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CENTRAL ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION 3rd & 4th floor, Chanderlok Building, 36-Janpath, New Delhi-110001

No. Engg/Tr.Pricing/Validation/L-1/44/2013/CERC
Members of the Validation Committee & Generating Companies (As per list enclosed)

Dated: 28/04/2015


Minutes of the 1st Meeting of Validation Committee for the Application Period from 1st May,2015 to 30th June 2015 for implementation of CERC (Sharing of Inter-State Transmission Charges and Losses) Regulations, 2010

Please find enclosed herewith minutes of the 1st Meeting of the Validation Committee for the year 2015-16 (Application Period from 1st May,2015 to 30th June 2015) for implementation of CERC (Sharing of Inter-State Transmission Charges and Losses) Regulations, 2010 held on 17.04.2015 in the NLDC Conference Room at New Delhi for information and necessary action.

Encl. : As above Copy for information to: Secretary, CERC

Yours faithfully,
Sd/(Vikram Singh) Dy. Chief (Engg)


Validation Committee Members

Sl. Name of the Name of the nominated Address

No. Organizations persons



Shri A K Saxena, Chief Central Electricity Regulatory


Commission, 3rd& 4th Floor, Chanderlok Building,

36-Janpath, New Delhi -110001


Shri P.K. Awasthi,

Central Electricity Regulatory

Joint Chief (Fin.)

Commission 3rd& 4th Floor, Chanderlok Building,

36-Janpath, New Delhi -110001



Shri Ravinder Gupta

Central Electricity Authority

Director, SP&PA Division 3rd Floor, N-Wing

SewaBhawan, R.K. Puram,

New Delhi - 110 066


Director, GM Division

Central Electricity Authority

6th Floor, N-Wing

SewaBhawan , R.K.Puram,

New Delhi-110066


CTU/ Powergrid Shri N.K.Jain,

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd

GM (Comm.)/ alternate Plot No. 2, Sector-29,

member ShriPrashant Near IFFCO Chowk,

Sharma, GM (Comm.)



Shri Dilip Rozekar, DGM Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd

(SEF)/ alternate member Plot No. 2, Sector-29,

Shri RVMM Rao, Chief. Near IFFCO Chowk,

Design Engineer (SEF)




Shri Awadhesh Mani




General Manager

DespatchCentre,et Singh Marg,

KatwariaSarai, New Delhi-110016


Shri P.R. Raghuram,

Southern Regional Load Despatch

Executive Director


29, Race Course Cross Road,

Bangalore, Karnataka-560009


Shri V.K. Agarwal,

National Load Despatch Centre

Executive Director

18-A ShaheedJeet Singh,


New Delhi-110016


Shri U.K. Verma,

Eastern Regional Load Despatch

General Manager


14, Golf Club Road, Tollygunge,

Kolkata-700 033 (W.B.)

11. NRPC

Shri P.S. Mhaske

Northern Regional Power Committee

Member Secretary

18-A ShaheedJeet Singh Marg,

KatwariaSarai, New Delhi-11

12. WRPC

Shri S.D. Taksande,

Western Regional Power Committee

Member Secretary

Plot No. F-3, MIDC Area, Marol,

Opp : SEEPZ, Andheri (East),



13. SRPC 14. ERPC 15. 16. NERPC
17. Assam SLDC 18. M.P SLDC

Shri S.R. Bhat, Member Secretary



Bandyopadhyay, Member


Shri S.K.Das,

Director Engineering

Shri P.K Mishra Member Secretary

Shri Jatin Baishya, Senior Manager

Southern Regional Power Committee 29, Race Course Cross Road, Bangalore-560009, Karnataka Eastern Regional Power Committee 14, Golf Club Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata-700 033 (W.B.) Bihar State Electricity Board 1st Floor, VidyutBhawan, Bailey Road, Patna-21, Bihar North Eastern Regional Power Committee Meghalaya State Housing Finance Co-Operative Society Ltd.BLDG., Nongrim Hills, Shillong-793003 State Load Despatch Centre Complex,Kahelipara,Guwahati

Shri P.A.R. Bende Chief Engineer, SLDC

Chief Engineer Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Ltd., Nayagaon,Rampur, Jabalpur- 482008


Shri S. Sumanth Director(Transmission), KPTCL

Karnataka Power Transmission Corp.Ltd., KauveryBhavan, K.G. Road, Bangalore – 560009


Shri A.K. Singh, Director(Operation) Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Ltd.

Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Ltd , 7th Floor, Shakti Bhavan, Ashok Marg, Lucknow - 226001


Sl. Name of the Name of the persons Address

No. Statutory

and Designation



Shri Inderjit Kapoor, Director (Commercial)

NTPC Bhawan, Core 7, Scope Complex, Institutional Area, Load Road, New Delhi – 110003


Shri M.S. Babu Executive Director (O&M)

NHPC office Complex, Sector-33, Faridabad – 121003 (Haryana)


Shri N.K. Chakraborty, Executive Director

Brookland Compound, Lower New Colony, Shillong - 793003

4. NLC

Shri Sekar K, Director (Commercial)

No.135, Periyar E.V.R. High Road, Kilpauk, Chennai - 600 010. Tamil Nadu, India. .


Shri Romesh Kapoor General Manager (C&SO)

SJVN Ltd, Sharma Niwas Below BCS, New Shimla – 171009.


Minutes of the 1st Meeting of Validation Committee for the Application Period from 1st May,2015 to 30th June 2015 for implementation of CERC held on 17th April 2015 at NLDC, New Delhi.
1. The Chairman of the Validation Committee, Shri A K Saxena, Chief (Engg.), CERC welcomed the participants present in NLDC Conference Room and also the other participants of RPCs, RLDCs, STUs and Generating Companies present at Conference Room of WRLDC, SRLDC, ERLDC, NERLDC, SLDCs of Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Delhi through video conferencing. List of the participants is enclosed at Annexure-I.
2 Chief (Engg.), CERC briefly mentioned that third amendment to CERC (Sharing of Inter State Transmission Charges and Losses), Regulations, 2015 has been issued and the amended regulations will be applicable from 1st May, 2015. He mentioned the salient provisious/ changes as under :
(i) Base case for the purpose of computation of Poc charges shall be based on maximum injection/withdrawal data instead of average(energy based) data.
(ii) Full All India network shall be considered. (iii) Concept of Uniform charge and Uniform Loss has been dispensed with. (iv) HVDC charges and Reliability Support Charges have been introduced. (v) There will be 9 slabs for Point of Connection Charge rates and Losses as compared to 3 so
far. There shall be separate PoC rates for billing under Long term Access, MTOA and for billing under STOA. (vi) Offset will be given for charges in respect of STOA transactions in any region from the LTA charges paid for target region. (vii) The PoC charges for Injection DICs having allocation/LTA, will be calculated on Withdrawal nodes. 3 Demand Projection for Q1 of Application Period from 1st May,2015 to 30th June 2015:
3.1 Northern Region: The Demand Projections for NR constituents presented by the Implimenting Agency (IA) were found to be in order.
3.2 Eastern Region: ERLDC representative suggested that demand in respect of Bihar, DVC, Jharkhand and Odisha may be taken as 2550 MW, 2640 MW, 950 MW and 3100 MW as intimated by the concerned utilities instead of 2337 MW, 2544 MW, 937 MW and 3546 MW projected by IA. However, the Committee members were of the view that in case any State wanted some time to cross check/confirm the demand projections calculated by the Implementing Agency, they may do so. In case they want to provide their own demand projections with appropriate reasoning. This may be done by 20th April, 2015.
3.3 Western Region:

(i) Representative of WRLDC stated that the demand projections for WR constituents were in order. Madhya Pradesh representative mentioned that the demand in respect of State will be finalized by Monday i.e 20.04.2015.
(ii) It was mentioned by GM, WRLDC that the demand for Goa is only appearing in WR and not in SR. He added that if the demand for Goa is to be taken in WR, it should be more. NLDC agreed to consider the suggestion.
3.4 North Eastern Region : NERPC representative stated that Demand Projections for NER constituents were in order. NERLDC representative also confirmed that the demand projection of Assam and Meghalaya matching with the data submitted by them.
3.5 Southern Region: SRLDC representative stated that Demand projections for SR constituents were in order.
. 4. Generation Projection:
4.1 Northern Region: (i) NRLDC representative stated that Talwandi Saboo Unit 2 and Kalisindh Unit 2 had not yet
been declared commercial and their generation may therefore not be considered. (ii) NRPC representative stated that Jhajjar Unit 3 (500 MW) will be under shutdown from 5th
May to 20th May, 2015 and peak generation of 1039 MW considered in the projections may therefore not be possible. (iii) NHPC representative suggested that Uri-II peak generation may be considered as 120 MW instead of 249 MW. (iv) It was suggested by NRLDC that generation from Dhauliganga may be considered as 210 MW instead of 263 MW. The same was agreed.
4.2 Western Region: WRLDC representative suggested the following:
(i) Generation from Nasik (Sinner) may be considered as zero instead of 177 MW and generation from Bela TPP may also be considered as zero instead of 177 MW.
(ii) Generation from Vandana Vidyut – 2nd Unit may be considered as zero instead of 88 MW. (iii) Generation from JP Nigrie 2nd unit may be considered as 660 MW. (iv) Generation from Essar Mahan and Raikheda TPP may be considered as zero instead of
171 MW and 448 MW respectively. (v) Generation from Sasan UMPP 6th Unit may be considered as 660 MW.
The same was agreed.
4.3 Eastern Region: 5|Page

Representative of ERLDC suggested the following: (i) Generation from Haldia TPP 2nd Unit may also be considered and total generation from
Unit#1 & 2 may be considered as 390 MW. (ii) Generation from Chuzachen may be considered as 99 MW instead of 106 MW and
generation from Sterlite may be considered as 750 MW instead of 1147 MW. (iii) Generation from Teesta-V may be considered as 504 MW instead of 531 MW and
generation from Rangit may be considered as 59 MW instead of 69 MW. (iv) Generation from GMR Kamalanga may be considered as 660 MW instead of 545 MW.
The same was agreed. 4.4 North Eastern Region: Representative of NERPC suggested that the generation from
Kopili may be considered as 150 MW instead of 187MW and Palatana Block-II generation may be considered as 500 MW instead of 448 MW. The same was agreed 4.5 Southern Region: Representative of SRLDC suggested the following: (i) Generation from Karnataka and Kerala may be considered as 6750 MW and 1700 MW respectively. (ii) Generation from Lanco Kondapalli may be considered as zero instead of 64 MW. (iii) Generation Neyvelli (Ext) TPS, TPS-II and TPS-II (Exp) may be considered as 397 MW, 1310 MW and zero instead of 561MW, 749 MW and 397 MW respectively. The same was agreed.
5. Other Issues: 5.1 Tariff of Bhopal- Dhule Transmission Company Limited (BDTCL):
(i) NLDC submitted that YTC details have been submitted by BDTCL. Commissioning of some elements is a pre-requisite as per TSA signed by BDTCL with LTA customers. For example COD of Bhopal 765/400 kV Sub Station, 765 kV Bhopal-Bhopal D/C Transmission Line and 765 kV Bhopal-Indore S/C Transmission Line is contingent upon COD of 765 kV BhopalJabalpur S/C Transmission Line. As 765 kV Bhopal-Jabalpur Transmission Line has not been commissioned so far, the Validation Committee, may take a view in regard to inclusion of BDTCL system in the PoC computation in the ensuing Application Period.
(ii) Representative of BDTCL stated that there was a force majure due to delay in receipt of section 164 clearance. However, the elements of BDTCL system except 765 kV JabalpurBhopal line, which is expected to be commissioned soon, have been commissioned. He requested that the tariff of their transmission system already considered in PoC may be continued and the tariff of 765 kV Jabalpur-Bhopal line, which is expected to be commissioned shortly after inspection by CEA, may also be included in PoC for the ensuing

application period. He further mentioned that BDTCL has already given an undertaking that the tariff granted to them would be refunded, if required. CTU confirmed having got such an affidavit from BDTCL and mentioned that in the past as well BDTCL has refunded requisite amount. (iii) CTU was of the view that YTC of the transmission elements commissioned on the basis of TBCB may be considered only after their commissioning. As the elements in this case have been commissioned, they could be included in PoC computation. (iv) Validation Committee was of the view that in view of pre-requisite of commissioning of transmission elements associated with Bhopal end of BDTCL system expected to be fulfilled with anticipated commissioning of 765 kV Jabalpur-Bhopal transmission line, the same may be included in the PoC of ensuing Application Period. However, for treatment of tariff of transmission lines of BDTCL system already completed and the tariff having been granted in earlier quarters, BDTCL shall approach CERC so as to examine fulfilment of prerequisites for commissioning of various elements and consequent treatment of tariff granted in the earlier quarters.
5.2 Regarding methodology to be followed for determination of PoC charges and losses for the separated states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it was decided that for the ensuing Application Period, Charges and losses shall be computed for the combined state as a whole, but the same shall be specified separately for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as is being done so far.
5.3 A tentative timeline for computation of PoC charges and Losses from Q2 2015-16 onwards was also discussed and was accepted by the members of the Validation Committee. Chairman of the Validation Committee mentioned that the dates related to CERC are contingent upon the listing of cases for hearing.
5.4 Certains provisions of the Sharing Regulations (3rd Amendment) requiring clarification were brought out by the Implementing Agency and were clarified by CERC representative.
Salient issues and clarifications are given below : 5.4.1 In regards to Approved Injection it was clarified that it shall have two dimensions as
detailed below: (i) For the purpose of injection to be considered under base case under
Regulation 7(1)(d).
The Approved Injection shall be computed by the Implementing Agency for each Application Period on the basis of maximum injection made during the corresponding Application Periods of last three (3) years and validated by the Validation Committee at the ex-bus of the Injecting DICs or any other injection point of such DICs into the ISTS, and taking into account the generation data submitted by the DICs incorporating total injection into the grid.
(ii) For the purpose of billing under Regulation 11

Approved injection shall be considered as LTA/MTOA for a DIC as provided under Table provided at Para 2.8.1 of Annexure –I of the Regulations, which is extracted here under:

"Provided that the overload capability of a generating unit shall not be used for calculating the approved injection:

Provided further that where long term access (LTA) has been granted by the CTU, the LTA quantum, and where long term access has not been granted by the CTU, the installed capacity of the generating unit excluding the auxiliary power consumption, shall be considered for the purpose of computation of approved injection"

It was also clarified that computation of Approved Injection under PoC mechanism is same as was being done till under prevailing Regulation. The only change is the average injection/drawal has been changes to maximum injection/ maximum drawal.


YTC for each ISTS licensee under para 2.1.3 of Annexure-I of Principle Regulations: It was clarified that YTC shall be calculated as defind under Regulation 2(I) (y).There is no change in the methology as far as calculation of YTC to be considered for transmission licensees for computation of PoC charges.

6. After the deliberations, following has been concluded:
6.1 The Implementing Agency will post the presentation as well as computation sheet of demand and generation projection at its web site. Designated ISTS Customers (DICs) were urged to submit node-wise forecast of maximum injection/withdrawal information and maximum injection/withdrawal data for corresponding Application Period of last three years to the Implementing Agency by Monday (20th April 2015).In case of non-submission of data by the DICs, following shall be considered for the purpose of basecase preparation :
(i) Peak Demand: Forecast of maximum demand be made from data of corresponding period of last 3 years taken from CEA website as per provisions of the Regulations.
(ii) Peak Generation: Average of maximum Generation be computed from SEM/SCADA data available with RLDCs for the corresponding period of last 3 years as per the provisions of
the regulations, subject to outage/ shutdown/addition of new unit as mentioned by DICs.

6.2 HVDC set points to be decided based on average of monthly maximum flow for the period corresponding to the application period during the last year, as per data available with RLDCs.


List of Participants in the third meeting for 2014-15 of the Validation Committee on 12th December, 2014 at , New Delhi.
1. Shri A.K. Saxena, Chief (Engg.) – In Chair 2. Shri P.K Awasthi, Jt. Chief (Fin.) 3. Shri Vikram Singh, Dy. Chief (Engg.) 4. Ms Shilpa Agarwal, Dy. Chief (Engg.) 5. Ms Savitri Singh Asst. Chief (Engg.) 6. Shri Ramanjaneylelu, Asst.Chief(Engg) 7. Shri Harish Kumar, Engineer
CEA 8. Shri Vijay Menghani, Director
9. Shri Y.K Sehgal E.D 10. Shri N.K Jain,GM (Comml.) 11. Shri Dilip Rozekar, DGM 12. Shri Pradeep Varun Ragiri, Sr officer
13. Shri S.K Soonee, CEO POSOCO 14. Shri S.S. Barpanda, AGM 15. Shri Mohit Joshi, Sr Engineer 16. Shri Pradeep Reddy, Sr Engineer 17. Shri Anusha Baruah, Sr Engineer 18. Shri Phani Bala Krishna, Engineer 19. Shri Sanny Machal, Engineer 20. Shri Gaurav Verma, Engineer
NRPC 21. Shri Ajay Talegaonkar, Suprintending Engineer 22. Shri B.S Bairwa, Executive Engineer
23. Shri Rajesh Joshi, Dy. Manager (E). 24. Shri V.K Srivastava, Manager
25. Shri Rakesh Garg, EE
WRPC 26. Shri S.D Taksande Member Secretary 27. Shri M.M. Dhakate, SE (Operation)

28. Shri Satyanarayan.S, SE (Operation) 29. Shri L.K.S Rathore , DD(Operation) 30. Shri P.D Lone, DD(Comm) 31. Deepak N Gawali, DD(Comm) 32. Shri Ratnesh Kumar Yadav, Asst. Director(Operation)
33. Shri P.Mukhopadhyay, GM 34. Ms Chitrankshi, Dy Manager 35. Ms Pushpa Seshadri, Chief Manager. 36. Shri S.Usha, Chief Manager. 37. Shri Mahendra Nath , Engineer
38. Shri Sanjay Jadhav, DGM 39. Shri Anil kumar, SM
40. Shri V Kalyanaraman, SE 41. Shri B Sarkhel, SE (PS)
42. Shri U.K.Verma, GM 43. Shri S. Banerjee, AGM 44. Shri P.S. Das, AGM. 45. Shri G. Chakraborty, DGM 46. Shri P.P Bandyopadhay,DGM 47. Shri S.K. Sahay, SE 48. Shri A.K Basak, Engineer 49. Shri R.P Kundu, Engineer
SLDC, Odisha
50. Shri Prashan Kumar Das, DGM 51. Shri P.K Satapathy,DGM
52. Shri S.K Maharana , Mgr (EI)
DVC, Kolkata
53. Shri S. Ganguly, SE(E)
54. Shri Asit Singh, SE (O) 55. Shri Anil Thomas, EE 56. Shri S. Praveen Kumar, AEE/SLDC 57. Ms Madhu B.P, AEE 58. Shri Madukar G Dy Manager
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st Meeting of Validation Committee for the Application