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Driving licence information fair processing declaration form

D906/ ADD

Guidance notes for the driver – please read these notes before you fill in this form
1 DVLA handles your personal data in accordance with road traffic law and data protection laws. The law allows us to release your data to the police and other enforcement bodies. We also provide data to other parties where the law allows it. For further information about how we process your data, your rights and who to contact, see our privacy notice at www.gov.uk/dvla/privacy-policy or request a written copy by phoning 0300 790 6106.
2 You should only fill in this form if you have read and understood how your driving licence information will be processed by the company or companies in Section 1. The company making the enquiry must first fill in Sections 1 and 2. You must then fill in Section 3 and sign and date the declaration in Section 4. DVLA will not accept forms if they haven’t been signed and dated by you. If you change any information on this form, you must initial and date these changes.
3 In some instances, the company asking for information from your driving licence record (the ‘enquirer’) may be requesting for the company you are connected to. The enquirer should fill in details of all the companies who will process this information in Section 1.
4 If your connection with the company or companies named in Section 1 stops, you have the right for your information not to be requested or processed by them. Please refer to the fair processing information and privacy policy for the named company or companies in Section 1.
5 You can also view or share your driving licence information online at www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence
6 If the details on your driving licence are not up to date, return it to DVLA and tell us about the changes we need to make. By law, you must tell us immediately if you change your permanent address or name. You could be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell us about these changes.
7 If your licence has been lost, stolen or destroyed you will need to apply for a replacement. You can find out how to do this online at www.gov.uk/apply-online-to-replace-a-driving-licence Or, as long as you have not changed the details on your photocard licence, you can apply for a replacement licence using a debit card or credit card by phoning 0300 790 6801 between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday, and between 8am and 2pm on Saturdays.

Guidance notes for the company
1 You must fill in Sections 1 and 2 before the driver signs the declaration in Section 4.
2 If you require Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) or Digital Tachograph Card information or both, please ensure that the ‘yes’ boxes in Section 2 are ticked. If you have any queries about Driver CPC please contact the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (www.gov.uk/government/organisations/driver-andvehicle-standards-agency).
Please note this D906/ADD form should not be submitted to DVSA. You can check full Driver Qualification Card (DQC) information and periodical training information at www.gov.uk/check-yourdriver-cpc-periodic-training-hours
3 You must tell DVLA the reason for requesting the driving licence information in Section 2. You must only use this information for this reason. If you do not provide enough information or do not make sure this form is signed by the driver, it will become invalid and will be rejected. We will carry out checks to verify the information you provide.
4 DVLA has a duty under data protection law to protect personal information. To ensure adequate protection, DVLA requires that the driver (the data subject) is informed and understands how their driving licence information will be processed.
5 DVLA will only release driving licence information to confirm entitlement to drive and holds it in accordance with data protection law. Data controllers must comply with any notification requirements under data protection law. Driving licence information must be requested and processed in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the ADD (Access to Driver Data) Contract.
6 It is an offence to unlawfully obtain personal data which is contrary to data protection law. The penalties for these offences are fines issued in the magistrates’ court or Crown Court.
7 If we receive a legitimate complaint about information obtained unlawfully, we may pass it on to the Information Commissioner. If we have evidence that information has been obtained or used inappropriately, we can refuse all future requests.

Buying a vehicle?
The tax is no longer transferable so you must tax it before you use it.

IMPORTANT: Please read the notes over the page before filling in this form and write clearly in black ink using CAPITAL LETTERS.
1. Company details (to be filled in by the company making the enquiry before driver fills in Sections 3 and 4):

D906/ ADD

Company name and address (the company): Leeds City Council Taxi & Private Hire Licensing 225 York Road Leeds

Postcode: L S 9

7 R Y

Account number:

Reference number:

Are you making an enquiry on behalf of another company?


No X

If yes, please give the company name below:

2. Reason for processing information (to be filled in by the company making the enquiry before driver fills in Sections 3 and 4):

Do you need CPC information?


No X Do you need tachograph information? Yes

No X

3. Driver details (to be filled in by the driver):

Surname: First name:
Date of birth: Current address:
Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Post town



Driver licence number:

Middle name(s):
Address on licence (if different):*
Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Post town
* You must tell DVLA about any changes to your address. If you don’t, you could be fined up to £1,000.

4. Driver information fair processing declaration (to be filled in by the driver):

IMPORTANT: Please read the notes over the page before signing this form. Do not sign if Sections 1 and 2 are not filled in.


I am the person referred to in Section 3. I understand the company or companies listed in Section 1 will ask DVLA for my driver record information, as and when they require, for the purpose set out in Section 2.

I understand DVLA will disclose to the company or companies in Section 1 all relevant information held in the computerised register of drivers maintained by DVLA. This includes personal details, driving entitlements, valid endorsements and disqualifications (if relevant), photo images, Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and Digital Tachograph Card details (where appropriate).

This declaration will expire when I stop driving in connection with the company or in any case, three years from the date of my signature.



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Driving licence information fair D906/ processing declaration