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What is FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free?
Experience soothing relief with FRESHKOTE Preservative Free, a lubricant eye drop that nurtures dry eyes.
Provides comfort without unexpected blurriness
Available in a state-of-the-art multidose bottle
Gentle and preservative free
FRESHKOTE Preservative Free is compatible with contact lenses for added convenience.

Start nurturing your eyes with FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free
3 WAYS TO BUY You can purchase FRESHKOTE Preservative Free in any of the following ways:
Ask for FRESHKOTE Preservative Free by name at the pharmacy FRESHKOTE Preservative Free is not a prescription, but is kept behind the pharmacy counter. Call to purchase FRESHKOTE Preservative Free You can call 877.251.2194 to order. Buy FRESHKOTE Preservative Free online
Visit to order today. FRESHKOTE Preservative Free may also be available to purchase from your eye doctor. Ask about it the next time you visit.
© 2021 Eyevance Pharmaceuticals LLC. All rights reserved. FRESHKOTE® is a registered trademark of Eyevance Pharmaceuticals LLC. Novelia® is a registered trademark of Nemera Development. Source: Data on le. References available by request. FPF-SUV-21-PT-44-00

with FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free
A fresh approach to soothing dry eye symptoms

What is dry eye?
Dry eye can occur when the eyes do not produce enough tears or when tears dry too quickly on the surface of the eye.
Some causes of dry eye Dry eye symptoms can be associated with age and certain health conditions.
Symptoms can also be a ected by: • Prolonged screen time • Extended contact lens wear • Cataract or LASIK surgery • Medications like oral antihistamines
or antidepressants • Low humidity • Mask-Associated Dry Eye (MADE)
Dry eye can cause serious damage Left untreated, dryness can damage the surface of the eye and increase irritation, leading to further discomfort, scratchiness, redness, or excessive tearing.

FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free nurtures dry eyes
FRESHKOTE Preservative Free o ers soothing relief from dry eye symptoms and reduces further irritation while providing comfort that lasts, even with contact lenses.
FRESHKOTE Preservative Free works to lubricate dry eyes and keep tears from evaporating The active ingredients in FRESHKOTE Preservative Free work to ensure complete wetting of the eye. They also help nourish dry eyes by keeping the eyes’ tear lm (the lubricating layers) wet, so eyes stay lubricated.
Ask your eye doctor about single-unit vials. Available exclusively through your eye care professional.

FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free comes in a state-ofthe-art multidose bottle to dispense precise, preservative-free drops
The FRESHKOTE Preservative Free multidose bottle design eliminates the need for preservatives, which could irritate the surface of the eye.
The value of the FRESHKOTE Preservative Free multidose bottle:
Every bottle contains over 300 drops, providing more than a full month’s supply of single-drop doses when dosed 4 times a day.
How to administer FRESHKOTE Preservative Free
1. Tilt the head back 2. Focus on the blue tip
to direct the drop into the eye 3. Gently squeeze bottle

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