Process cashew nuts and make money

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Step 9: Salting
Browning in oil • Immerse kernels into boiling vegetable oil for
one minute until a golden brown colour is attained. • Pour the kernels in a basin lined with a clean cotton cloth and sprinkle them with salt. • Soak up excess oil and leave them to cool for packaging. Step 10 : Packaging • Pack in air tight and impermeable cartons lined with aluminum reinforced paper. • Properly packaged kernels can last for over one year.

Process cashew nuts and make money
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Introduction: Cashew nut is a major income source in Coastal Kenya. Local and international demand for processed nuts is on the rise and this provides farmers with opportunities to get more income.
Processing: Step 1: Preliminary cleaning: Pass nuts over a 10 mm sieve or perforated drum to remove foreign matter.
Step 2: Humidifying or conditioning Heap nuts on sloping floor, and cover with moist gunny bag till they attain 16% moisture content.
Step 3: Roasting • Put nuts into wire basket • Immerse nuts in a drum of boiling cashew
nut shell liquid (CNSL) for 4-5 minutes.The CNSL from the nut is extracted into the drum.
Hot oil bath

Step 4: Drying Pour the coffee brown nuts in a heap and cover with saw dust overnight to soak remaining CNSL.
Step 5: Shelling This can be manual or with a hand operated sheller.
i) Manual shelling • Place the nut on a flat stone with the kidney shape facing upwards • Split lengthwise with a mallet.
ii) Use of shellers • Place nut in the ‘nut’ shaped knives and cut through the shell leaving the kernel untouched • Whole nut recovery rate is 90%.
Step 6: Drying This may be by a solar drier or raised constructed chambers. Spread kernels in thin layers for 12 hours at 35-40oC to reduce the moisture content from 6% to 3%.
Step 7: Peeling • Rub the kernels with fingers to remove
testa • Parts that still adhere to the kernels are
removed with a wooden knife.

Peeling Step 8: Grading

i) Whole

ii) Broken

• Separate the wholes from broken kernels • Different sizes of whole kernels may also be

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Process cashew nuts and make money