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Adopted Feb. 9, 2010
WYSL Guidelines for Player Placement and Team Selections
I. Player and team eligibility.
All players must be registered with the league to be able to play or practice with a team. Players cannot play on two teams (travel or recreation) within the WYSL. Recreation players cannot be on premier teams, but multiple-rostering of premier players is allowed on travel teams.
II. Guidelines for placement of players in the recreational division.
All games at the recreational level are non-results oriented. That is scores are not recorded nor are standings kept. Play at this level is designed to focus completely on player development.
1. The number of teams and coach selection for these teams will be made by the appropriate Age Coordinator with guidance from the Recreation Director and will be based on the number players registered with the league.
2. Roster sizes: U6 – 8 to12 players, U8 – 10 to 14 players, U10 – 8 to 12 players, and U12 – 10 to 14 players.
3. Players returning to the league will be placed back with their former team unless a request for change is made either by the player, their parent or the coach. Every effort will be made to place new players on teams to ease burdens on families. Parameters such as where the player lives (zip code) and which school they attend will be considered. Requests for placement with friends, relatives, and/or coaches will be honored to the best of the leagues ability.
4. Players registering with the league after the registration deadline will be added to teams only as space allows. Once rosters are full, players will be placed on a wait-list until such time as there are sufficient players to recruit a coach and add a team. Although the league will try to consider the parameters outlined in point 3 above and honor special requests for late-registered players, we will be unable to do so if team rosters are full.
III. Guidelines for travel team selection.
Our charge is to develop the players in our league to the best of our ability. We recognize that participation in the Travel Division is an opportunity for players with advanced skills to compete against others with similar abilities. Travel teams will be assembled keeping each of these priorities in mind. We will strive to place such teams in the appropriate league/division so that play will be “competitive” – meaning fair and balanced. Winning games is viewed as a positive byproduct of the teaching process but it is not the goal of the league.

Adopted Feb. 9, 2010
In assembling travel teams, coaches are expected to cooperate in the best interest of the players and the league. Coaches whose actions are not consistent with this policy can be removed by the Travel Director with the approval of the Vice President of the League.
1. The number of teams and coach selection for those teams will be made by the appropriate Age Coordinator with input from both the Director of Coaching and Player Development and the Travel Director and will be based on the number and quality of players who have attended try-outs and are available for placement on draft night. Disputes regarding coach selection and their teams playing level that cannot be resolved by the Age Coordinator and/or the Travel Director will be decided by the Vice President of the League or his designee.
2. Only players registered with the league may be placed on travel team rosters and issued passcards.
3. Priority order for team assembly is Division 1 (D1) first and Division 2 (D2) second. Division 3 (D3) teams will be assembled only in age divisions not represented by our recreational program, currently U14 and U16, or if the U10 or U12 boys and/or girls coordinators recognizes that there are insufficient players to field a recreational program in that age division. As U18 has only one division, if more than one team is entered in the age group, draft rules will apply (see 5 below).
4. Any player selected for a D1 team that chooses not to play in D1 is sent back into the D2 pool wait-list unless it is agreed upon by all coaches in the particular age group that the player will be allowed to return to his/her former D2 team. Any player selected for a D2 team that chooses not to play D2 is sent back into the D3 wait list or the recreational program whichever is appropriate for the age division unless it is agreed upon by all coaches in the particular age group that the player will be allowed to return to his/her former D3 team.
5. In the case when there are multiple teams in the same division, draft rules will apply. Draft eligible players will include only those players who attended tryouts (or were granted a waiver by the Travel Director) and are registered with the league by draft night. Players returning to a team are to be placed back with that team unless a request for change is made by either the player or coach. The team with the fewest players will be allowed to fill its roster to the number of players that of the next lowest team at which point the other team will be allowed to pick. This procedure will continue until: 1. there are no more draft eligible players, 2. rosters have reached their maximum numbers, or 3. in the coach’s opinion, there are no more players of sufficient quality to continue. Coaches may reserve up to two designated player slots to fill with players of their choosing (see point 7 below). At any point during the draft a coach may pass his/her turn in the draft order.

Adopted Feb. 9, 2010
6. Roster sizes: U10 – 8 to 12 players, U12 – 10 to 15 players, U14 and U16 – 14 to 18 players and U18 – 14 to 22 players. Note: for U18, a roster of 18 players must be submitted by the MAYS roster freeze date for playoffs (MAYS and/or MTOC) and the decision as to which players are selected is at the sole discretion of the coach.
7. All D1 and D2 coaches are granted two designated player slots to fill through recruiting if they desire. Such players are not subject to draft rules and may be added to rosters solely at the coach’s discretion. Players of sufficient quality to play in the appropriate division but not selected on draft night will be held on a wait-list for up to one month after draft night to allow the coaches time to recruit. If the players are not drafted by that point they will be released to D3 teams or the recreational program whichever is appropriate.
8. If there are insufficient players of quality to reach the maximum number of players in an age division, coaches are allowed to recruit players to fill roster slots. D1 coaches retain first priority on any recruited player. That is if a D2 coach recruits a player, he must offer that player first to the D1 coach if the team has open roster spots. If there is more than one team in a division, the coach that recruits the player has first option on the player. That said, it is the expectation of the league that teams will be assembled in the best interest of the players and league. For example, if a coach recruits a second goalkeeper and another team does not have a goalkeeper, they would be expected to offer the player to the other team.
9. Players that did not attend tryouts (or receive a waiver), but subsequently register with the league will be placed on a wait-list and are eligible to be drafted by coaches with roster openings. Designated player acquisitions by coaches are not to be placed on the wait-list but to be added directly to the appropriate coach’s roster. Note: All players are strongly encouraged to attend try-outs. This is the best way for the coach to determine the appropriate playing level for the player and the best way to get on a team!
10. If there are a sufficient number of players, D3 teams will be assembled from any players not selected by D1 or D2 teams and/or from those late registrants that failed to attend try-outs. D3 teams may roster as many players as they wish.
IV. Guidelines for a player playing out of age division.
“Playing Up”
The Worcester Youth Soccer League (“WYSL”) recognizes that player development is best advanced by allowing players who have demonstrated a high competency for the game of soccer to compete at the highest possible level that can be made available. The Board of Directors recognizes that in certain rare instances, players may demonstrate skills that far exceed the current level that they are presently playing at. It is with this in mind that the league will review requests to “play up” as they arise.

Adopted Feb. 9, 2010
To request that a player be allowed to “play up”, a written request from the player’s parent or guardian should be submitted to the appropriate Director (Recreation or Travel). Supporting evaluations of the player’s skills and readiness by the player’s current coach, Age Coordinator, and the Director of Coach and Player Development are also required. The Director will review the request and evaluations and act in the best interest of the player’s development. Appeals of the Director’s decision may be made to the Vice President who will have final authority.
Please note the following:
1. Requests for placement out of age division for maters of “convenience” (e.g. sibling/friend placement, carpooling, etc.) will not be considered.
2. Preference is given to age appropriate players. That is, a player seeking to “play up” should not prevent an age appropriate player from participating at an appropriate level.
3. In the Travel Division, players may not “play up” onto a division 3 team unless rosters are at maximum levels for teams in the age appropriate group.
“Playing Down”
It is the view of the WYSL Board of Directors that player development is generally best served by having players play with others of similar skill and age and typically discourages requests to “play down” in age division. However, any such requests will be considered using the same procedure as described above for “playing up”. Please note that such requests can only be considered for Recreation Division players as Travel league by-laws prevent rostering of over-age players.
V. Coaches/Volunteers.
Each team must have a registered coach who is not a playing member of that team. Recreation level head coaches must have an F license or the equivalent. Recreation level assistant coaches must have a G license or the equivalent. All travel level head coaches and assistants must have an E license or the equivalent. New coaches will receive a one season exception to gain their licenses. All coaches are required to submit a CORI request through Mass Youth Soccer prior to being awarded a team. The league will CORI check a maximum of three coaches/volunteers per team. All coaches are expected to abide by the Mass Youth Soccer “Coaches Code of Conduct”. Coaches found in violation of the “Code” are subject to removal by the Recreation or Travel Director with the approval of the Vice President of the League.

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Out Line For Travel Team Player Selection