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How to Start Dairy & Milk Processing Industry
None of us can imagine our lives without dairy. The various dairy goods are an integral part of our days. As times are changing, so are the trends in the dairy industry. A normal person struggles to play catch up. Milk is an integral human food. It is quite tasty, gives us strength and can be digested very easily. You may think that the volume of milk produced affects its demand, but it is actually the other way round. How and how much milk is produced, actually depends upon its demand, and that of various related products, at any given moment.
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The plain old milk is still needed, but it is not exactly preferred. Various other milk based dairy products are the ones capturing markets worldwide. Much like milk, even these products have made an important place for themselves in our lives. The various types of milk products include ghee, paneer, butter, curd, baby food, cream and so much more. As all of these products are basically made out of milk, they all have its affirming qualities. Each one of them makes our daily meals tastier and is also incredibly good for our health. Similar to the love of a mother, the milk produced by mammals is also pure and nutritious. Hence, all these products are doctor recommended. They help us in renewing our energies. Of course, it is not just the milk. Many milk based products need to be mixed with certain enzymes to give them a different texture and make up. Cheese and the enzymes used as it raw material are the best examples. When it comes to
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India, the dairy industry is magnificently flourishing out here. If you are an entrepreneur of milk or milk based products in India, the opportunities are practically licking your feet. You get to capitalize on the largest and fastest growing milk and milk products market of the world. The possibilities are endless. As the demographics of our country are changing, so are the needs of the people. The tastes and preferences are varied and wide. Most companies in almost every industry are playing hard to retain its consumers. Fortunately, the demand for dairy can never be out. We shall always need milk. All an entrepreneur really needs, is to think out of the box and do all kinds of crazy things with the existing dairy products. Nothing attracts a customer like a brand new flavor of milk, ice cream of even yogurt.
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Project Report Preparation
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Financials of the Project includes:
1. Land and Building Costs 2. Plant and Machinery Costs 3. Other Fixed Assets 4. Fixed Capital Investment 5. Raw Material Costs 6. Salaries and Wages 7. Total Working Capital 8. Cost of Project 9. Total Capital Investment 10. Cost of Production 11. Turnover per Annum 12. Profitability Analysis 13. 5-year Profit Analysis 14. Break-even Point 15. Resources of Finance 16. Cash Flow Statement 17. Projected Balance Sheet
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How to Start Dairy & Milk Processing Industry