills into practice to make rapid improvements.
Trusted by over 6,000 organisations worldwide, including:
+44 (0)1273 732 888 [email protected] www.writing-skills.com 3

Effective email writing

Course for individuals

Live online

9.30 10.30
12.00 1.30 3.15–3.30

Introduction GG Course overview
Why good writing pays off Putting the reader first Having a clear objective
Planning email and longer documents GG Why even email needs planning GG Clarity of thought GG Assembling the facts GG Making the information flow GG Meeting (all) readers’ needs GG Making it logical for them
Persuasive writing GG Four steps to building a persuasive case GG Getting the reader to take (the right) action
Improving readability GG Reader-centred writing GG Make your writing active GG Writing in plain English GG Structuring your sentences for easy reading
Individual one-to-ones: feedback on writing samples Email dos and don’ts Confident grammar Perfect punctuation
Summary and close

Follow-up support
Comprehensive e-learning
A year’s access to our e-learning programme The complete business writer to build on and reinforce the learning.
Business-writing helpdesk
We’re on hand to help with those quick questions that come up as you put the techniques you’ve learned into practice.

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Effective email writing