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District 78 Toastmasters
Peaks n’ Prairies

Shaping Our Selves. . . .Shaping Our World

Publisher Editor

Bonnie Steiner Mary Lou Hermes

Newsletter Fall 2007 Volume 5 Issue 1

Coming Events

Together We Were Amazing!

October 19-20 in Brookings, S. Dakota, the
District 78 Fall Conference! International Vice President Jana Barnhill will be the featured guest speaker. See details, page 3.
Spring 2008 District 78 Convention: April 25-26,
2008 in Williston, ND. Featured Speaker, Judy Southwick, Region IV International Director.
Region IV Conference:
June 26-28, 2008 at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn, Rapid City, SD. JoAnn & Dwight Edstrom are serving as Conference Chairs. You will want to plan to attend this fun and educational conference. There will be a biker dress contest on Thursday evening. Visit www.regioniv.n et to learn more about the districts who make up Region IV.
Toastmasters International Con vention: August 13-16, 2008 at the TELUS Convention Center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It will be a long time until there’s a conference this close to our district!

District 78 Toastmasters came through the 2006-2007 year with the best record the district has chalked up since becoming District 78. Six new clubs were chartered during the year, one literally hours before the June 30 deadline. The district came within just a few membership payments of becoming a Distinguished District. District Governor Mary Lou Hermes says they showed that truly, Together We are Amazing .
In order to become Distinguished, a district must meet goals set by Toastmasters International in education, club growth, and member payments. The goals are set each year at just a small percentage above the mark set by the district in the previous year
Leadership team members, Governor Mary Lou Hermes, Lt. Governor Education and Training, Bonnie Steiner, and Lt. Governor Marketing Arlene Pearsall credit the “members in the trenches” with the amazing feat. Thirty-four clubs earned Distinguished or better status by achieving at least five of the Distinguished Club Plan (DCP) goals. Of these, ten were Select Distinguished, meeting seven goals, and another ten met all ten goals to become President’s Distinguished.
International President Johnny Uy presents Bonnie Steiner with her Excellence in Education award at the International Convention in Phoenix, August, 2007.

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Peaks n’ Prairies

From the Governor’s Corner

Shaping Ourselves…Shaping Our World. This is the theme of Toastmasters International President, Chris Ford.
It is also my theme as District Governor of District 78. Whatever the reason we joined Toastmasters, we continue to shape ourselves into better communicators and leaders.
I encourage all of us to set a personal goal for the year. Whether that is to give more speeches, work on evaluation skills, ask to answer more table topics questions, serve as a club officer, invite lots of people to your Toastmasters meetings, or work on a high performance leadership project, we need to continue to shape ourselves to be our very best.
I invite all of you to the Fall Conference in Brookings, SD where

Senior Vice President, Jana Barnhill,

will be our main speaker. Take

advantage of this learning

opportunity! We will also have a Hall

of Fame Luncheon where we will

recognize the Toastmasters who

accomplished educational goals, as

well as the clubs, areas and divisions

who reached Distinguished status or

better in the last club year. Let us

not forget about the Humorous

speech and Table Topics contests,

where we can really learn interesting

techniques for adding humor to our





Best wishes for a prosperous Toastmasters year.
Bonnie Steiner
District 78 Governor

Congratulations to the following Distinguished Divisions and Areas
Division A, Eileen Barrett, Governor (President’s) Division B, Pamela Morris, Governor (Select) Division C, Michele Blumhagen, Governor (President’s) Division F, Bob Tryznka, Governor Area 11, Catherine Webber, Governor (President’s) Area 12, Carolyn Glidewell, Governor (President’s) Area 14, Norm Midtlyng, Governor Area 15, Lores Porter, Governor Area 21, Brian Logsdon, Governor (Select) Area 23, Tom Stenzel, Governor Area 24, Harold Smith, Governor (Select) Area 32, Marie Faris, Governor Area 33, Jim Killingbeck, Governor Area 34, Karen Ryberg, Governor (President’s) Area 41, Scott Roche, Governor Area 44, Pamela Harper, Governor Area 45, Aaron Geller, Governor (Select) Area 51, Janell Agan, Governor (Select) Area 61, Christopher Gross, Governor (President’s) Area 64, Barbara Murray, Governor

Peaks n’ Prairies

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Conference Program in a Nutshell
The educational theme of District 78 Conference in Brookings, October 19-20, is “Shaping Ourselves.” All attendees will have an opportunity to become better informed in what it takes to do our daily jobs and tasks more professionally.
Jana Barnhill, Senior Vice President, Toastmasters International, will lead off the educational sessions on Saturday morning with her keynote address. Jana is a Speaker/Trainer by profession and resides in Lubbock, Texas.
She will be followed by four speakers who will present on the following topics: “The Power of One, by Frances Abbey, Ronan, MT; “Parliamentary Procedures,” by Greg Sund, Dickinson, SD; “Toastmasters Web-cer-cise,” by Mary Swanson, Brookings, SD; and “The Leadership Journey: Shaping Ourselves to Make a Difference,” by Dee Dee Raap, Sioux Falls, SD. The afternoon educational session will again feature the Circus, which consists of 10minute presentations at six different stations. Volunteering for the position of Circus clown is Mary Lou Hermes, Paradise, MT.
Her Circus troupe of performers and their acts are Barb Murray, “Speechcraft for Professionals,” Sioux Falls; Penny Robinson, “Youth Leadership Program,” Brookings; Janell Agan, “Midyear Club Officer Training,” Lead, S.D.; Pat Duggan, “Managing Your Time,” Brookings; Carol Ann Buffington, “Public Relations and Club Growth,” Billings; and Patty Bacon, “Effective Volunteerism,” Brookings.
Wrapping up the educational sessions in the afternoon will be Jana with the topic, “Which Way Did They Go? I’m Their Leader!” She will focus on leadership death and advocate not only for good leaders but great leaders.
Whip yourself into shape by hearing great speakers who are great leaders.
Arlene Pearsall
Lt. Governor Education & Training

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Peaks n’ Prairies

District 78 Goes to Phoenix
District 78 was well represented at the International Convention at Phoenix last August. In addition to the Leadership Trio, your Governor, Bonnie Steiner and Lt. Governors, Arlene Pearsall and Brian Logsdon, ten ordinary Toastmasters were present at the convention. While the “top three” interviewed candidates for International offices, the others attended outstanding educational sessions. Everyone attended general sessions to hear nationally known speakers and writers share their inspirational messages.
The delegation was particularly proud to be there to support District 78’s Rich Breiner, who was competing in the World Champion of Public Speaking competition as a representative of Region !V. Breiner didn’t win the competition but after having been congratulated by several of the former World Champions who had been working with him in the past, he said, “I feel like I won!”
District 78 Skills Club, an advanced club open to people who have held a District Office, held the first meeting of the new club year at the convention.
Skills Club attendees: Back row: Aaron Geller, Rich Breiner, Brian Logsdon, Barb Steiner (almost hidden), Paul Kief, Eileen Barrett. Middle: Mary Lou Hermes, Sue Tucker, Michele Blumhagen, Arlene Pearsall. Front: Frances Abbey, Bonnie Steiner. Not pictured: Mary Swanson

This past August I had the privilege to attend the TM International Convention in Phoenix, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for, well…it IS in my “Top Three!”
In the past, I didn’t attend District Conferences, or Regional Conferences because I DIDN’T REALLY KNOW HOW COOL THEY WERE! Let’s spread the word, now, right? Maybe we can double the number of people attending each of these conferences! Don’t forget to tell everyone attending your Area and Division Contests about these upcoming events! And tell everyone why you love Toastmasters! Let’s crank up the September new memberships!
Brian Logsdon
Lt. Governor, Marketing

Peaks n’ Prairies

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TM Makes the Scene
A Fair representation………of Toastmasters! Someone at Speakeasy TM #291 first said it. The idea surfaced again at the Electric City TM Noon Club # 8648. “Wouldn’t it be great to have a Toastmasters’ booth at the Montana State Fair?”
Although the Fair wasn’t until the end of July, Brian Logsdon, VP of Public Relations at River’s View TM #685303, started making inquiries in April, when he decided to make this his High Performance Leadership Project. He could not do this project on his own, so he repeatedly brought it up during the business portion of the weekly meetings of the four Area 21 clubs in Great Falls. Other Toastmasters took interest in the idea, and finally Brian enlisted a committee of three to assist him: Speakeasy members, Randy Knowles, DTM, Pat Terry, VP of Education, and Kelby Donnelly, President of Speakeasy.

at Montana State Fair
All of the above came to fruition, with a “Guess the number of buttons & win a free TM Membership,” a TV playing DVD’s of TM Club meetings and Speech Contests, Darren LaCroix’s “Just for Laughs.” Finally PSA’s Info sheets were made for each Area in Montana, so interested individuals could check out TM Clubs in their own neighborhood. And buttons? Hundreds of buttons were given away, with the TI website on an address label on the back.
Were there any measurable results? One potential new member showed up at River’s View TM while the Fair was still going on! Hundreds of people who had never heard of Toastmasters heard first-hand what effect joining a TM club could have in their personal lives. The 31 TM volunteers from the four Great Falls TM Clubs probably gained the most – finding the voice to approach total

Randy Knowles was the first “spearhead” of the effort, using his community contacts in Great Falls to secure a venue. The “deal” he managed was this: if Toastmasters would staff the State Fair Information Booth, a tent could be set up alongside to display TM pamphlets. The committee circulated a signup sheet at each Area 21 TM club and eventually enrolled 31 Toastmaster volunteers! Other ideas surfaced: “How about a ‘guess the number of beans in the jar to win a prize’ to get people to sign their names & addresses?” “What if we set up a TV and played Toastmaster PSA’s?” “Maybe we could make buttons to give away?” “We need to have something to give people with TM Club contact information.” “Does anybody have a tent?”

strangers to tell them the benefits of Toastmasters!
What’s next? Sending postcards to everyone who gave their address, thanking them for stopping at the Toastmasters’ Tent, and inviting them once again to visit a Toastmasters Club, where they can “Shape their Lives, and Shape the World!”
And of course, there’s next year’s Fair....

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Peaks n’ Prairies

Welcome to the District!
The newest club in District 78 is PREMIERMasters, club number 1063214, a corporate club at Premier Bank in Sioux Falls. 2006-07 Area Governor Barb Murray organized the club after presenting a Speechcraft course. The course was so popular Barb had to limit the number of persons who could take the course and schedule a second course directly. By the end of the course she had enough people interested to get the club chartered just under the June 30 deadline, giving the district its 6th new club, and meeting the district’s club goal for the year. The Sioux Falls District Officers, Murray, Steve Tangeman, Bob Tryznka, and Arlene Pearsall also brought the failing Siouxper Speakers back into the Toastmaster fold, also contributing to the district’s club goal.
Not every person who moves into the District gets this big a greeting, but former District 6 Governor Mary Swanson is a welcome addition to our district. Mary is working in Brookings, and has been pivotal in plans for the fall conference there.
Questions & Answers
What is the difference between the old Competent Leader (CL) and the new Advanced Leader Bronze? The Competent Leader - There has been some confusion about the old CL and the new ALB. According to Toastmasters International "People who earn the Competent Leader award the OLD way have it recorded on their records as such and do not need to apply for Advanced Leader Bronze. The next award to be worked on is the AL Silver. The computer system recognizes which method a member used to earn CL.
How Many CL's can a person get? A member only has to achieve the CC or CTM once. A member may earn as many old CL's as they possibly can, provided that they complete another term as a club officer, complete two modules from the Successful Club series (not previously used towards any other award), attends a District sponsored Officer Training while serving as a club officer, and helps prepare a club success plan with the other officers within the club. The old CL is available for members to apply for up until June 30, 2008.
Why does the TI website look so different? On September 7 Toastmasters International launched their new members.toastmasters.org website. Visit the website to check out the new and exciting information for members. The www.toastmasters.org website is still in operation. It is geared more towards people who want to learn more about Toastmasters International and its benefits. To navigate to the features you used to use on the website, click on “members” on the top, dark grey bar; then click on the feature you’re looking for. Click on “Officer Resources” to find the report forms you’re looking for.

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