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Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008

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The Analyst's Guide To Metaphors Of The Unconscious
[Last Update: July31st 2002]

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Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008

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Introduction To Dictionary
This dictionary lists common words and phrases that can be found in Reverse Speech. It is not complete and never will be. Updated regularly, it is constantly evolving as new words are found and further research with existing entries allow definitions to be sharpened and refined. If a word is not listed, it may be a rare metaphor or possibly a Personal Metaphor that is unique to the person speaking at the time. The safest course of action in this case is to disregard the word in your analysis but keep it stored for future reference.
Terminology used in this dictionary assumes a basic understanding of Reverse Speech theory as detailed in the books, "Reverse Speech - Hidden Messages In Human Communication" and "Finding the Keys To The Garden of Eden."
Using The Dictionary
(1) Main entries are in large, bold-faced type and are listed in alphabetical order.
(2) Metaphor levels are shown in parentheses following the main entry. (Structural) indicates a third level reversal, or Structural metaphor. (Operational) indicates a second level reversal, or Operational metaphor. (Multi) indicates a word that can appear in all three levels.
(3) Definitions for Reverse Speech metaphors are generally constant. It is difficult, however, to describe in words what is primarily a picture. Each main entry, therefore, has several differing definitions that are separated in the text by semi- colons. Each definition attempts to describe one aspect of the overall picture. Some entries will be prefaced by the phrase, "meaning imprecise". In these cases the meaning of the metaphor is still obscure and the differing definitions should be used as a guide only.
(4) Cross-references. Individual metaphors may be members of a larger "Metaphor Group" or associated words. Check all cross-references listed after the main entry to obtain a greater understanding of the metaphor.
(5) Trance image. Each reference also describes common trance images of each metaphor. This will assist both in the understanding of the metaphor and in the monitoring of eventual trances.
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Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008

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Understanding Metaphors
Reverse Speech metaphors are pictorial representations of parts, structures and activities of the psyche that are below consciousness. This part of the psyche (that is separate from "the unconscious") is the prime orchestrator of human behavior. It operates, or thinks, in pictures and metaphor. In the imagery of Reverse Speech, the multi operations of human behavior are played out pictorially in a manner that is similar to the plot of movie. As the many characters, or metaphors, play their roles according to pre-programmed scripts, personality evolves and behavior is orchestrated.
Reverse Speech provides us with a running commentary, or script, of this movie. When the script (speech reversals) describe the function of each character (metaphor), it is also describing a unique aspect of personality or behavior that the metaphor represents. This aspect is described in the dictionary definitions. As each character's overall function and purpose in the movie is defined, another aspect of behavior is isolated. An accurate picture of the inner workings of the unconscious mind slowly emerges, and the structures of personality and behavior become clear.

Copyright (C) 2002 by David John Oates Reverse SpeechTM is a trademark owned by D.J. Oates

Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008
ACID (Structural) a negative or destructive emotion; unresolved bitterness or resentments; also to cause collapse or decay of a relationship, situation or event; this metaphor has also been found on people with severe, lifethreatening diseases. Trance image; a pool of acid, often in a slimy swamp
ADAM (Structural) Reverse Speech describes the nature of man in three main steps: as Boy, as Man, as Adam; Adam is the perfect man; the untainted image of man, the spiritually enlightened Man; the innocent man; see Eve. Trance image; tall, dark man in the Garden of Eden
ADDRESS meaning unknown
ADOLPH (Structural) see Hitler, Nazi; Adolph is used in a soft context, more as a personal insult rather than a structural metaphor. Trance image; unknown
ALADDIN (Structural) similar to Magician; a temporary change that needs further reinforcement; facilitates structural change; a process of change that enables one to grow and overcome barriers. Trance image; typical Aladdin as in Aladdin and the magic lamp
ALARM (Operational) a warning a pending illness, physical or emotional; take great note when hearing this word Trance image: unknown
ALBUM (Structural) memories of the past; collective experiences; one's life history can be found in the album. Trance image; a book or photo album sometimes in the shelf of a house

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ALEXIS (Structural) meaning imprecise; possibly female seeking male characteristics; feminism; similar to Rocelin, but without the dark aspects. Trance image; unknown ALLAH (Structural) meaning imprecise; one aspect of God, not all of God; God the Judge and Avenger; Trance image; unknown
ALPHA (Structural) meaning imprecise; a shortened form of Alpha & Omega; God or the beginning of God. Trance image; unknown
AMOS (Structural) see Moses, metaphor pair; the ability to communicate spiritual wisdom to the physical world - Moses hears from God, Amos speaks that knowledge out; in the Bible Amos was a prophet of social justice; a buffer between the part of us that is connected to God. Trance image; typical Old Testament prophet - a middle aged man in sheepskin
ANCHOR (Structural) meaning imprecise; to be grounded; to be fixed in position; to remain steady. Trance image; an anchor off the ship
ANGEL (Structural) meaning imprecise; a messenger of God; voices from the collective. Trance image; stereotypical angel, a white shining handsome young male with wings
ANIMA (Structural) this metaphor is central in the writings of Carl Jung; the deep female primordial self; the feminine "egg" of DNA creation with Animus being the male or "Semen". Trance image; varies, sometimes an egg in a nest in a primordial mud pool, other times a dark shadowy female form, other

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Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008
images have also appeared for the Anima
ANIMAL (Structural) meaning imprecise; a broad part of the psyche; implies metaphors that don't have any specific purpose; an instinct that is undirected; undirected energy; energies that have no real form. Trance image; various non specific animal forms
ANIMUS (Structural) See anima; the male seed; Trance image: varies, sometimes the semen to fertilise the female "egg"; othertimes a shadowy form in the Garden.
ANNOUNCE (Operational) to state with force; to call forth; to activate a metaphor Trance image; usually the participant speaks it in their mind
ANOTHER ONE (Operational) another sexual partner - usually physical or first level sex, but sometimes broader and all encompassing. Trance image; unknown
ANTELOPE (Structural) meaning unknown
ANUS (Operational) see Ass, Shit Anal metaphors; negative sexual energy; no respect; insult. Trance image; unknown
ANVIL (Structural) see Hammer; to build or create something, the base for repair; Trance image; an anvil
APPLE (Structural) meaning unknown, maybe the apple that tempted Eve in the fall in the Garden. Trance image; an apple

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APPLE PIE (Structural) traditional American values. Trance image; unknown
ARAB (meaning unknown)
ARK (Structural) refers to the Ark of the Covenant where the Jews carried the Ten Commandments of Moses. In reverse it refers to an aspect of the Soul, sometimes the storage of collective unconscious records. Trance Image; a large golden box sometimes in the middle of a cylindrical cone of light
ARM (Structural) ability to embrace; to hold; to embrace an idea. Trance image; usually the arm of another metaphor
ARMAGEDDON (Structural) meaning imprecise; may refer to the conflict between the unconscious and unconscious; personal trauma; devastating life events Trance image; unknown
ARMOR (Structural) personal protection. Trance image; battle armour
ARROW (Structural) to move towards a goal; the means of moving towards a goal; the part that shoots for the goal; that ability to see, and act upon, a life direction; to get our mark. Trance image; an arrow
ARSENIC (Structural) see Acid; meaning imprecise; emotional destruction; a poisonous attitude. Trance image; vague, sometimes thick liquid in mud pools
ARTHUR (Structural) meaning imprecise; from the legends of Camelot; a wise benevolent leader, noble warrior.

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Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008
Trance Image; handsome weathered warrior, King of Camelot
ASS (Operational) part of larger group loosely entitled Anal reversals; see Shit, Fart; negative sexual energy; negative emotional energy; people being involved with each other in a negative manner; negative attachments; relationships that are mutually destructive; also an insult. Trance image; faeces and foul smells in slime baths
ASSHOLE (Structural) see Ass; describes a person or event or emotion etc., whereas Ass may generally refer to an attitude. Trance image; none known
ASSOCIATE (Multi) meaning imprecise; a partner; maybe a metaphor in collusion. Trance image; unknown
ASTHMA (Operational) meaning imprecise; maybe a repression of life force; inability to move forward; emotional dissatisfaction. Trance image; unknown
ATHENA (Structural) meaning unknown; a strong female metaphor
ATLAS (Structural) from the mythological character who carried the world on his back; a personality type that carries the troubles of the world; burdened by life; people who run Atlas metaphors typically will have bent spines. Trance image; a mighty warrior holding up the world
AURA (Multi) the personal presence; radiation of energy. Trance image; a shimmering halo around the body

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AUSWICH (Structural) meaning imprecise; to persecute; intense suffering. Trance image; unknown
AUSSIE (Multi) common aussie slang; free spirit; sometimes refers to David John Oates or session work. Trance image; none
AVIS (Structural) meaning unknown; a power metaphor, possibly a female Goddess. Trance image; unknown
AWE (Multi) to be in awe; amazed. Trance image; unknown
BABEL (Structural) meaning imprecise; maybe from the biblical tower of babel where the language of man was scattered by God; many tongue; confused messages; a loud rave. Trance image. Unknown
BABY (Structural) something new; an idea just born; the hope of creation; also the part of the psyche that is still the baby, also appears as the "little baby". Trance image; a small baby sometimes in the nest or under a tree in the garden
BALL (Structural) meaning imprecise; may refer to the emotion of love or spiritual energy. Trance image; a shimmering blue ball of light
BALLS (Multi) male genitals; courage; machoism; male energy. Trance image; testicles typically on Adam in the Garden of Eden, however testicles can also appear on Eve if there is confused or mixed sexuality
BANNER (Structural) meaning imprecise; to announce an idea; to speak

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Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008
with conviction; claim of ownership. Trance image; unknown
BASIL (Structural) food for the soul; to be stimulated spiritually; a healing herb. Trance image; a herb growing in the Garden of Eden
BASTARD (Multi) a general insult; statement of displeasure towards one's own metaphor; a description of the operation of another metaphor. Trance image; unknown
BATTLE (Structural) see also War; an internal conflict; a struggle between different parts of the mind: Trance image; varies, sometimes seen as turmoil in the whirlwind or a battle raging in the desert
BAYONET (Structural) see Dagger, Knife; meaning imprecise; possibly to harm; to cause emotional pain; also appears in a victorious context. Trance image; a large bayonet
BEACH (Structural) see Shore; the borders of consciousness; the beach is our conscious world that lies just before the sand dunes of unconsciousness. Trance image. A long sandy beach
BEAM (Operational) meaning imprecise; appears in context of inspiration; also to supply energy; to magically cure. Trance image; a beam of light from another metaphor, sometimes the sun or sword
BEAR (Structural) meaning imprecise; authority figure; maybe a metaphor for police force or governmental authorities; personal strength. Trance image; a bear

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BEARD (Structural) meaning imprecise; maybe to cover up sin; but has also been seen as the sign of a prophet or messenger of God. Trance image; a beard
BEAST (Structural) see Mark (the mark of the beast); sex with the beast is to be having sex with dysfunctional metaphors or allowing them to control you; deeply repressed hurts or emotions; unresolved issues; energies that are very strong but not directed; destructive, fearsome energies; physical dysfunction can be associated with this metaphor, Trance image; varies, sometimes a wild, untamed beast similar to the Tasmanian Devil.
BEAT (Operational) the rhythm of life; to be in tune; the constant drum of behaviour. Trance image; unknown
BEATNIK (Multi) meaning imprecise; seems to refer to a nostalgia or identification with the beatnik era of the 1950s; a rebellious or free spirited person. Trance image; unknown
BED (Multi) to connect or nurture; to arrange a transaction; good close connection; rapport, stimulating; "Let's get into bed together". Trance image; a bed
BEETLE (Structural) meaning unknown. Trance image; unknown
BEFRIEND (Operational) be careful with this word. It frequently appears in a future tense context and implies the desire for friendship. However in many cases that it has appeared, the opposite of friendship has occurred and a sever separation has resulted instead. The

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Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008
metaphor appears to be a lulling to calm, to put on a false front for the purpose of deception; this word may predict a relationship breakdown and strong ulterior motives. Trance image; unknown
BELL (Operational) meaning imprecise; to recall a memory; to recall the beginnings of a behavioural pattern. Trance image; unknown
BEYOND (Multi) another mission; more knowledge to come; deeper structures in the mind; to move to another goal; to access a different part of the mind. Trance image; varies, sometimes to walk beyond a hill
BIBLE (Structural) meaning unknown; the Christian bible; maybe a call for religious values. Trance image; unknown
BIGOT (Multi) fixed attitudes; inability to see another point of view; also hanging on tightly to a behavioural pattern. Trance image; varies
BISHOP (Structural) meaning imprecise; a spiritual buffer; to mediate. Trance image; a church Bishop with fine robes
BLEED (Operational) to feel emotional pain; empathy; also to gradually happen, as "to bleed in". Trance image; varies, sometimes seen as the flowing of the river of life in the Garden of Eden
BLESS (Operational) to approve or endorse; to accept; to give ones blessing. Trance image; varies, sometimes a physical contact or verbal approval

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BLOKE (Multi) see Sheila, Aussie; Australian slang for man; a casual reference; affection. Trance image; unknown
BLOOD (Structural) meaning imprecise; physical strength; physical nourishment; an agreement. Trance image; unknown
BOAT (Structural) meaning imprecise; similar to Ship; has the sense of a life raft. Trance image; a small boat on the ocean
BOOK (Structural) see "Album", similar but deeper meaning; one's sense of purpose; knowledge of self and spiritual worth; the plans are kept in the book. Trance image; a book in the cave of the soul or a library in the house
BOOTS (Structural) to walk forward; enables action, activity; usually in the context of moving towards one's goals; also appears in the context of fighting for truth. Trance image; a pair of boots
BOSON (Structural) the part of self that keeps the "Ship" in order and clean; keeps one organised; people with ineffective Bosons are normally unorganised and sloppy. Trance image; a weathered old seaman
BOSS (Structural) meaning imprecise; a controlling part of the psyche; the ruler of a small region. Trance image; varies
BOWL (Structural) meaning unknown
BOY (Structural) see Man, Adam; the young child within, if used in a cluster of third level metaphors; if used as first level it usually refers to the male sex

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Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008

partner of another male. Trance image. A young boy usually in the Garden of Eden

BOX (Multi) sexual; vagina. Trance image; a vagina

BRAIN (Multi) as it says; the human brain. Trance image; unknown

BRAVE (Structural) as in Indian Brave; a fighter, warrior; noble man. Trance image; unknown

BREAK (Operational) to break free of a situation; to break a habit; also to cause damage. Trance image; sometimes to sever from the whirlwind

BREATH (Operational) see Soul Wind, Sigh. the breath of life; new energy; an inspiration or idea. Trance image; normally a big sigh or to breath in deep

BREAST (Multi) the source of creative energy; feminine; to nurture. Trance image; a breast

BRITISH (Multi) meaning imprecise; see "London"; organised, rigid behaviour; usually as a description rather than as a behavioural structure; sometimes externally directed to others. Trance image; unknown

BRUISE (Multi) meaning imprecise; to cause damage. Trance image; unknown

BUBBLE (Structural) meaning imprecise; to be insulated from the world; maybe used as a cocoon. Trance image; unknown

BUFFALO unknown



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BUGGER (Multi) see Shit, Ass, an Anal reversal; disrespect; annoyance; also sexual intercourse between men. Trance image; unknown
BUILD (Operational) to create a behavioural pattern, to orchestrate a situation. Trance image; unknown
BUILT see Build
BULLSHIT (Multi) slang phrase; an untruth; dysfunctional; a wild fanciful tale. Trance image; unknown
BUM (Operational) see Ass, Anal reversal; meaning imprecise; similar to Ass. Trance image; unknown
BUMP (Operational) see Cyst; a growth or warning of physical growth. Trance image, a black lump
BUSINESS (Multi) meaning imprecise; professional business; also describes the activities of the unconscious; possibly a member of the Money metaphor group referring to the ongoing process of emotional bartering. Trance image; unknown
BUST (Multi) broken; damaged; faulty; to cause harm; to break. Trance image; unknown
BUTTON (Operational) a hot spot; stored emotions - often anger, resentment etc; to touch someone’s button. Trance image, unknown
BUY (Operational) See Money, Sell, Refund; part of a group of metaphors that refer to emotional bartering as money exchanges "I will give you emotional favours if you do this."; to

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Reverse Speech Dictionary - Update 27/03/2008
give something in exchange for something; bartering: "if you do this, I'll do that"; implies one can obtain favours for favours; to secure; to convince; to have; to obtain possession for an exchange. Trance image; varies
BUZZ (Operational) to be in active transformation; a new pattern emerging; a psychic manifestation. Trance image; to feel ones body buzzing
BUZZARD (Structural) a symbol of death; glorifying a death image; to seek decay and consume it. Trance image; buzzards hovering
CAESAR (Structural) see Rome; male dominance; to achieve greatness; a conqueror; male chauvinism. Trance image; typical Caesar image
CAMELOT (Structural) from the Legend of King Arthur; one's fortress; an ultimate goal of life's quest; normally not attainable. Trance image; a large golden castle on a hill
CANCER (Structural) See Acid, Arsenic; a disease of the psyche; disease; a strong negative emotion: "cancer is eating me away"; a jealous emotion, bitterness, something that is destroying. Trance image; unknown
CAR (Structural) meaning imprecise; to move forward; a means of movement. Trance image; a modern automobile
CAST (Operational) to throw away; also to create or instigate something. Trance image; to throw away
CASTLE (Structural) see Camelot; a place of safety; a position of strength and

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power; refuge; a fortress within; a goal or life's quest. Trance image; a castle
CAT (Structural) similar to Wolf; a protective part of the psyche; hunter; very much to himself; deceptive, elusive, devious; a lone protector. Trance image; a cat often lurking in the background
CAVE (Structural) a storage den in the mind; where parts go to rest or sleep; Trance image; a cave usually built into the side of the mountain
CELL (Structural) a deep part of the mind; repression that has become a prison; trapped in our own thoughts, by our own emotions. Trance image; a jail cell with thick black bars, sometimes a cave sealed off
CELLAR (Structural) similar to cell, almost identical; a deep part of the mind; can be a trap, but easier to get out of; a place to hide. Trance image; a cellar underneath a house
CELLULAR (Structural) see Phone; meaning imprecise; a new metaphor referring to the portable cellular phone; some form of communication. Trance image; a cellular phone
CENSOR (Operational) not listen; to remove; to ignore. Trance image; varies, sometimes to block one's ears
CHAMOIS (Structural) meaning imprecise; a cleaning cloth; to clean or polish. Trance image; unknown
CHARIOT (Structural) a means of movement; to ride off into battle; a mission. Trance image; a Roman chariot

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